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Meet Christina Graci: Designer by Trade, Artist at Heart

Christina, one of the wonderful artists featured in Segreto Gallery, runs an interior design firm based in New Orleans with her brother, Chad Graci. Together, they are able to offer a wide variety of services to their clients from color consultation and space planning to complete home design. In her art, Miss Graci truly brings the color and enchantment of her hometown to life on canvas.

“My design style is transitional but leans more towards a traditional, comfortable side. Chad’s style is a bit more transitional but with a more modern, eclectic feel. We both love the combination of beautiful antiques with modern and new furniture.”

I was lucky enough to find Christina while visiting my daughter, Sammy, who was attending LSU at the time. After getting a bit lost in town, I wandered into an antique mall where Christina was showing her art. Moved by the wonderful color combinations and composition of her work, I purchased one piece and ended up contacting her later for more. Her work has been so successful in our gallery.  Read on to find out how you can enter to win a Christina Graci original…

“My work is constantly changing and is a reflection of my mood and the place I am in during my life. I have many different styles and have an urge to try new things all the time.”

Christina, who began painting in high school, uses her art both to inspire and adorn the walls of the interiors she designs.

“My paintings, although sometimes have a lot of movement, are also very precise and thought out. I would never paint something that I wouldn’t put into one of my clients’ homes.”

Hailing from a creative family, Christina’s career path and passions are not unusual. Her father and Chad both graduated from LSU with an architecture degree, and even her cousin has an incredible talent for art.

“My design style is actually a lot like my paintings, believe it or not! A cool, pale color palette with pops of color, proportion and scale, thought out placement of color, and a very simple and precise aesthetic would be the main focuses of my design.”

As far as being an artist goes, Christina is the total package. Not only does she have the intrinsic eye for art and design (perhaps a talent passed through her family}, but she is also well-educated in the subject. She received her degree in interior design with a focus on art history from LSU and was able to spend a semester abroad studying design in Copenhagen, Denmark. She later went on to work with two prominent New York design firms: Victoria Hagan and David Easton.

“The only time my mind is completely clear is when I am painting. It has been the most calming, fulfilling aspect of my life thus far.”

When she isn’t painting or running her interior design business with her brother, Christina can be found near the by-water area outside the French Quarter. She loves to browse the antique and vintage shops, including Sterling Provision, a personal favorite of both her and Chad. For all you Houstonians out there – Christina recommends Carl Moore and Joyce Horn as great shops to visit.

Christina’s creativity extends to the kitchen where she absolutely loves to cook for her friends and family. “I guess that’s just the New Orleans Italian in me!” she explains. On the nights she doesn’t want to stay in, you may find her at Mr. B’s or even Galatoire’s for Friday lunch. “Galatoire’s is the epitome of New Orleans dining in my opinion — it’s classic and fabulous.”

“I truly get gratification when a piece of my work is purchased. I love knowing it’s hanging in someone’s home.”

As for the future? Christina’s goal is to continue to build upon the success and happiness in her life she has already experienced, and then some. “I would love to be able to continue Graci Interiors and my painting well into the future, someday have a family of my own, and maybe live in a foreign country for an extended period of time to be truly inspired.”

Thank you so much to Christina, you are a true talent!  Many of these wonderful works of art are available at Segreto’s gallery and can be viewed online at Or…… stop by Segreto at 1414 Antoine (Open M-F 9:00-5:00) to see her paintings in person and browse our little shop.


Don’t forget! You can win your very own Christina Graci original. Here’s how: 

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2. Go to our Facebook album of Christina’s paintings here and choose your favorite Christina Graci original. Then post a comment describing why you love it.

3. We will have a drawing and the lucky winner will receive the 12″ x 12″ Christina Graci original painting below:

Best of luck!! Till Next Monday!!  xo, Leslie


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    I love to collect the work of other artists!

    Art by Karena

  2. Christina's work is wonderful – both her art and interiors. I would love to 'like" it, but alas do not have Facebook!

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