The Final–Kitchen Fluff

Here is the final series of my den, breakfast, and kitchen redo focusing on the kitchen. When we bought the home in 1987, it was in really bad shape but the price tag and location were both great.  Even then, I loved the challenge of a redo… fortunately, my taste has gotten better over the years!!!


 This was the kitchen in 1987 on the day of closing!! I think that wallpaper is coming back!! Notice the change in the bar as well.


Here I am after the first redo! I must have been 25 – funny how you double in age (and in size) so quickly!!! We kept the same layout but changed the cabinets, wallpaper, backsplash and counters.




Just a few changes softened and lightened the look. The base cabinets were painted, a lighter rug was purchased, the backsplash over the stove was painted, curtains were made, and the dishes in the cabinets were re-arranged focusing on all white.


I really wanted to lighten the look of the kitchen  without changing the upper stained cabinets which my husband loved or the green accent tile on my backsplash.  Looking for a color which was more  gray blue than green but which would still blend with the existing tile and  granite counters I painted the cabinets SW 7043 and then antiqued them. This photo turned out a bit more green than they look.

%image_alt% This feature tile backsplash was previously the green tile you see in  the bottom border, but smaller in size and laid on the diagonal.  Because I wanted to get rid of the green without purchasing new tile, I decided to try painting it.  I used a primer from SW that adheres to tile.  Clean the surface well, then apply the primer with a brush.   Using a stencil  I painted a gray tone to create the pattern and then hand embellished the design with some darker neutrals. . An umber glaze wash on top lends patina, and an acrylic polyurethane sealed the entire surface for protection and sheen.  It’s amazing how much impact this simple change had on the space!!! Integrating some white dishes into the upper cabinets and accessorizing the counters with white pottery continued the lighter feel of the room. Notice the light switch on the left is fauxed to match the tile so it doesn’t stand out!


Over the sink I installed curtains in the same linen from the den.  There is a blue gray trim down the sides—I wish I had put the trim on the bottom too so you could see it more—next time!!  More white dishes were used  and the pottery and old mirror also play on the new look.  You can many times pull what you have to accessorize in different ways at no expense!!

One thing that has stayed from the original is the aluminum window over the sink.  Rather than replacing it I primed it with a metal black primer and applied washes  to create a steel casement window look. I must say this is one remnant from the past that has held up in this Houston weather much better than my newer mahogany windows have. By priming aluminum windows and painting them the color of your trim whether it be inside or out,  a wood window look can be simulated.  We did this on the upstairs side and back windows of our home.


Funny how just a small change can alter the look of a room—this is my living room before my new purchase. I still loved all the furnishings and painting that I did in this room over 10 years ago.


I purchased this wonderful coral at Round Top and just love how I feel it gives the room a bit more of an eclectic fresher feel against the murals and painted furniture piece!!


In the entrance, living room and dining room I never replaced the home’s original parquet flooring in the entry hall, living room and dining room. To spruce up the entrance, I primed and painted the floors with a new acrylic floor paint from SW that dries in one hour and holds up for years!  It’s been durable so far other than when I dragged a refrigerator across the floor—you can see the scratch!!!  To transition from room to room, I left a small border of the parquet floors between rooms and hand-painted a border directly on top. I love the effect!

When designer Cathy Chapman was helping me fluff this room, she brought along this abstract painting from FrameTek on approval.  I loved the look of this contemporary piece in my music room – it has great scale and neutrality that really fits the space and showcases the plaster walls and antiqued crown molding. But I finally decided that, since I paint, I should put one of my own pieces up and sent the painting back!


Well, surprise – I never seemed to have time to paint a piece for myself, and my husband got tired of the blank wall! It turned out to be a great chance for me to use the herbieries I had bought at an auction. With new frames and little space between each one, these give the same height I loved about the other painting. I hope that you enjoyed my home’s new 2012 style!!! ??  Sometimes small changes can really make a difference and paint treatments are often the least expensive way to create a new look!!I hope you have a great week–Next week I have a wonderful home to show and a fun give-a-way–xo  Leslie




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Breakfast Redo


  1. I am in love with your kitchen Lesley!!…love the lighter color on the lowers and the natural stained on the upppers…but I especially love the color tile you've used for the backspalsh…so really getting into that color green's so mild yet fresh!!…
    and your family room is gorgeous..the colors are divine…
    thank-you for sharing your home with us..

  2. That is really an impressive changes! I wonder how you have done such things in a short period of time.

  3. Lana Waller says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Love your home and the changes you have made over the years. Your kitchen is beautiful, and no one would ever guess that your living room was done 10 years ago. It looks like it could have just been done. Great choices of items not to trendy that never go out of style. When I look back at photos of me when we move into our house 22 years ago I can't believe how young I was and where all the years have gone.

  4. Love the grayish color of your kitchen and music room, Leslie! Love the carpet in music room – it looks so smooth and feminine. Where did u get it? Did you replace the upper cabinets or just paint them over? Love them!

  5. Your home is stunning. What a fabulous job you have done with decorating and furnishing it. Of course, I love the finishes you chose throughout, including the paint treatment you did on your entry flooring. I'll have to look at previous posts to see if you have pics that show more of that area.


  6. Hi Leslie, I love the photo of you 25 years ago in your old kitchen 🙂 So great that you have been in your home all these years 🙂