A Stunning Transformation with Kemble Interiors

Last week’s post introduced you to Lindsey Herod, a designer from New York firm, Kemble Interiors. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with this talented young designer, and this summer marked our second project together.

The master bedroom and bath of this home built in the 70’s had virtually remained untouched!!  After living with the banana yellow walls and bright green carpet for so many years, the owner of the home, oh so cute Jill, was ready for a full redesign of the room hiring the talented Lindsey for the interiors and  builder extraordinaire Steve Goodchild of Goodchild Builders for the renovation work.


Notice the shutter doors here—look for their Segreto transformation in the completed room!!!

Looking at these “before” pictures, Jill points out that the built-ins were a problem area: “Instead of using those shelves for antique pottery and wood candlesticks, it was a place to store folded towels, baseball hats, and pictures of the kids.” Jill and hubby had been renovating the rest of the home and had decided to completely wait on the master area until they could do exactly what they wanted.


Lindsey’s focus in the redesign was to open up the space and make the rooms relaxing and enjoyable spaces. As you can see from the “after” pictures, she definitely accomplished her mission!! The inspiration and color scheme for the bedroom came from the fabric used for the headboard – “Tribute to John Fowler” by Hazelton House – which combined Jill’s favorite colors of pale aqua and soft lavenders. “Beautiful fabrics are my favorite way to start a room scheme,” Lindsey explains.

Lindsey utilized Jill’s existing glass urn lamps and then accented the room with antique Swedish bedside chests and a sanded wood French console found in Round Top.  Lindsey also incorporated a lush purple fabric that they had found at Glicks (a discount fabric store in Houston having a going out of business sale).  We plastered the walls and ceilings in a smooth finish in a palest hue of  lavender.

You can see the tips of the shutters here.  These are the same ones painted gold previously, refurbished and repurposed!!! Now to Jills favorite element in the room—the floors!!! “The painted floor is my most favorite element – I have never seen anything like it!” says Jill. It was certainly fun to create!

The inspiration for the floor design came from a pic Lindsey and Jill saw on my Pinterest board when we were meeting at my studio to go over the concepts for the room. The Segreto team hand-drew a pattern onto the floor, creating a stencil, then painted and hand embellished it.

Now for the bath!!!

In the bathroom, Lindsey made the call to start completely from scratch: “We started with a blank slate and ripped out everything existing and the closets to make one big wide open space.”  Steve and Lindsey actually drew out them plans themselves on the walls.

The bathroom was a complete transformation!! Walls were remodeled in the bedroom and existing closet to expand the square footage of the bathroom.  The gorgeous tiles you see are handmade concrete tiles by Aguayo in the Dominican Republic. Lindsey loves how the colors and patterns can be customized. Lindsey loves the softness they lend to an otherwise hard surfaced bathroom.  Aguayo’s line can be found at Architectural Design Resources in Houston.

The smooth plastered walls in the bathroom create the perfect backdrop for the artwork – a Christina Graci original – found in the Segreto Boutique.

I had to look back at the before pictures to remember what and amazing transformation this space was. Lindsey so perfectly captured Jills style and Goodchild Builders did an amazing job making it happen.  Thank you so much to Sweet Jill, for trusting me to be a part of such a fun wonderful project.

What’s New at Segreto Boutique!

Getting ready for Holiday shopping–I’m loving all the new jewelry we have gotten in. From bracelets to earrings to necklaces the price points range from $25 to $1000. I had to purchase a few myself!!!

Loving these driftwood reindeer and Christmas tree creations. Quantities are limited on these unique creations – the reindeer are $55 each, the small tree is $169 and the larger tree is $195.

I am so proud to say that the two new paintings above were created by my daughter, Kirby! We have been doing some mother-daughter painting lately and these are the finished products. I think she did a great job!

We also have a few brand new paintings available from Debbie Mosley – “Chillin in the Air” is shown above.

Finally, I have brought a few more of my own  created during that Mother daughter time!!

Stop by the boutique to see all of our new inventory!!  1414 Antoine, M-F 9-5.   Till next Monday!!  Xo Leslie

A Mary Nell Corson, Goodchild Builders, and Robert Dame Masterpiece: Part 1
Kemble Interiors opens an office in Houston!!!


  1. Another absolutely gorgeous transformation. The floors do make the room. Great job!!

  2. Yes, Segreto's pattern and treatment of the floors is pretty fabulous. Also, as a native of Houston, it is exciting that Lindsey Herod will be bringing the Kemble Interiors presence to my home town. How I would love the opportunity to work with some of Celerie's fabrics and fabricate their pillows! All roads seemingly lead to Houston, these days.

  3. Hi, Leslie!
    Greetings and long time no chat 🙂 What an incredible transformation!!! That's the same bedroom? And bath?? Both totally unrecognizable. I love, love the floors!! You and your team are amazing. The rooms are now so fresh, updated and beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing these photos.
    Take care,

  4. PS – The new crusty shutters are awesome!! Look like antiques from Europe!!

  5. WOW!! Love the floors and the bathroom and the artwork!!

  6. Hi Leslie!

    Wow- what a transformation- the colors are exquisite and the plaster walls to die for!!! Every time you post another client's home I so regret I don't live anywhere near Texas LOL!

    I am not sure what I love more- the bedroom or bath- the flow between the two rooms is great!

    And it looks as though Kirby has inherited your artistic talent- LOVE her paintings- and how wonderful to be painting together- that is the best of all!!!


  7. Wow! Stunning bedroom transformation!