Kids Rooms – Part Two!!

I will never get tired of painting children’s rooms. They’re perfect spaces to let your imagination run wild and forget about adhering to the rules.  It’s just all about the fun!

Designer Donna Minyard wanted to create a special place for this lovely couple’s grandkids with a mural.  With some fabulous photos of the family’s trip to Africa for inspiration, we gave the room an animal safari theme!  By featuring animals that were realistic but with kind faces, the mural will last as the kids grow and encourage them to dream well in their new landscape. Incorporating both baby and adult animals makes it a fun space for any age!

This western theme was perfect for the little cowboy of the family!  Painting the star and rope design on the ceiling not only frames the room but it offers the flexibility of moving furniture around as the child grows without interrupting the artwork.

Here is a theme room for an older boy.  Painted when he was in Junior High, this room lasted until he went to college… And yes, he did go to The University of Texas. Maybe the artwork inspired him to study hard and go to his dream school!!!



What little lady wouldn’t love her own white picket fence and garden theme?!  This jut out of the sheetrock was a difficult area to decorate around, but by painting a trellis that makes it a part of the design, we made this architectural feature work in the room!

This nighttime sky showcases realistic constellations that actually appear to glow a bit at night.  It be so fun for a child to lay under the stars every night, especially in Houston where the outside stars are hardly ever very bright! Wish I had photos after the furniture… designer Cindy Dickerson outdid herself on this one!

Rub a dub dub, this cute under-the-sea bubble theme was adorable for this new nursery!! Again, having the design on the ceiling allowed the artwork that inspired the room to be hung on the walls.


This map, created for designer Julie McGarr on one wall of a young man’s room, is such a fun and wonderful learning tool!  Incorporating some of the animals, trains and landmarks that are associated with each geographic location will hold the child’s interest for years.

I want to be a racecar driver when I grow up!  The cars’ graphics were modeled after actual race cars the child loved. A great way to personalize the mural!


The twin boys that this room belongs to love canoeing and fishing.  These faux paddles, painted on a flat wall, are so much cooler than real ones… and don’t have the risk of being pulled down by these rambunctious preschoolers!


This handpainting of Minute Maid Park in Houston gives this young man front row seats to every game. If you look closely at the scoreboard, the Astros are always in the lead!

What a fun, nautical room for this family that loves to sail!!!  Originally painted for a newborn, this design has lasted through elementary school!

These two princesses were born into a magical kingdom! Though the family moved when the girls were only two, we recreated a similar scene in their new home.

Designer Tami Owen along with Stonehenge Builders carved this loft out of a bedroom, creating the perfect place for the grandkids to play and hang out in when visiting.  A window mural always makes a space look larger, and painted stone doesn’t take up the space that real stonework would!!!

This bathroom we created for designer Nicole Zarr is so whimsical!  After stenciling the initial design, we then painted the cherry trees on top.

Peter Rabbit was the theme in this fun playroom we did for a young family! Complete with chalkboard paint framed inside the schoolhouse, these sweet kids will be ready for school or any activities their friends can dish out.

I love these guitars we painted for a budding guitar hero! The designs are realistic representations of some products from the boy’s favorite guitar brands.

For a young basketball fanatic, we hand-painted Ray Lewis’ Ravens jersey. This is such a fun way to customize the room and showcase the kid’s interests.

Designer Cathy Chapman did a fantastic job creating this wonderful, fun space for a teenage girl.  With a soft color wash on the walls, this room will last from well beyond junior high – the family can just switch out the textiles as she grows up.

I adore the fabric wall we hand-painted behind the crib for designer Christina Ho as part of Houston’s 2012 Pink Ribbon House. No dust allergies here! It’s especially great because the design’s so versatile – I could see this for accent walls in a variety of rooms.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these fun kids’ rooms as much as I loved designing the finishes for them.  Seeing the childrens’ faces when they saw the finished product was always payment enough for the work!!! Hope everyone has a great week!  Till next Monday!!  xo Leslie




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  1. What wonderful rooms for kids. I don't think I will show the pictures to mine – they will find their own rooms a bit lacking! My favourite is the African one! x Sharon

  2. Victoria Athens says:

    All lovely. You have a very talented team.

  3. Beautiful rooms!…I truly love them all…my favorite has to be the garden theme with the picket fence and the trellis…great idea..

    And, my son would have loved that baseball stadium mural…for that matter, my hubby would love that in his "man cave"!!…

    Such gorgeous inspiration…!!! Have a lovely week!!

  4. Leslie you have done so much great work!
    I love the variety and how so many times the art works will take the children through many years!

    Art by Karena

  5. oh leslie! i can't believe what you do with paint! that fabric wall and the loft are incredible. i can only imagine the memories these children are making in these spaces. surely they are setting the stage for incredible happy moments they will never forget.

    hope this finds you well, my friend.


  6. Oh dear Leslie!!!! How wonderful is this!!! Congratulations!! There are no words for! HEAVENLY!!! You really have the best team of the world!!

  7. Kids rooms are the place to be the most colorful and creative. I love these inspirational photos. I used to paint murals years ago too!

  8. i love the ones with the stars=)

  9. These are all so darling! i really like the map one too!