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The Dress: Where Fashion Meets Art and Home Design

Like a little black dress and a good pair of pumps, fashion and art have always gone hand in hand. From ball gowns to wedding dresses, simple shifts to sundresses, the dress is an iconic piece of clothing that can be found in closets and art alike. Dresses were made to be both functional and fashionable, although the styles have changed drastically within the last 100 years or so.       source I just love the over sized interiors,painting in this room, ...

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Kirsten McLean–An Art Give-Away!!

I wanted to highlight one of the remarkable artist that I represent at Segreto's art gallery, Kirsten McLean!! Read at the end how to win an original!!  She is attorney, wife, mother of two, and artist.  Kirsten started painting "out of necessity" - she and her husband had moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, and like most newlyweds, were working with a small decorating budget. Originally she purchased paintings from consignment stores with the intention of just modifying them to her personal ...

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