Picking out my Fixtures at Acero Bella

Well, I am busy shopping for plumbing fixtures for my new master bath makeover!! Located at 8560 Katy Freeway, Acero Bella is super close to my offices!!! They are in the same office warehouse as Back Row Antiques, behind Home Depot.

We first met Chas and designer, Desiree Guillory last summer when they called us to do a few special finishes in the new space including their logo right as you walk in! The name “Acero Bella”, which translates to “ Beautiful Steel” in English, came from one of their neighbors over a breakfast brainstorming session. Love that!!

Their beautiful showroom, which opened summer of 2013, has so many built in displays that make it easy to visualize what a tub sink or shower head would look like in your own space. I don’t take baths–don’t worry I do shower– but my husband who is super athletic loves a tub to soak his sore muscles after a tennis game. After talking to them in depth, it seemed that the new rage– air jets– wouldn’t do the trick, and that he needed an air/ whirlpool combination!!!

We settled on a Jason 635 white undermount tub. I hope he likes it!  I couldn’t get that husband of mine to go and shop for it with me!!!!  Anyone else ever have that problem?!  Now off to Faucets!

There are so many to choose from!!  This is just a few of the many displays. The incredible selection makes the decision so difficult!!

Even though I tend to lean more traditional, I just fell in love with the contemporary plumbing fixtures.

Thank goodness Acero Bella centers around customer service! Poor Sarah West, a friend and  consultant who specializes, in selecting fixtures, ligthing, surfaces and architectural elements and Beth, the wonderful Acero Bella specialist, had to watch me go back and forth back and forth. And the winner is?!!!!


A wonderful collection from Newport!!!! This was my splurge! I really liked how the old world feel of unlacquered brass would mix with old stone, mirrors and other elements in my bathroom!  Let’s see if I can pull off my antique mixed with modern concept!!

Here is the entire collection I purchased-rain head and all, shown in polished nickel. The silver tones are much more popular in todays design, and also very beautiful!

We are also renovating the two upstairs baths!  Both girls are girly girls so I chose this faucet and shower tub fixture for both of them in polished nickel, their most popular finish.

Going through the showroom it’s easy to get distracted!  They carry many appliances including Fhiaba, a line of Italian refrigeration with uniquely customizable temperature zones.  It has an all stainless steel interior and you can change all the drawers and compartments from freezer to refrigeration!  What will they think of next?


I also fell in love with  the Italian cooking line, Bertazzoni, shown here in red.  What a statement piece for any kitchen! It’s got to be good!  Those Italians really know how to cook!!!

Another Segreto cameo in the showroom- We plastered the hood for their kitchen display on the left!

Now off to sinks!!!

With so many to choose from I felt, I needed to stay simple with the sink design and let the plumbing speak for itself.

With so many to choose from I felt, I needed to stay simple with the sink design and let the plumbing speak for itself.

Acero Bella carries all types of hardware for doors, baths and cabinets.  Some of their most popular lines are Rocky Mountain, Van Morris and Ashley Morton. Chas says contemporary trends are still the dominating style but recent clients are very open minded to ornate and un-lacquered brass finishes, too. She says it’s easy for clients to get overwhelmed by all of the choices so they have each piece of hardware mounted individually so it’s easier to narrow down selections and choose the “jewelry” for their home. LOVE THESE DISPLAYS!

Chas’s vision is to create an environment that is enjoyable for both the customers and the staff. She says “ The construction world is challenging and customer service is a dying art. I wanted to create a nurturing environment for homeowners that allows them to enjoy the process of creating their dream homes.”  I certainly felt that walking in and throughout the process!!! Thank you sweet Sarah and Beth for helping through the process!!!

Acero Bella is located at 8560 Katy Frwy, suite 160. You can find Acero Bella, Segreto Finishes and our other design resource friends in the neighborhood in our new maps! They are complimentary and available at our shop 1414 Antoine Dr or any of the other participating businesses!

Until next week! XO Leslie





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