The House Renovation!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!! I spent it with my husband and two daughters and Mom and Ken.  My son in Dallas couldn’t make it but this 25 year old son sent me flowers!! First time!  Well a lot is going on at the Sinclair homefront with the home renovations, here is a bit of an update.

My dream would have been to do the amazing renovation that Newberry Campa Architects did for the exterior renovation. Their creativity and insight as to what I wanted was brillant!!  After getting back the timing that this extensive project would have taken, we decided that we would postone this for when the girls were gone! Please read about his vision for my house here.

So for now, we are doing just a purely cosmetic redo for the outside and replacing the plumbing and bathrooms on the inside!!! The house is coming along and although we have tweaks with the lime washing I think that I am getting used to having a white house. I am trying to picture the entire exterior done complete with landscaping, gates and new lighting! These elements make such a difference in the overall look of a home, much like dressing up an outfit with jewelry, shoes and a great handbag.

I bought 4 of these awesome pots from Joyce Horn Antiques!  We are putting a bench in the inside of the brick wall with a little garden around it–they would look great there–or….. so pretty by the front door…. or in the back yard by the pool!! P.S.  She just got in a new shipment so hurry on over there, beautiful things!!!

I saw this article from the online version of Southern Living about a Georgian makeover!  I wish I had seen it before my Limewashing experiment–they added sand to the mix!!!

Below are the sources they used to dress up the Southern Living home!! Loved some of the ideas and wondered if I should mix in some of the planters with the Mediterranean ones I bought?

Lantern & Bracket: 5001 in Rust by Fourteenth Colony (, from $1,322, available from Brandino Brass; 205/978-8900

Door Shutters: Western Red Cedar Horizontal Louver with Radius Top (in Artichoke; from $700/pair;

Roof Tiles: Majestic Slate in Midnight Gray by EcoStar (, $4/sq. ft., available through Emack Slate Company;

Planter: 24-Inch Cube Planter in White, $186.53; (Reader deal! 10% off entire site with code SOUTHERNLIVING)

We purchased these beveled glass  doors in 1987 when we bought the house. Such the rage in the 80’s.  To simplify the look I replaced them with plain beveled glass instead.  My plans are to refinish the doors to look like old found pieces.


Although I loved the lantern in the Southern Living home, I had heard about Sheryl Stringer, a local artist here that had a line of lighting. I emailed her and she came out that day to show me a few!!! I really liked the copper one we are hanging above my window to the right.

I had originally thought it would be nice to have it hanging by a chain but she said because of the wind and the glass window that I would have to use three chains.  I didn’t feel that look was right for my house so I opted for the Yoke, which means it is suspended by the iron rods drawn. Well patience is a virtue, as I tell my sweet clients who wait for me, so the unveiling will be in about 3 months.

Moving to the inside, I have been working with my good friends from Goodchild Builders! Here is Steve himself along with his right hand men Juan and Henry.

The main project we are doing is gutting three bathrooms and replacing all the plumbing in our home (this is the issue that started it all).  Today we are having a meeting about the master cabinet design.

Remember I bought two of those amazing, very huge, mirrors.  They will be installed over double sinks and on the opposite side of the bathroom will be a vanity for me.   The architectural piece on the right from Joyce Horn Antiques will hang over the tub.


I like these two styles. I fell in love with this Danish commode by Niermann Weeks so we are using this as inspiration for the vanity and sink basins and the cabinet style to the right will be around the tub surround.

This picture is just to show the towel bars under the sink that I love–I ordered some from Acero Bella so we will see how they look on the cabinets after they are built!

The project continues!!! Hope ya’ll have a great week!! Until next Monday!  XO Leslie

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  1. Talley Mayes says:


    Your renovation looks beautiful! I hope all is well with you and John. I would love to see the end results when you are finished.

    Take care.

  2. Talley Mayes says:


    Your renovation looks beautiful! I hope all is well with you and John. I would love to see the end results when you are finished.

    Take care.

  3. It looks AMAZING, Leslie. I think the limewash is perfection and wow to the copper lantern and bathroom ideas. Can hardly wait to see it all come to life!!

  4. George Washington added sand to his paint at Mt. Vernon. Love that about him.

    Among other things.

    Fun 'after' for you. Success !

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. Everything looks amazing! Well done.

  6. tamara guiddy says:

    I have been trying to find out from the southern living home what parts paint..water..n sand were mixed together for their limewash? Any suggestions