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A Beautiful Flower Wall!

Hi Friends!! I so hope you have had a wonderful week. With Spring time in the air, of course, I think of flowers and maybe a bit of romance!!! When my oh-so-talented finish designer, Andrea, created a giant flower wall for her sister, Erin's, wedding -- I had to share! Andrea has always loved creating party props ever since her first job working for her next door neighbor, assisting her in developing fabulous centerpieces and props for glittery events.  She helps to create the same ...

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Pretty in Pink!

I love pink all year long but Valentine's Day really has me thinking!!! A blend of red and white, pink combines a need for the action of red, (Passion!) and the softness of white (Purity!). The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits. The word itself brings up a variety of different images and concepts such as romance, flowers, femininity, Barbie, breast cancer, childhood, love, and so many more. source I guess I am not the only one dreaming of pink!!  This is the most ...

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