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Pretty in Pink!

I love pink all year long but Valentine's Day really has me thinking!!! A blend of red and white, pink combines a need for the action of red, (Passion!) and the softness of white (Purity!). The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits. The word itself brings up a variety of different images and concepts such as romance, flowers, femininity, Barbie, breast cancer, childhood, love, and so many more. source I guess I am not the only one dreaming of pink!!  This is the most ...

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My Valentine’s Table Setting!!!

My favorite part of any holiday dinner event is thinking of ways to set the table. And Valentine's Day is no different!! Last year, I was especially excited for my Valentine's Day dinner because my sweet mother had given me a set of blush pink stemware for Christmas. These glasses were given to her by her mother years before, so I love that there's a history to them! My aunt Gayle also gave me the most beautiful blush pink tablecloth that had been hers. I guess they all knew my favorite color is ...

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A Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt!!

It's Valentine's Day again! So how do you show that special someone that you care? With my husband of 28 years, I have found that it's never the monetary gifts never that show him how special he is to me – after all, his eyes don’t light up at a blue Tiffany box like mine do!! But he always appreciates little notes and handmade gifts which bring out that youthful smile I fell in love with all those years before. When we first married, we were as different as black and white, but ...

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