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My Valentine’s Table Setting!!!

My favorite part of any holiday dinner event is thinking of ways to set the table. And Valentine's Day is no different!! Last year, I was especially excited for my Valentine's Day dinner because my sweet mother had given me a set of blush pink stemware for Christmas. These glasses were given to her by her mother years before, so I love that there's a history to them! My aunt Gayle also gave me the most beautiful blush pink tablecloth that had been hers. I guess they all knew my favorite color is ...

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Christmas Decor: Creating Displays, Tablescapes and More from Sentimental Items!

I went to a lovely Christmas party last year that's inspiring me to mix up my own home's holiday decor this year! The wonderful hostess, Nancy, had Christmas everywhere, but what I loved so much is that she grouped items with sentimental meaning in every room. This was an especially fun gathering for me because I was able to bring my two daughters, who knew Nancy's son from college!! He was in charge of the peppermint martinis, which it looks like they all have in hand! Of course, ...

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Christmas, Segreto Style!

There are few holidays that inspire more decorating excitement than Christmas! From the shop windows to the fireplace mantle and everywhere in between, I just love seeing what beautiful and unique ways others are celebrating the holiday season!! Source Such splendor in this statue draped in cedar and pine boughs with pine cones and ribbon.  This year, I will keep in mind the advice of Emily Thompson, flower designer of the above,"Everything is so maxi-malist at the holidays, there's ...

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