Hand applied, rich metallic paints on lush grounds offer supreme luxury.fabric1

Classical inspirations from the European masters combine with the freshness of the modern world in a stunning introduction of four exclusive patterns from Segreto Designs for Coleman Taylor Textiles.  The new motifs are hand painted with proprietary paints that deliver a subtle metallic glow on sumptuous grounds. The designs make their debut at the Ken Kehoe Showroom on October 13 in Houston prior to being sampled at fine showrooms across the country.

fabric2After 20 years of devising finishes, it was both inspiring and gratifying to apply my knowledge of layering color, design and textures to the world of textiles. Throughout the process, I constantly discovered new connections between finishing walls and painting fabrics. Recalling the glamour of the Gatsby era, luxurious velvets are, like Segreto’s plasters, full of depth but soft in movement. The way the paints recede into this sumptuous material reminds me of frescoes atop century-old plastered surfaces, somehow vibrant and faded at the same time. The mélange wools, woven with monochromatic threads, lend understated variations for an effect similar to a soft strié paint treatment on walls or furnishings. Finally, the 100% Belgian linens provide the perfect base for a shimmering mineral glow of paint, which engenders a faded weave look like many of Segreto Finishes’ stenciled walls. By infusing nostalgic design with today’s fashion sensibilities, the patterns convey eloquence of the past while adding beauty to interior spaces.
Segreto Designs’ limited, exclusive patterns elevate the Coleman Taylor Textile’s brand to a total of 20 designs that include allover prints and borders.  Each is hand painted in a choice of any one of several sophisticated metallic paint colors: Bronze, Graphite, Ingolite, Champagne, Sodium, Pyrite and Iridium, among others on subtle hued grounds of 100% Belgian linen, dense velvets or soft wools suggesting an ancient, gilded application that adds dimension.  Custom designs are also offered along with custom colors and grounds for an upcharge.

Segreto Designs’ collection and other Coleman Taylor textiles are available from these showrooms: Ken Kehoe, Houston; Built to Suit, West Palm Beach; Eric Waldorf, Seattle; MK Collection, West Hollywood; Holland & Sherry and the R. Hughes Showroom, Atlanta; Caroline Halsey, Charleston; Charles Spada, Boston. www.colemantaylortextiles.com