Beautiful Baths!

Working with designers and homeowners on making their powders or master bathrooms special is so fun for me.  Because there are limited fabrics and furnishings, the wall and cabinet finishes are typically the most important factor dictating the room’s style and mood.  Complementing the tiles, sinks and hardware, these finishes take your space from ordinary to exceptional inventing a room that is distinctly your own. Bathrooms are a great place to be imaginative and incorporate different patterns, colors and treatments –  I hope these beautiful baths give you some inspiration!

Designer Tami Owen

Needing a WOW for this powder, a showcase for Stonehenge Classic Homes, one of Segreto’s signature designs was used. Dramatic, while still aged in feel, this hand-painted design stylishly complements the wonderful antiques in the room!  Applied over plaster in an iridescent gold metallic, this finish brings depth and grace to this powder bath.

Mirror and sconces from Brown.  Chest from Antiques on Westheimer. 


Designer Sheila Lyon

Creating a dramatic and over-the-top bathroom, this one says elegance and sophistication. While offering the appearance of a dimensional wallpaper, a tinted artist gesso troweled through a stencil over metallic silver paint was better able to wrap around arched openings and rounded corners than wallpaper would have been. The cabinets also have accents of the silver paint in their detailing, tying the whole look together. And because the trim is in a darker color, nothing is taken away from the other decorative elements in the room!

Tile from Walker Zanger.

Designer Don Connelly

To develop an old world, rubbed back look with lots of intrigue, a textured plaster serves as the base for a pale gray, blue and green stenciled pattern. Washing with a second layer of plaster creates a wonderful fresco appearance! Mixing the age-old walls and cabinetry with the contemporary sink, faucet and accessories, this chic look comes off as truly eclectic. 

Designer Betty Richter Arnold

Starting with a French antique remnant that was transformed into a sink vanity, this beautiful bath was originally going to feature a mother of pearl wall covering on all walls and silver leaf on the ceiling. After receiving the quote for the walls, the mother of pearl’s use was reconsidered. Placing the wall covering instead on the ceiling and the back of the cabinets, it’s not only more cost-effective, but in my opinion, more beautiful. The walls are plastered in a silvery blue and layered with wax, giving them a porcelain depth while allowing the mother of pearl accents to be showcased.

Antique Venetian mirror from House of Glass. Sconces from George Cameron Nash. Mother of pearl tiles from Stark Fabric. Custom sink from Architectural Design Resources, ADR.


Designer Cindy Witmer

This bathroom conveys an old world feel.  Reminiscent of the finishes in centuries-old European manors, the wall treatment involves stenciling over textured sheetrock mud. This method encourages unevenness in the stenciling, creating a worn look. The tone-on-tone lattice stenciled design on the walls is subtle, yet provides a wonderful, patterned backdrop for the beautiful furnishings in this charming powder.

Antique French door from Joyce Horn Antiques. Reclaimed marble sink from Chateau Domingue. Sconces from Round Top, Texas.

Designer Amitha Verma

Inspired by a wallpaper that Amitha and the homeowner loved, this hand drawn pattern is a great alternative, capable of handling all the arches and curves of the bathroom. The design echoes the movement of both the chandelier and tile backsplash while the blue-toned glaze on the cabinets and distressed gold detailing coordinates with the walls.

Hand-painted tile on backsplash and stone floor from MCA Systems. Green mosaic floor tiles from Materials Marketing. 

Designer John Kidd Associates

This extravagant powder room has so many interesting elements! The red, Rusty Arena wallpaper is bold and dramatic, so the cabinets needed to be just as lavish and spectacular. The hand-painted Chinoiserie design on the fronts brings in the golds from the fixtures, the charcoals from the marble and hints of red from the walls, transforming this cabinet into an extraordinary furniture piece.

Wall covering from Arena Design. Empire bronze sconces from House of Glass. Faucet from Sherle Wagner. Late 19th century Parisian parclose mirror from Joyce Horn Antiques.  

Designer Donna Minyard

A one-color wash applied softly gives a faux plaster look to this master bath. By using the same finish for both walls and ceiling, the statue, tiles and lighting remain the focus of the room. Embellishment on the cabinets accents their furniture lines and provides definition.

Floor tile and mosaics from Architectural Design Resources, ADR. Sconces from House of Glass. Marble installed by Olympus. Pair of mirrors from Longoria Collection. Antique zinc garden statue from The Finnegan Gallery, Chicago.

Designer Talbot Cooley

Wonderfully well-designed, a tone-on-tone tree mural was painted to balance the industrial components of the concrete counters and the elegance of the mirrors and sconces. Aging the cabinet, this welcoming powder bath invites you to walk in and gaze at all the different elements that harmonize in a soft and pretty way.  I really love the effect of a mirror hung on a mirror.  It opens the space up but adds charm.

Concrete counters from Dale Gunnell. Fixtures from Elegant Additions.

Designer Sandy Lucas

This hand-painted vine design pulls the colors from the marble and continues them up to the ceiling, bringing a whimsical yet refined touch to this elegant bath.   Because the walls were not symmetrical, hand painting the pattern allowed the opportunity to tweak the spacing of the design when necessary – a wallpaper’s repeat would not have been able to be centered above windows, sinks and mirrors.  I would say “Calgon Take Me Away”- but that may show my age!!

Designer Anne Lydick

This French-inspired courtyard scene transports you to a Parisian garden – the perfect setting for a relaxing bath. Acting as a fountain within the mural, the tub is incorporated into the look, opening up the space and bringing the master bath to life. Scenes like this are wonderful in bathrooms – they not only expand the space, but, because there are mirrors over the vanities to create reflections, the murals feel like they are on every wall!

Designer Chapman Designs

This room brings in so many details creating a rich, centuries-old European look. Terracotta and golden metallic hues in a baroque damask pattern transform this room into one full of glamour. The stencil design is the perfect complement to the intricate detailing on the hardware, sink, mirror and sconces.

Mirror from Joyce Horn Antiques. Crystal plumbing fixtures, sconces and sink from Lighting, Inc.

The ceilings are encrusted with gold leaf and aged with an umber glaze. It brings a beautiful, reflective quality to the small room – it feels as powders should – just like a jewel box!

Designer Maria Tracy

This master bath spa retreat cultivates an understated, sophisticated ambiance by tying in the tile carpet with the soft blue grays of the cabinet finishes. The tile detail brings in so much color and style, becoming a focal point of the room.


Bathrooms are great places to go all out and be creative with wall and cabinet finishes.  Since they’re generally smaller than other spaces in the home, the expenses are manageable no matter what technique or finish is chosen. Have fun and be imaginative – there are so many unique patterns, colors and treatments!!  I hope these baths gave you some ideas!

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