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DIY: Updating Your Frames with Paint!

Before our recent home renovation, I had my back staircase and game room filled with collections of framed family photographs. For our new look, I decided to simplify and use framed photos going only up the staircase, so ... John and I had to edit!! We selected about 20 frames portraying our kids, my parents as children, and even a 1927 wedding portrait of John's Italian family (named Segreto!)! After plastering the back staircase in a soft white and installing a more contemporary ...

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Kirsten McLean–An Art Give-Away!!

I wanted to highlight one of the remarkable artist that I represent at Segreto's art gallery, Kirsten McLean!! Read at the end how to win an original!!  She is attorney, wife, mother of two, and artist.  Kirsten started painting "out of necessity" - she and her husband had moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, and like most newlyweds, were working with a small decorating budget. Originally she purchased paintings from consignment stores with the intention of just modifying them to her personal ...

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