Fathers: to be Admired & Celebrated!!

A Father. A son’s first hero. A daughter’s first love.

As we get ready to honor all of the wonderful Fathers out there — be it with a cookout, a round of golf, a big hug, or another necktie — I thought I’d offer a collection of quotes.


My guess is the best quotes come from your Dad. Like my Dad saying, “Please stop trying to save me money!” (when I would come home from a sale).

These quotes — from the inspiring to the funny — are sure to remind us that parenthood is not be easy, but it is certainly something to be celebrated!









North Carolina State


Thank you, Dad, for all of the love and support you have shown over the years!

Whether you pin, print, repeat — go ahead and share these Father’s Day quotes!

Spread the love for our treasured fathers this holiday and every day!

And Don’t forget Dallas Market!!! I will be at the Aidan Gray Showroom with Segreto Style on Friday June 26th from 12-3!  I would love to meet all who come!!!  Happy shopping and Happy Father’s Day!!!

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  1. Great quotes….I loved the one about the Father taking his daughter shopping as my son is always doing that!…Have a great Market!

  2. Thank you Leslie, for these wonderful quote’s on Father’s I love the assortment you chose!
    Have a great week!!

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  3. Cute post Leslie…have fun at the Dallas Market!