Kemble Interiors opens an office in Houston!!!

I was thrilled to learn that Kemble Interiors, with offices in both New York and Palm Beach, will be expanding into Houston! I had, of course, heard and known about the wonderful work of Kemble Interiors for some time, but about two years ago, I got to experience the design firm’s trend-setting work first-hand while helping Celerie Kemble and her associate Lindsey Herod with the finishes in a Houston home. It was so much fun watching this design legend’s philosophies at play!!!


There is truly nothing that this little lady doesn’t do well!!! She even has a wallcovering and fabric line with F. Schumacher! All of the items in Celerie Kemble for Schumacher espouse her well-known design aesthetic, combining classic lines with modern detailing and an eclectic flair. Celerie is a pro at blending a variety of styles and trends in a beautiful, harmonious way.  I just love how her F. Schumacher collection has everything from geometric patterns to ikats to metallic finishes to velvet!


So how could this busy mother of three have time to expand? Her right-hand gal, Lindsey Herod, a native Texan, was happy to take on the challenge! Here’s Lindsey inside the incredible home I helped them with a couple years ago!  Go here to see the house when we first started and to meet Christopher Garrett, the renovator!!!




This wide open kitchen/breakfast area is spectacular! It has an eclectic feel, yet all the elements marry together perfectly!!!


The Carrera marble back wall reads like art! I think the combo of the industrial feel of the bar stools and the European touch of the brass and metal hood is so stunning! This is an absolute dream kitchen!!!


Our part in the kitchen?  The floors!  Taking inspiration from the window treatments, we hand-painted the floor with a design of delicately scattered leaves.  Throughout our conception of these floors, I imagined it as though we had thrown leaves up into the air and then painted them wherever they landed.


In the cozy breakfast area, comfy chairs and a loveseat invite you to sit down for a family meal.  To personalize this space, we also added the kids’ names around a few of the designs… they had so much fun looking for their names!!!


Another clever idea – hiding the tv behind curtains! In a kitchen/breakfast space like this, I think this concept works particularly well since it draws on the cottage style of using curtains to enclose cabinetry.


It’s all in the details with this home! We not only finished all the vents and lights to blend with the papers, tiles, or paint finishes on the walls and ceilings, but we also added striping details to lights and finishing touches to furniture.  This guest room is still a work in progress, but we have just completed the walls and moved the furnishings back in.

What an amazing project to be a part of!  The best part was getting to know Celerie and Lindsey!!!  They are as creative as they are nice, beautiful and charming! Thank you so much to both of you for letting me share your work and a little of yourselves.

Next week: a bed and bath makeover from Lindsey and the Kemble Interiors team!  Have a great week everyone!  Till next Monday, xo Leslie




A Stunning Transformation with Kemble Interiors
What we have been painting at Segreto!!


  1. Leslie you are so lucky to get to meet and work with so many talented people but then again they're lucky to meet you too! Enjoy your week!


  2. I totally agree with Debra! You have collaborated with so many talented designers, and vice versa. Wonderful teamwork and collaborations!!! BTW, I especially love seeing the befores and afters.

  3. These are all so gorgeous!! I'd love to have one of these wallpapers in our formal dining room. So elegant!