Only 262 Miles to Buc-ee’s!

A road trip through Texas would not be a road trip without family, friends and a stop at Buc-ees.  If you live in Texas, most of you have discovered this “Bathroom Beacon” on your destination drives.  After stopping and re-fueling both the car and our bellies, we got a little curious about the history of Buc-ees, so for you history buffs:


Arch “Beaver” Aplin is a Texas entrepreneur and Texas A&M graduate who founded Buc-ee’s.  Alpin and his business partner, Don Wasek, opened their first store in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1982 with a focus on cheap ice cream and clean bathrooms.  It was so successful, they decided to expand, and now have 27 locations around the state.


If you just stop to get gas and use the potty and leave, you have not EXPERIENCED Buc-ees, so let me give you a few ways to spend your time and money at this Texas phenomenon, to help you to enjoy the whole Buc-ees experience.


Check out the “Historical” marker on your way to the bathroom.  Only in Texas!


Fudge, fudge and more fudge – over a DOZEN kinds!  All made In- House!


In-House Roasted Nuts!  Peanuts, almonds, but the BEST are the roasted cashews!


 Fresh barbeque sandwiches, smoked and sliced right in front of you! The sandwich buns are soft and moist and the chopped beef, lean and so flavorful.  We had ours with onions and pickles, buyer beware….Buc-ees does not skimp on the onions, so be sure your road trip buddies enjoy onions on theirs as well!

 How can you choose between a dozen different jerkies??  We bought the Hunter Peppered Beef, the Hill County Bohemian Garlic and since it is the new year and I am aiming at healthy, I bought the Peppered Turkey Jerky.  All were incredibly delicious!  Jerky Is the perfect accompaniment to the road trip, you can chew, talk and drive for hours!  Don’t tell anyone, but I spent $65 on jerky, I think I was in the Buc-ees experience overdrive.


They have stuff in jars….lots of stuff…anything from cherry cobbler to pickled quail eggs, but the best thing in a  jar at Buc-ees is Buc-ees Loco Cheese Dip! It’s really just queso, but try it!  Muy delicioso! Arriba!

Are you starting to EXPERIENCE Buc-ees yet?  Let’s keep going…



Here are just some other food items to enjoy on your stop:

Kolaches – a DOZEN different kinds, Banana Pudding in a cup, Mini pies (Apple Crumb is the best!)  Beaver Nuggets (toasted corn puffs), Dippin’ Dots ice cream, Cobb Salad,  Wrap sandwiches in every flavor, and don’t leave without the Jalapeno Cheese Bread.  Buy 5 loaves and freeze it.  Pull one out when you are having guests, warm it and tell them it’s homemade!  They’ll never know the difference …..shhhhh…

Enough about food, let’s move on to merchandise.  Buc-ees has everything from Feral Hog traps and deer corn to a whole line of jewelry, home accent pieces and clothing.  If you have kids at home, you have seen the Buc-ees logo on everything!


Such a smart marketing ploy to make your logo that cute little beaver!  Look around and you will find “Beaver University” shirts, pajamas, hats, sweatpants and shirts, jackets and more!  My friend, Lisa, who wrote this wonderful post, bought some slippers and a coffee cup for her friend’s birthday.  Both Toni and Lisa bought sweatpants.

Part of Buc-ees success stems from the friendly, helpful local  employees, who smile and greet you and can answer any questions about the establishment.


Don’t leave without getting your photo in front of the 12 foot stuffed beaver, there is also a large one at the front door! Thanks Lisa for giving us your Buc-ees favs!! I certainly had more fun on the trip with you and sweet Toni!!!

I’d love to hear back from some of you on your favorite Buc-ees  items!

Happy Traveling!  Till Next Monday!!  xo,  Leslie





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