My Pantry Renovation!

With so many great organizational tips from Pinterest and bloggers, I couldn’t wait to redo my pantry/bar/butler’s area to gain more space.

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

In this “before” photo, the closed door is my original pantry. At no more than 2.5 ft by 3 ft, it was neither big nor efficient. I stored the glassware in the bar and my china in the furniture piece to the right. We decided to combine pantry and bar — making that one big food pantry — and to build a new bar/butler’s space where the furniture piece resides.

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Looking on Pinterest, I was drawn to pantries that seem to be part of the room, making the whole space feel larger and more open!!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Here is another example!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Finishes by Segreto!

When Segreto officed out of my house, I had this cabinet built to store samples and reference books. I loved the paint finish and the gold leaf the mural on it!!  It was styled for a photo shoot in this picture–a bit outdated styling but it was years ago!. The new use for this space is as an exercise room, so this wall will have a full-length mirror and ballet bar! Sadly, the cabinet and mural had to go — but keep an eye on those cabinet doors!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Removing the cabinet, the home’s history of paint treatments was revealed!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Job foreman, Henry, and the Goodchild Builders’ team that handled the renovation were determined to incorporate my vision: using those office built-in cabinet doors in my new pantry design!!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Doors by Segreto!

The new pantry’s interior was constructed using four doors from the built-ins to create one, united “furniture” piece!! I am thrilled!!!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

I couldn’t get this image out of my mind, so using this as inspiration…

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

I called Bill Pena of ACI Metal Works to make a custom set of metal doors for the exterior of my new pantry. He did a fantastic job!! Note: Bill purchased Alba Custom Iron, so do not be concerned when the link takes you to that page.

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Of course, I didn’t want just average lever handles for my new look. When at a meeting at Chateau Domingue, I saw their new hardware line from Belgium — LOVE!!! There are so many different, beautiful styles to choose from — some in stock! Who knew?!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Now it was time to organize!! I hired Hilda, who did such an amazing job in my closet, to work her magic in the new pantry! She got these air tight containers from The Container Store and with chalk stick-on tags, she labeled the items that might be easily confused — so cute!!! I also really like the metal baskets we chose to store fruit, onions and potatoes!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

To the right of the cupboard, we selected these fun baskets, also from The Container Store to hold bread, chips, etc.

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

My family and I became so used to not having a kitchen for so many months of construction that our pantry items are at a minimum!! Must go shopping!! In an effort to keep our counters clear, we let the toaster live in the pantry!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

The inside left of the cupboard is very narrow shelving, making it perfect for a row of canned goods and staples. I really love its being only one or two items deep, so I can easily see what we have.

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

You know, for me, less isn’t always more when it comes to paint finishes. When shopping at the George Cameron Nash showroom at the Decorative Center of Houston, I fell in love with this silk wall covering from Fromental.

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Panel Design by Segreto!

Using that as inspiration for the walls flanking the metal doors, Segreto painted this on a plaster wall!!

My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

Finishes by Segreto!

Not a great picture, but this is the finished look!  I am thinking about painting the inset of the panels to read like carrera marble insets! Or…should I leave well enough alone?!!

New Classic 2015-My Pantry Renovation!-Segreto Secrets Blog!

We were so honored to be in the new issue of New Classic Style. A big thank you to our friend Sarah West, and to everyone involved! Have a beautiful week!

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  1. word, AMAZING! Omg you did such a gorgeous job, I am in love with your pantry and the metal doors are genius…..over your vision!

    • Leslie, you have outdone yourself. Just amazing!

      Karen Beach

      • HI Miss Karen!! I miss seeing you!! We are getting closer! Time for me to entertain now!! xo Leslie

    • Hi Tina!! Your so sweet–thank you!! Now I have to keep it clean because it all shows!! Happy Week! xo Leslie

  2. Leslie I am so impressed with your new pantry! The metalwork, hardware, and the super organization!! Gorgeous!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ceramic Artist Leah Bowring

    • Hi Karena! Loved your last post! I’m excited about finishing up!! I think I will have to add the inset marble panels!!!

  3. Love it….we are in the process of building a new home…I will be using this for inspiration.
    Have a wonderful day

    • Ahh thanks Teresa! That’s the best compliment ever!! Good luck! I know it will be beautiful!!! Cheers!!! Leslie

  4. Very nice! There is nothing better than a well organized pantry.

    • That is true!! I just for a friend organized hers as her husband has been ill! It made us both feel better!! Happy Monday!! Leslie

  5. Danni Stewart says:

    Oh my gosh! amazing! come do mine.
    leave the doors alone!

    • Hi Miss Danni!! I will come and visit you anytime!!! I am on the pantry redo craze and just cleaned out a friends this weekend! So fun!!! xo

  6. Hi Leslie, this is just awesome. Appreciate your creativity. The interiors are just too good! Thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂

  7. What a great idea…it looks amazing!

  8. Rona Milbauer says:

    Leslie-you did an amazing job on your pantry. I wouldn’t have expected anything but outstanding! Love everything you do!

  9. so cute!!!! I might just be a little jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Joni!!! Right?????? They are too cute and seem so happy! I have heard from people who have met them its all true!! Miss you! xo Leslie

  10. Leslie this is so inspirational. I have a similar “before” pantry. I would love to open mine up as well…it would force me to be more organized! LOVELY!!

    • Hi Cindy!! I am loving it–and because it shows it is forcing me to stay organized–its not my nature!! Have a great week!! xo