Favorite Dining Rooms

In the Middle ages, European nobility in castles or manor houses dined in the Great Hall, which was a large multi-purpose room that would seat everyone which lived within. The family would sit at a head table on a raised platform with everyone else sitting below in ranking order. Over time even nobility began to like dining in more intimate settings. Dining rooms since, typically located at the front of the home, have turned into the most decorated rooms.  I hope you enjoy my collection of beautiful dining spaces! Thank you to Wade Blissard for taking all the Segreto watermarked photos, they are all homes we have done and many are rooms where the the whole home is featured in my book-Segreto:Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors.

This dining room from Greystone Estate designed by Barbara Wiseley and Richard Hallberg was featured in Veranda! Along with its warmth and charm my favorite feature is the wallpaper which I have used as inspiration to create my version on walls!

The above room served inspiration when hand-painting the walls on this oh-so-elegant powder.


This sunken dining room encased in stone gives a wine cellar feel.   John Saladino  creates an intimate space with comfortable chairs, frindged skirted table and plates hung as art.


Another Saladino dining room, with his signature skirted table, this has to be one of my all time favorite focal walls! Is it paper or paint?

This room by designer Charles Spada feels as it has evolved over time. The character of the paneling’s design and its two toned finish (which I think may be painted to look like paneling and not raised due to the fact that the plates are hung right over the lines)  creates this room’s perfect backdrop. The sublte color combinations here are flawless.

Built in France in the 1300’s this dining room to me is a wonderful mix of items that I may not apprciate alone but when combined create perfection!

This room by designer Cindy Kinkaid was published in Southern Accents.  The subltle tonal differnces of the paneling really create an impact in this lovely room and stay true to the saying that less is more. Teamed with the mirrored french doors, to die for chairs. fixtures, fireplace and porcelins, this room is an absoulute home run.

I have always been enamored with this dining room we plastered for designer Eleanor Cummings! The inspiration for the color is from a European room the owners had seen on a trip to Europe. The terra cotta in the beautiful reclaimed doors was our reference point. Painting the trim, vents, speakers and recessed cans in the in the room to match the plaster allows for no distractions enabling the reclaimed elements and antiques to shine.

Another one of my favorites where we plastered the walls and ceilings. Designer Kara Childress did such a beautiful job here creating warmth and sophistication! The mirrored vignettes created by an antique French balustrade mirrors and Italian alter sticks, are stunning accents to the room.

There is something I love about throwing a linen table cloth over a table. This lavender one really changes the whole look of the room.

Sophisticated and elegant. I like the combination of the slipcovers and the dresy lighting statue and drapes with a sisal rug.


A lot of thought went into this space. Love the backs of the chairs and making the armoire into an opened focal piece. The texture of the rug and intricacy of the fixture balance the prints framed in black.


There is nothing like divine walls to set off a space!


This dining room and tablescape by John Jacobs is simply beautiful! The soft draping of the table with the horse centerpieces really create a marvelous mood for a dinner party.

This room, feeling very European to me with the French table and chairs, really is given personality from the tangerine color influences.  The combinations of the buttery walls with the silk embroidered drapes, striped chair fabrics and hints of the color in the rug are stunning.

Suzanne Kasler seems to be a master in incorporating texture and color, creating this beautiful dining room with versions of pink and warm taupe’s.

I adore the hand screened papers by Zuber, so this dining room again by  Suzanne Kasler is another one my favorites.  This room which could become ultra formal is softened by the wonderful slip covers.   Please visit her interesting interview on The Skirted Roundtable.

This is the dinning room of this years Pink Ribbon House.  We plastered the walls and handpainted the graphic on the floors. Next week we have a special treat!  Joni Webb of Cote De Texas is writing a Post on the entire home!

Thanks so much to Paula of Paula Grace Design Blog for posting such a wonderful review of Segreto:Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors!  Her blog features so many great design tips and wonderful new products! Thanks also to Cecilia author of Desde MY Ventana Blog. She is a Spanish blogger and I look forward to her pics from far away each morning. They brighten my day!!!   Karena who writes the Art by Karena Blog focuses on different talented artists and I am honored to be amongst the ones she has featured.  I am so thankful to the blog community which has embraced my labor of love project –THE BOOK.  Without them and my fabulous readers, the word would never have gotten out!  I am forever grateful!! Please visit all of these wonderful blogs!!

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Pink Ribbon 2012
Kirsten McLean--An Art Give-Away!!


  1. Leslie, Fabulous dining rooms! You have picked the best of the best!

    Thank you for participating in my 2012 Artist Series..Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and doing a fabulous Book Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  2. I love these images! We just bought a home that needs a facelift so I need the inspiration. Love your blog and the wonderful images you share on Facebook!

    Have a great week- Heather

  3. GRC Ltd says:

    So glad you love the Hallberg dining room at Greystone!! It has been my ne plus ultra since I first saw it. The inspiration you drew from it for the powder room is absolutely wonderful. I love your interpretation of the tones and how it relates to the fixtures. Surpassingly lovely, as is all your work.

  4. Hi Leslie,

    Really enjoying all you've shared here. I just added you to my blogroll. This post is inspriational and has some really beautiful photo perfect for that special look of an elegant home.

    Have a great day!

  5. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I am so happy that you like the posts!! Thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll!!! What is your blog so I can pull it up!!! Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day!!! XO Leslie

  6. Dear Leslie,
    I'm new to your very elegant blog. So delighted to find you via Art by Karena!! Your company does amazing work! I've just glanced through your online portfolio. The murals are incredible…..everything is, actually. Looking forward to visiting often. Cheers from DC!
    Tone on Tone

  7. Leslie I just received your fabulous book. I am savoring each and every page. Thank you so much!!

    Art by Karena

  8. Very elegant and look classic. I love the simplicity of those arrangement but the entirety of the room looks very majestic.