Artist Bios

Jerrold Jones

Jerrold Jones is a graduate of Trinity University and is currently working with Segreto as a Staff Artist. Jerrold’s practice with rendering the human figure began early in life with drawings of his favorite athletes. His participation in childhood sports which continued through his last collegiate football game at Trinity has greatly influenced his work. He has exploited his personal experience in athletics to help him portray the strength and drama of the athlete. His approach to his art seeks to find a zone between abstraction and reality that allows his subject matter to take on new meanings and elicit emotions. As well as murals, Jerrold is offering commissioned pieces. [View Gallery]

Kiah Lee Denson

Kiah Lee Denson was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Her interest in drawing began as soon as she could hold a pencil. She graduated from Colorado College in 2005, earning a BA in Studio Art with a Distinction in Art. Inspired by an internship as a muralist for an interior design group in Austin, Kiah started her own art business in the fall of 2005. She has since painted murals, canvases and faux finishes for designers, businesses and individuals across central Texas. The discipline and dedication required to work for herself has encouraged Kiah to expand beyond “creating to live” as a contract artist and working more towards “living to create” as a fine artist. Despite the inevitable ups and downs, she finds pleasure and comfort in the artistic learning process. Her works vary from representational to the abstract, as she finds that composition and use of materials have more influence in her creative process than does the subject. In work and in play, Kiah enjoys exploration and has spent time living in and traveling through Costa Rica, South America and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She currently resides near her family in Austin and works out of her home studio.[View Gallery]

Debbie Moseley

From the age of 8, Debbie was setting up props in her bedroom and painting for hours upon hours to satisfy her creative calling. To develop her budding talent, she spent summers at the Museum of Fine Arts, Glassell School of Art. She enrolled in different classes and began taking herself a more seriously as an artist. As an adult she pursued her passion for the arts and graduated from the Art Institute of Houston in Graphic Design. After graduation, Debbie had a successful freelance career as an award-winning designer and later created and manufactured her own line of children’s keepsakes. However, she always comes back to her paints. Debbie is drawn to the landscape. “For me, it is a constant reminder to find peace within ourselves. I’m obsessed with the clouds and how, no matter how you paint them, they can’t be wrong.” Her muted palette fused with metallics compels us to stop and take a deep breath. It is her fascination with nineteenth century paintings that she injects with her own modern style. My son tells me, ‘Mommy, all your stuff looks the same. Why don’t you put some people in it or something and make it a little more exciting?” . . . . . For now she will continue her landscapes, without people. [View Gallery]

Rachel Schwind

Rachel is a native Houstonian and attended Stephen F. Austin State University where she pursued her art interests during her college career and graduated in December, 2009. Her focus and passion are in painting where she creates pieces that evoke emotion through texture and movement. Her passion is creating scenes, people, and silhouettes on canvas and panel. The mediums she prefers to work with are oil, acrylic, and plaster. Recently, she began pursuing ideas to create silhouettes and scenes using a palette knife and plaster.  [View Gallery]

Leslie Sinclair

Comfortable in jeans with a paintbrush in hand, Leslie’s decorative painting firm, Segreto Finishes, has received accolades from both national and local publications. Opening Segreto Boutique and Gallery in 2006 seemed a natural progression combining color and design with fine art. Working with these new artists inspired Leslie to develop her own artistic style. In her personal works Leslie likes to combine materials to create texture, subtle depth, and interest. In her canvases look for waxes, gold leaf, gold, sterling or glass beads, mica flakes, plasters, household paints or reactive metallic buried underneath the surface. [View Gallery]

Darlene Wall

Darlene Wall’s landscape paintings have an undeniably tonalist quality. They bring to mind those moments of surreal solitude in a rural landscape, like when fog moves over a mountain lake at dawn. “My favorite times of day are early morning and dusk. I love the quietness and serenity of early morning when the landscape is bathed in gold or shades of pink ñ it is a magical time of day and very fleeting. This is the moment in time I try to capture and share with the viewer,” she states from her studio in Houston, Texas. Wall graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She has studied for many years with leading artists throughout the Southwest like Michael Workman, Kevin MacPherson and Ray Vinella. She is an active member of several professional art associations such as the Bosque Conservatory of Fine Arts. She has received numerous awards including the Pen & Brush Award from the Salmagundi Club and four professional juried awards from the Houston Art Association. She was selected in Southwest Art Magazine’s “Artist To Watch” February 2000. Her paintings are in private and corporate collections and prestigious galleries throughout the country. [View Gallery]

Kirsten Mclean

Artist, attorney, wife and mother of two, Kirsten began creating abstract art while living in the San Francisco Bay Area a decade ago. Inspired by the simplicity, beauty and balance of nature, she seeks to reflect the spiritual and emotional side of who we are and what we love through her art. Currently residing in Houston, Kirsten finds the versatility of abstract painting lends itself to a wide range of design schemes for both commercial and residential clients. Working with multi-media and her unique design methodology, Kirsten’s paintings evoke a sense of joy, inspiration, renewal and rejuvenation. [View Gallery]

Christina Graci

Christina Graci is a New Orleans native who has recently returned to the Crescent City. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a bachelors degree in Interior Design, focusing on art and art history. From her 12 years of painting experience, Christina has developed a unique and arresting style combining oils, acrylic paints and subtle textures. Her work is displayed in homes and businesses throughout the United States and abroad and can be purchased through several local establishments. Currently, she also works as an interior designer in the New Orleans area. Christina’s design work and paintings coincide to create beautiful, lasting spaces. [View Gallery]