Pink Ribbon 2012


I Hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day!!  Let’s all say a prayer for the brave soldiers who have fought for our country in the past and the special folks who are curently serving our country today.   I truely appreciate their sacrifice as well as the sacrifice their families make.

This week I will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary with my incredible husband John and wanted to give him a little walk down memory lane.  I named my company Segreto after his Italian family who changed their name to Sinclair.  He has been such a great life partner supporting me in all my crazy ventures and constant home remodeling projects!! Thank you John!  I love you!! (we will see if he reads my blog-hehe)

This was after the ceremony–He looks a bit scared.  At 37, he thought he was going to be a confirmed bachelor for life!!!

He seemed to have perked up when we were back from the honeymoon opening gifts!  We moved into the same home we live in now–wow 25 years ago!!

I have really enjoyed raising the kids with John.  He is a great father!!   Since we both work, we have tagged teamed and have shared in the responsiblities of carpool lines, doctors’ appointments, and grocercy store runs.

Gosh how time flies!!  The kids are all grown up and have left the nest.  Thank you for for always being there during the ups and downs of marriage and life.  I am looking forward to what the next chapter of our lives will bring together!!! xo

The fabulous Joni Webb of Cote DeTexas is my guest blogger this week writing a wonderful post on the 2012 Pink Ribbon House, a project that is near and dear to my heart! The house was amazing and all the proceeds from it go to help find the cure for breast cancer!!! Have a great week and read her take on the 2012 Pink Ribbon House here!

Thanks so much for Kifus of the Inspiring Interiors Blog who did such a lovely review of the book. She is a designer and blogger from Peru who has definitly inspired me with her images!! Have a nice week!!  xo Leslie

Olympus Marble
Favorite Dining Rooms


  1. Congratulations to you both!!! What a wonderful picture of your wedding day!! And what a beautiful family you have!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Leslie!! I adore your family photo, and also how wonderful you have lived in the same home all these years!!

    I read the feature at Joni's on The Pink Ribbon House. Bravo for being so involved in this cause!

    Do send your readers to my interview with you and to enter to win your Fabulous Book!

    Art by Karena

  3. shelley says:

    Leslie–Happy Anniversary! You and your husband looked so adorable as newlyweds! Beautiful family you have got – you all look amazing! Thanks for sharing your family photos with us!
    -Shelley-a fan in San Diego

  4. Happy Anniversary….May you celebrate a wonderful lifetime of anniversaries!…Fabulous picture of your beautiful family.

    I will pop over to Joni's and read the feature of the Pink Ribbon House…A wonderful cause.

  5. Victoria Athens says:

    What a beautiful couple. Congratulations. I enjoyed reading Joni's post on the Pink Ribbon House. You and all the other designers did a wonderful job. I especially love the range hood you treated to look like metal. Brilliant.

  6. Che' Bella! Your must be so proud of your family. What a beautiful post to your husband. Praying that you have another 25 plus years together.
    I don't think I have left a comment before, so I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.

  7. Hi Liz!! thanks so much for the good wishes!! So happy you enjoy the blog!! Cheers!! Leslie

  8. Great family pictures. Love your blog and have always wondered what "Segreto" meant or where the name came from… now I know. Happy Anniversary!