A Modern Take on Traditional

After moving around several times, these homeowners were ready to settle into this new house they built from the ground up with builder Judd Cribbs. When it came to the interiors, they enlisted the help of designer Lisa Dalton who had worked with them on their last 4 houses. Creating a “modern traditional” look with some eclectic touches, Lisa had so much fun collaborating with this wonderful family.


This living room is so inviting! The combination of colors and textures really draws you in – the perfect place to relax and read a book.  I love that this focal point fireplace from Chateau Domingue is adorned with accessories and small art rather than the typical painting.  The two cream mirrors on either side lend height to the room while allowing the reclaimed fireplace to remain the star. Offering a subtle play of symmetry, the chairs from Found curve in a reversed shape of the mirror and transoms above the door.


Lisa does a great job clustering different accessories and accents together like these antique candlesticks from Round Top, Texas. The home has so many wonderful reclaimed elements and beautiful antiques that you just have to stop and absorb them piece by piece.


Calling Segreto in to finish the walls of this dining room, across from the living room, Lisa wanted simplicity and elegance.  To heighten the sense of architectural touches present throughout the home, a hand-painted paneling effect atop plaster was chosen.  Defining the space, the walls became just as interesting and unique as the furnishings and accessories they encompass. I first saw a similar paneling look while visiting France, and I just loved the charm it brought to the space! The chandelier from Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy was restored, and crystals were added for a unique look.


The ceiling often takes up as much space in a room as the walls.  In many instances leaving it white is distracting.  the ceiling was plasterered as well and the paneling detail  painted.  I really like the way the baseboards and molding were left white in this instance – they anchor the space, pulling the focus onto the lines of the room. This white trim is consistent throughout the home becoming a cohesive factor allowing finishes to change in this open floorplan.

%image_alt%The lovely Swedish, early 19th century dining chairs were found at the Marburger Farm Antique Show after a two years of searching for the perfect chairs! I think they were well worth the wait! They add so much charm and subtle sophistication.  The paneling was sized to fit these antique French mirrors so the finish custom fits the furnishings!

%image_alt%This beautiful rug establishes the color palette for the heart of the home.  Lisa uses so many unique elements in her designs to create interest and functionality — the side table in this den is a converted antique hat box from The Gray Door!

%image_alt%This light, inviting family room has plenty of seating for family and guests. The walls draw out the tones in the floral green fabric, and the large windows open up the space. Lisa and the homeowners chose beautiful, one of a kind lamps that bring a cozy, lived-in feel to this design – it’s amazing how much lighting affects the look!


Hiding TVs is always a battle, but you’d never guess there was one in this room, hidden by sliding antique panels from The Gray Door. What a brilliant and beautiful way to disguise electronics!

%image_alt%The homeowners already had some wonderful pieces like these two tapestries in the entry hall. Lisa did a great job mixing the existing furnishings and accessories in with the new! With the help of another Swedish textile piece from The Gray Door that hangs in the hallway leading to the master bedroom, these antique wall hangings blend right in.

%image_alt%This master bedroom was transformed into a relaxing retreat with this vintage, French chain link fence that’s been reconstructed into a headboard and footboard. After finding the fence at an antique show in Angleton, Texas, Lisa knew making these reclaimed elements into a bed would be the perfect way to bring French flair to the room. The homeowners – who were skeptical at first – now love the custom, old world look that the bed adds.  By flanking the bed with these two coral lamps and modern artwork by Nedra Hawks, the room acquires a more contemporary feel.



To complement the wonderful sink basin from Chateau Domingue, mirror, and sconces from Antiques at Dunlavy, the walls are finished in a textured gypsum plaster giving them a quiet sophistication.


I had a great time working with Lisa and the homeowners! I’m already getting excited about our next project!!! 

We’re going to finish a beautiful china cabinet that Lisa is designing and having custom built.  Above is the door concept, so pretty with the antique mirrors.  Stay tuned to see how the piece turns out…


Next Monday we will feature one of our Round Top country homes we visited.   To be notified of new blog posts, go to the home page and sign up under subcribe.  Have a great week!!!


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  1. Lovely home! Another great project by Segreto. You are soooo talented!

  2. www.amithaverma.com/blog says:

    I love this post, lovely rooms. Beautiful work on the dining room walls, I'm glad to know there's someone else who's taken years to find THE perfect dining room chairs-much to my hubby's chagrin!

  3. You are so talented Leslie! ~Delores

  4. A nice keeps to treasure.Seeing antiques and precious furniture makes you feel that you become part of the living in ancient times.That all things are valuable ,preserve and maintained.Thank you because you give us a good idea and try to do some project similar to the things that we have in ancient times.