Breakfast Redo

Hi Everyone!!  Hope you had a great week last week!!  This week, we’re taking a look at the breakfast area of my newly updated areas.  If you missed the new family room, be sure to check out last week’s post first. I really love all of your comments so thanks for that!!

Here is the room breakfast room 25 years ago after my first renovation (remember I was 25).  Say Hi to Granny, John’s Grandmother. She lived to be 100 and we always enjoyed her visits as she was a character!   The small door to the left goes into the old den (or exercise room), and you can see there is a laundry room behind the table. We took all these walls down about 10 years ago to open up the space. I did have several wall finish changes along the way!!

As you can see in this photo taken by Dave Shilling(who took all the before shots), the space formerly featured golden neutrals, greens and warm browns.  With the dining room currently being used as a storage room for Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors,  I decided to swap my dining room furniture and light fixture with my breakfast rooms to create a new look without buying new furnishings.


I mentioned last week how the walls and ceilings throughout this space were plastered and the trim painted in a cream—SW stucco – to match. My goal was to lighten up the room!  These two rugs in the kitchen were my first purchase and replaced the brown, oriental ones we had before. I bought them on internet discount shopping site, Haute Look, for only $550 (for both an 8 x 10, a 5 x 8 and a 2×3)! I’m always very nervous buying certain items online because colors can look different on the screen, but I knew I could use them in my daughter’s room or the outside patio if they didn’t work.   Beware: this site has clothes, trips, and home goods—it’s addicting!!  The trumeau mirror from Joyce Horn Antiques looks so pretty between the windows and really opens up the space!!! I kept the same design on the side the cabinetry just toned it way down! Thanks to Wade Blissard for taking all of the after shots.

You can see how many of the same furnishings looked when they were in the dining room–even the same dishes.  I still absolutely love my chairs which were formerly a shiny mahogany and then glazed. They feature an Aubusson rug insert in the seats for an older feel.  Knowing that I’ll want to use them again once I get my dining room back in order, I chose linen slipcovers from Beadboard Upcountry to use over them in the breakfast room. In the mirror’s reflection, you can catch a glimpse of the hutch from Joyce Horn Antiques that’s also now in my breakfast area.


In the dining room, this mahogany table was skirted. Here, I wanted to tone down the dressier mirror and light fixture and to add a bit of the industrial and contemporary. Instead of having it resurfaced in zinc, I gave it an old metal finish using two shades of a metallic Krylon fusion paint. Though you don’t have to prime or prep with this product, I had a few issues and suggest cleaning the surface and sanding well first. Spraying on a gray color and then adding a brighter silver somewhat irregularly gave the worn metal feel.  I then added an umber wash glaze.  To finish off the look, I painted a faux square metal insert and a border to mimic some zinc tables I had seen.  I still need to seal it – the cobbler and his shoes!!! Over Christmas I put the old skirted table cloth back on and took the slip covers off the chairs.  It was so fun to change the look of my table settings so easily!!

This alternate view shows the hutch from the dining room as well as the starburst mirrors. The two paintings are a fun combination – the bottom, an 18th century painting from Belgium, and the top, a pastel of my mother at age 18 that I found in a closet.  I refinished these 1940s side chairs I purchased from Marburger Farm Antique Show, and now I plan to reupholster them.  The versatility to use these chairs in the breakfast and den, like I did over the holidays, is great. The colors from the kitchen and den area now flow so much better into the living room!

The table setting features burlap placemats that I custom ordered to use as wrapping for my books at the Christmas shows we did.  They’re a great neutral and balance the formality of the crystal. For centerpieces, I typically use what I can around the house and add in a few flowers.  Since I always seem to wait until the last minute before a party, this saves money and helps the arrangements tie in with the rest of the décor. The Lalique crystal birds are from my living room, the coral is from the den, and then I simply added some more burlap, a few roses and several votive candles.

Here are different versions of tables I set over the holidays!!

Putting the lavender in the napkin rings really gives a special feel!!! I love adding different sprigs depending on the holiday – for Christmas, fir; for Valentine’s Day, a red or white flower… it’s such an easy way to make the entire table different.   The glasses from One Kings Lane (another online retailer) are the only new purchase.  I love the touch of blue!


The plaster on the walls and ceiling made a big difference. When picking the color, the existing tile served as the inspiration since I wasn’t going to replace the tile.  In working with clients in their homes, I always ask about their surfaces first to make sure the color palette will work!!!  The slipcover on the barstool is actually just the bag that the chair slipcovers came in.

The last change I made was with the screen of pictures. I’ve had the wooden screen for years and enjoy being reminded of our family memories. To update it, I sanded, cleaned and primed the surface with KILZ, and then sprayed on the Krylon chalkboard paint. Now I can write and draw captions and erase and rewrite as we change the photos!!! Guess where I am at age 5 and 19?! I hope you enjoyed the breakfast room redo. Come back next week as we explore the new kitchen and a few small changes throughout the house! This week I took a couple of days off to nurse my two daughters who both had their wisdom teeth out.  They looked like little chipmunks!! It was fun being with them-they go back off to school soon!!  Have a great week!  xo  Leslie




The Final--Kitchen Fluff
New Look, New Beginnings!!


  1. I wsnted to bethe first to say how beautiful this came out!!!!!!!The rugs made a huge difference and I love the was you aded those two upholstered chairs into the mix. Don't even get me started about how gorgeous those slipcovers look….. I will send this to Arte Pura they would love to see them!!!!!! Finally I think you are a doll to share how you changed the finish of the table……..makes all the difference…………The settings are perfect… Thanks for the mention. Maryanne xo

  2. I love the lighter colors, adds such a brightness to the space, and there is nothing like a round dining table – so much nicer for conversation…love it all!!

  3. I love the lighter colors, adds such a brightness to the space, and there is nothing like a round dining table – so much nicer for conversation…love it all!!

  4. I love the lighter colors, adds such a brightness to the space, and there is nothing like a round dining table – so much nicer for conversation…love it all!!

  5. I love the lighter colors, adds such a brightness to the space, and there is nothing like a round dining table – so much nicer for conversation…love it all!!

  6. I love the redo, and I'm particularly taken with the blue goblets. Would you mind sharing the brand name?

  7. Hi Leslie! Thank you for posting such fab posts so often! You have quickly become a daily read of mine! For Christmas, I received your gorgeous new book. I drooled over the pages for hours…and so did my husband…although I'm sure he does not want me typing that. =) We are in the process of drawing up plans for a new home here in Houston and I would love to have you paint some of the areas. You have done a handful of homes for my friends. I'm working with Trisha McGaw who I think you have worked with and Todd Rice is drawing our plans. I look forward to checking your blog for more inspiration!

    Have a great week!

  8. The color!! am so enamored of that grey/green- but more grey color in your kitchen eating area…and the slip covers are divine..
    what a transformation…so sublime…so pretty all dressed for the Holidays..

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