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I Love That Sample!!! Where Will it Go?

I was trying to get a bit ahead of my blog writing and stumbled onto a post I had started in 2011! I had so much fun looking back at how some of our techniques have evolved and especially how my house has changed over the years!! I thought you would too... You've probably heard the old saying that a cobbler doesn't have shoes. Well, that doesn't apply to me. In my case, a finisher definitely has finishes!! If you look at the "My Home" section of this blog, you can see that no space has been ...

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Grouping Elements to Make an Art Wall!

Grouping elements on a wall can create such an impact! Whether you use plates, photographs or DIY projects, it's the way they are hung which turns a random collection into art!!! Source It's not only the photos themselves that makes this grouping interesting but also the balanced way the black and white matting and frames were coordinated and combined. Source For a tennis fan, this is an easy, simple way to create a focal point! This homeowner found vintage rackets on Etsy, but, ...

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