Blaygeen [bley-geen]- The Perfect Shade of Blue-Gray-Green

The new Addition of Antique Shops and Designers Magazine is out which features the article I just wrote on how to find that perfect shade of blue, gray, green. Here is a sneak peak– Hope you enjoy!!

Discovering that perfect shade of neutral “blue” can be rather difficult. My clients are often looking for the ideal blue, gray or green – not too blue, but a little muddy; sophisticated, not depressing. I have to take a deep breath just listening to their descriptions, and to reassure them I recommend what I’ve come to call “blaygeen.”


Whether on walls, cabinets, trim or accessories like pillows, tableware and art, every design magazine, book and blog seems to be incorporating this elusive but much sought-after shade. It may appear as your favorite French blue on an accent island in the kitchen. It could adorn the family room walls as a beautiful “greige” with a hint of blue – or that “just right” tone that complements Calcutta and Carrera marbles.

Yet how do you find this picture perfect paint color? Blue is always a tricky color to work with – it can easily be too bright or too childlike. In my experience, blues intensify when painted on the wall so I typically suggest muddying them with green and gray.

The genesis of the term “blaygeen” stems from countless times when I have picked the softest shade of blue,  but the client  fears that it is too green or reads gray.  However, once this color is applied to the wall – no matter how large the space – its tones magically transform into the ideal color that meets their wishes. Blaygeen is that perfect color – blue tinged with subtle notes of green and gray in equal parts warmth, serenity and depth.


The base of blaygeen is blue, appealing to both men and women, and overwhelmingly cited as many people’s favorite color. It reads as trustworthy, dependable and faithful. Soft shades of blue calm us, keep us feeling cooler, and have even been said to connect us with our intuition.

The color of the ocean and sky, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives.  Kept in its softer variations, blue invokes rest and enables the brain to produce chemicals that relax our bodies and minds. In this computer age overloaded with high technology and a bevy of daily tasks, coming home to a peaceful color palette is an enticing and inviting choice.

Blaygeen’s second and third components – gray and green – also contribute largely to the creation of a peaceful mood.  Gray gives the blue a bit of elegance and subtlety, creating a neutral slate to stand up against the more intense accent colors in the room. Green, on the other hand, means growth, security and harmony, lending a sense of tranquility to the other two colors.

I custom mix my own blaygeens for each client, when plastering or glazing cabinetry, however there are ready-made colors that you like as well for painting walls and wood a solid color.

A few of my favorite commercial colors that present as a beautiful ready-mixed versions of blaygeen are Sherwin Williams’ Silverpointe, Lattice, Tinsmith, Repose Gray, or Mineral Deposit; Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl or Silver Lake; and Farrow and Ball’s Skylight, Borrowed Light, Light Blue, Lamp Room Gray, or Blackened. For a bit clearer tone, try Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt, Rainwashed or Tradewind; Benjamin Moore offers Woodlawn Blue or Pale Smoke.  Going one shade lighter of any of these colors gives great results, and these hues are ideal for blue ceilings or porches as well.


In any space, with the perfect blaygeen shade, we can add a new dimension to the color blue which has been so well loved for centuries by royalty and commoners alike. Blaygeen’s tints of gray and green add a quiet sophistication and serenity, while still highlighting treasured accessories.  Go ahead and give it a try –you may become a blaygeen believer too!

To visit Antique Shops and Designers Magazine go here.  This new publication isn’t up yet but their other 8 volumes are!! It’s worth the look!! Thank you so much to Julie of the blog Belle Maison who wrote such a wonderful review on the book-she is also giving a book give-w-way.  Visit her blog here to find out how to win!!  I will be doing a book signing at Twenty-Two Fifty in Sugarland on Thursday and at The Urban market at the VIP early buying event! Hope to see you there.

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  1. Congratulations with the featuring!! Oh dear, wonderful!! I have to purchase a copy of the magazine! I feel lucky, because in my neighboorhood there is a shop that sells the magazine Antiques shops & Designers!!
    You are most talented my precious friend!! And your book never leaves my coffee table!I am so proud to have you as a friend!!
    Have a great new week Leslie!

  2. Victoria Athens says:

    These are my new favorite colors. In my recently renovated kitchen/family room, I painted the walls Farrow and Ball's Elephant's Breath and the ceiling in Borrowed Light. (Don't you love their paint names?) I found the Borrowed Light too baby blue in the light at one end of my room, so I redid it in Blackened. Perfect. It is amazing what light exposure can do to a color. I always sample potential colors on the wall, but with a ceiling, It is more complicated (read: impossible with 12ft high ceilngs). Thanks for the lovely images and all the new paint color suggestions.

  3. Congrats! Its always fun to see what your up to. Never a dull moment and your always surrounded by beauty.

  4. Hi, Leslie –
    Many congratulations on your featured article. Love your term: blaygreen!! Thanks so much for your generous sources of available paint colors—really helpful for all of us. Have a great book signing at both venues.