The Final Reveal!!

With summer time in full force and so many people away to escape the heat, we have had fun completing projects while our vacationing clients are away!!!

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

Stenciled Ceiling!

It’s so exciting to see their faces as we reveal the new space!  In a small way, I’m getting a bit of the thrill that Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upperwhose show I am slightly obsessed withmust feel when they reveal their amazing renovations to their clients once the home is completed, styled, and move-in ready!!

Segreto painted the ceiling in the room above; the hand-cut stencil pattern on the pop-up ceiling was inspired by the client’s favorite fabric.  If there isn’t a pre-cut stencil available, one can be customized to any size and design.

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

Here are the reveal superstars, both from Waco Texas, and Baylor graduates. Chip knew that Joanna was “the one” when he saw her picture at her father’s mechanic shop.  Meeting at a later date, these two fell in love and have become such a dynamic duo both on and off their show.

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

Tying the knot in 2003, Chip bought houses, renovated them and sold them to Waco home buyers, while Joanna did the interiors and opened a local shop called Magnolia Market.  With their four children, they now live in this 100-year-old farmhouse that they completely renovated! With 40 acres, there is lots of space for their 60 animals, as well as for roaming around!!

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

On their show, Chip and Joanna present their client with three homes and give their ideas on how they can customize it to the family’s needs.  The properties are in great areas at bargain prices — and all need a lot of work!!  Even with my imagination, I am amazed that they can see though the rubble and come up with such beautiful and creative design ideas. And now for this home above’s final Fixer Upper reveal!!!!

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

These homeowners all-in budget, inclusive of purchase price and renovation costs was $650,000.  Just the new driveway, new windows and doors, and that charming new front entrance must have taken up a chunk of change! Quite a remarkable transformation!!!!

It gets even better when you see the “befores” and “afters” of the interior!!!


The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!


The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

Chip and Joanna are masters of opening spaces up, fashioning a better flow, and creating more functionality!! Are you obsessed yet?


Here is Joanna’s little boutique shop in Waco before she remodeled it!

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

Here it after, filled with her flea market finds and wonderful items from local vendors!!! I really want to drive to Waco just to sneak a peak.

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

Joanna also writes a blog, filled with DIY crafts, farm fresh recipes and sweet entertaining ideas.  This one features instructions on how to make “Dinosaur Eggs” filled with small plastic dinosaurs, gems, or other small toys.  How cute is that?!

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

In this blog, Joanna shows how to make these decorative vases with milk bottles!!! And there are so many more ideas, all beautifully styled and photographed!!

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

Their biggest renovation to date is bring to life this old cotton mill. Their Silos Project will house the new Magnolia Market!! It’s due to open this fall and I might just have to take a trip for the opening party!!! YOU???

The Final Reveal!  Segreto Secrets Blog!

Well, being so enamored with their talents, I sent the pair a copy of both of my Segreto books — hoping I might inspire them half as much as they have inspired me!!  Look what a sweet note I received back!!!  Thanks, Chip and Joanna!!! Let me know if you fall for this pair when you watch Fixer Upper!!!

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  1. I’m obsessed with the show too…its the only one I watch on H.G.T.V.

  2. yep. im obsessed too. want them to find me a fixxer upper and do it. haha! so in love with them!!!! ben is too.

  3. Faith Boggio says:

    I also love to watch their transformation inside & out. They are truly a talenter twosome!

  4. Martina Babine says:

    I, too, love to watch Fixer Upper! I actually visited their store this past weekend while in Waco. Very charming…and busy.

    • Hi Martina!! I miss seeing you!! We can watch together while we are doing our crafts! I hope all is good with your family! xo

  5. Teresa Emrich says:

    Chip and Joanna are a dynamic duo, with “creative talent” of a dozen designers. Every show is surreal. I am so glad they are a part of the HGTV network. I will be glad when they have a marathon showing all day long. God bless them and their family.

    • A marathon!! Best day ever! I do love their sense of family and how they juggle it all, including the kids each step of the way!! Cheers!!

  6. Leslie, Great job on your pantry. ( I am jealous of your extra space; mine is so small) I love the show Fixer Upper also. It is so refreshing to see a couple that interacts with both grace and humor with a shared passion for design. If you lead a caravan to the opening of the new Magnolia Market, count me in!

    • I will call you for sure! Who ever though my next destination go to place would be Waco!! xo Leslie

  7. Janice McGuire says:

    I think Fixer Upper is the best show on HGTV. I watch very little TV these days with the violence on many and can’t believe America’s obsession right now with the too personal Reality shows and how we as a society make people doing nothing into rich celebrities. It is those like the Gains who are actually contributing and using God given talents that I want to watch.

    Wish you had a show and some other great designers in Texas, like Pam Pierce, Jane Moore, Babs Watkins, Shannon Bowers, Dan Carithers etc, That would be worth watching. Thank you for posting – love Chip and Joanna Gains and their show.

    • Hi Janice!! I couldn’t agree more!! I also love the Hallmark channel–call me a romantic!! I could definitely talk about what I do but to see me on TV–yikes!! xo Have a great week!!! Leslie

  8. Hi Leslie,

    They are such an adorable couple and are clearly doing what they are meant to be doing- they are amazing. That kitchen reno is one of the best ones I’ve seen. I love every single thing. Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Oh and your ceiling project is AMAZING!!

    • Hi Miss Stacy!! Thanks on the ciling project and you will become hooked like me!! Love all the changes in your home!!!

  10. Dear Leslie,
    Thank you so much for you kind comments on my site. I truly appreciate your friendship…..
    The Arts by Karena

  11. Their show has truly affected many people in many ways. Their incredible talents of turning something that has been so neglected and transforming it back to life is definitely the work of true artists. Not only have they touched the soul of a home, they touched the soul of many lives. Loved this post and I am sure they are being inspired by your magnificent work. Must say that the ceiling is magnificent Leslie!

    • HI Shirley! So your obsessed like me!! They are truly talented, and seem so super sweet and family oriented!! Hope all is well with your my friend!!!

  12. i have crushes on both of these kids! it’s one of the only things i watch on tv, and prob inspired me to take on the current cottage project! i will gladly meet you at the opening of the silos! fun! peace to you, leslie.

  13. Barbara Ann Rowell-Holt says:

    As I have designed Homes and done Interior Decorating, I have fallen in love with Chip & Joanna and their 4 beautiful kids. I love the show and never miss it!!
    My dream is to move somewhere close to Waco and, if I’m lucky enough, they could re-do my house. Joanna’s
    interior design matches mine. A little Cottage, 1200 to 1600 hundred square feet, 2 beds/2baths, garage and
    maybe a little Guest House in the back.
    Three small houses they’ve done, The McCall House, and 2 others that I can’t recall the names at the moment,
    would be perfect.
    Maybe I can make moving work, I’ll just have to see how things go.

    • Leslie Sinclair says:

      I just was in Waco for a job and was able to go to their new cilo!!! It was so fun–they have endless energy!!