What we have been painting at Segreto!!

Summer is over and school is back in at least here in Houston!  I hope everyone has had a great summer.  Here are a few projects we have been working on!

 Paneled Rooms!!

I love how glazes enhance natural lines of the wood adding character to a paneled room. It is really easy when your paneling is freshly painted  but what are your options if you have stained paneling in which you would like to alter the color?

This study previously an orange stained color that was popular in 80’s and 90’s that has been transformed with a gray wash.  When glazing over an existing stain you are limited a bit by what is underneath and can only go a certain amount lighter.  Darker finishes are easier to achieve.

Although still up to date this walnut toned glazed paneling was too dark for the homeowner.  If you can see the new fabric in the chair and the soft colors of the rug, we wanted to attempt to lighten the space and bring in the soft teal color that was now being introduced into the room.

The new finish was about two shades lighter, still neutral but definitely a softer look with the new decor. Why try to glaze over the existing finish rather than paint and start fresh?  A huge money savings!!  For a painted finish the walls would need to be sanded, primed and then painted with two coats of paint before any of the glazing begins!! In a room this large, the expense could add thousands to your project. When working with a finisher have them apply a sample for you on the back of a door or shelf to see if the sought after look can be achieved over the existing stain.

Its all in the details!

This built-in cabinet (there are two that flank the fireplace) is slated for an old distressed finish. this is how it looked when we started the project.

Pulling a door off the piece, we did the sample right on the job. I can’t wait to see the piece in its entirety complete–what a transformation!!

If you have a light fixture with a patina that is not quite right for your decor, it’s easy to alter the finish with paint for a fraction of the cost instead of buying new!!!!

Solid marble or fauxed to look that way? Can you tell the difference?

Only the tip top slab is marble.  The rest was built from wood and fauxed to look like the top!! Hats off to Segreto’s finisher, Alex!  I couldn’t tell the difference when I checked on the finished product!!

When the homeowner first moved into this house, she couldn’t get past the rangehood finish to see she had a lovely kitchen. Calling me in, we came up with an idea that totally changed the feel of the room.

First, the hood was plastered in a smooth finish to blend with the walls and the heavy stained wooden strip at its base was painted to match the cabinetry.  Secondly her island was painted and glazed in a French blue to lighten the space and blend with her drapes! Lastly a design was painted onto the plastered hood.


This embellishment to the hood was the homeowner’s husband’s family crest, which was used on her wedding invites and stationary. Hand-painted in a tone on tone fashion, it added such a personal touch to the space.


Its all about the stencil!

This painted stencil design really complements the mirror and stone in this oh-so-elegant powder.  There are no seams with paint and it’s easy to get the perfect color this way!!! Now we just need to hang the mirror and the room is done!!!

Although many of the stencils we do are tone on tone, you can add different colors to stencils, giving it a totally different look to the design. The base in this room was painted Sherwin Williams 7016. The light color of the stencil is Sherwin Williams 7028 and the leaves were Modern Masters Warm Silver. I love the bit of shimmer added to the walls.

Wanting a totally different look from this powder that the homeowner inherited from the previous owner, we decided to stencil the walls in a large pattern since, the room was spacious and the ceilings very tall. What a transformation this powder undertook!!!

She did replace the counter of the existing piece, the faucets, the mirror and the sconces, but the rest we achieved with paint!! We used a stencil from Royal Designs and painted the walls with a combination of Farrow&Ball Pavilion Gray and Wimborne White. In Houston, I purchase Farrow&Ball products from Boxwood Interiors.

I love how the homeowner added the skirted table on the opposite side of the vanity in this oh-so-spacious powder adding a softness to the room!!

Our funiture refinishing studio!!! We have been really busy in our workshop transforming and refurbishing some wonderful pieces for our clients!!! If you love the lines of a piece but not the finish giving them a facelift can make them work perfectly in your space!! I hope you enjoy the before and afters!!!


What’s New at the Segreto Boutique!

Love these pieces we had framed that were the pages of a 1930’s men’s suit catalogue.  I used a few in my son’s new apartment in Dallas!!!

These Rosy Ring candles and diffusers smell wonderful, last forever and are beautiful!!!  Perfect for the Holidays!!!

Part of the new jewelry shipment that arrived I may have to purchase one of these for myself!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!! I do appreciate the patience of all of my clients, who have waited for us to arrive at their homes, and the support from all my blog and Facebook friends.  We will announce the winner of the art-give-away next week.  If you haven’t entered read last week’s instructions on how here !!  Till next Monday!  Xo Leslie



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  1. Victoria Athens says:

    I know this is obvious, but I must say once more that your work and that of your team is absolutely beautiful. I love, love, love the stenciled powder room, the "marbled" console and the transformation made by making a dark paneled room lighter. Houston is lucky to have you.
    XO, Victoria

  2. The painted paneling is awesome!! Love love love! And that cabinet door!! Beautiful! It reminds me of the color of the paneling in our living room!
    All gorgeous Leslie!!!

  3. Love the sample of the distressed built-in cabinet door. I would love to get that look in my family room.

  4. Dear Leslie I cannot get over the expertise of your team. Updating everything from paneling to that range hood and island…all of your projects really are stunning!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Feature:Artist Anne Harwell

  5. Gina Diamond says:

    I continue to be amazed at your work. I love the kitchen and the powder room. Everything is beautiful. Wish you were in my neck of the woods. We could use some of your beautiful finishes in our new home. Oh yea, love the candles and jewelry in your store. You make me dream!

  6. As always, Leslie, you are the best at what you do! I absolutely love it all but the kitchen with the plastered hood and family crest and the blue island- LOVE!!!!!