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Today is a day we’ve been excited about for a long time! Because we’ve been so excited to showcase a few of our very favorite artists!

You all know that we think art is one of the most important — if not the most important — elements in a room. The sweet and lovely Kendall Boggs was one of our very first, nearest and dearest blog friends. We swoon over her precious dresses (and give them as gifts all the time!) and have her fabulous abstracts all over our houses.

Designer and artist Lucy Williams’ captivated us right away.

Her rooms are lovely and her art is just fabulous. This piece in particular is one of our favorites!

Leslie Sinclair is another talented artist and blogger who is also such a great friend! She is basically superwoman, with a design business, a store, a blog, art and…

TWO new books on the way!! They are sure to be a fabulous follow-up to Segreto Secrets and we can’t wait for them to come out. To preorder, contact Leslie at

Liza Hathaway Matthews is another blog friend who also happens to be a beautiful, amazing artist! The colors in this piece are just amazing.

And you know we can’t get enough gray tones!

Holly Irwin’s figures just capture our hearts every time.

They are so lovely — and we are realizing how many blog friends we have that are amazing artists! This one reminds me exactly of one of the characters in Dear Carolina, my book coming out in May. Hmmm… Now I really think I need that one!

We love following Karena’s blog, as well. She is such a huge art advocate and a great supporter of all her fellow artists.

And her passion shines through in her painting. We adore not only Karena’s fabulous work but also seeing all of the amazing artists that she features on her site.

Pawley’s Island is one of our favorite places, and no one captures it better than artist, photographer and blogger Julia Ryan!

Her beach scenes are just gorgeous, or, if you will, Pawley’s Island Posh!

 Kerry Steele is one of our long-time artist obsessions. And I think these pieces show why!

 I wake up every morning at the beach to this beauty! It’s hanging over the mantle in our bedroom, and we just love it! When it first went up, little Will was maybe eighteen months old. One day, he was just staring and staring and then finally, eyes wide, he pointed and said, “Mommy! Sailboat!” I think he’s a Kerry Steele fan too!

Dallas Shaw’s illustrations can’t help but captivate you right off the bat.

There’s a reason she’s the “it-girl illustrator” and has worked with top designers and fashion houses for her amazing illustrations. Her style totally speaks for itself!

Patricia Van Essche’s illustrations are as lovely as she is. (Mom has wanted to have her do one of Will and my wedding photos ever since she discovered this great artist! You’re always wanting a joint Christmas present for us, Mom… hint, hint.)

Her illustrations are fun and bright and oh so fabulous! It’s no wonder that her illustrations are commissioned by large fashion houses. (And small design bloggers :))

I Dream Of is one of our daily must-reads — and that has as much to do with how wonderful Jeanne is as it does with her fabulous illustrations.

After a career in marketing and PR, Jeanne ditched her day job to follow her dreams! That’s the kind of daily inspiration we could all use! (Ditto these amazing illustrations!)

Laura Trevey’s paintings are just as bright, bold and beautiful as her blog! (And herself!)

She is a super talented water color artist whose pretties always catch our eye.

Jennifer  has one of the best print line-ups we’ve seen on her amazing boutique on the Pink Pagoda.

 They make for the perfect, show-stopping gallery wall. And, if you’ve been by her blog, you know this girl can curate one amazing collection!

Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling is another on of our go-to’s for inspiration. She has a fabulous art boutique in conjunction with her blog and hosts pop-up shops for artists like the amazing Katherine Bramlette. (Isn’t that piece too fun?)

        Design Darling

We can’t get enough of precious little prints, and Mackenzie has tons!

With all these amazing artists and art stores, we think we’re going to need more walls! We want them all… With so many incredible artists, finding the right piece is a breeze. Picking only a few is the challenge! We hope you’ve loved these stand-out talents as much as we do! Happy Thursday!

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  1. Goodness, what an honor to be included with such talent!!! So much fun to see so much amazing work! thank you so much for the mention and the art walk this morning! xo

  2. So many talented artist! Some I am familiar with and others I mush check out ASAP!!! Thanks for this great post y’all!!!

  3. Oh!!!how I love you girls!!! Thank you my dear friends!!! Xxxooo kb

  4. a fabulous round-up of some great talents! thank you for sharing…again…dana

  5. Hi Kristy & Beth, What an honor to be a featured artist on your blog today! Thank you so much! You know I enjoy your posts tremendously……….your blog is the one I look forward to reading each day!

  6. I had no idea there were so many artist bloggers, Kristy! Thank you for the perfectly curated art show this morning. So much talent, color and inspiration this morning! LOVED this post! I have been teaching art appreciation to young children for 15 years and loved hearing Will’s comment on seeing a salilboat in the abstract. The younger the viewer, the more open the mind to abstract concepts. Will follow many of these artists.

  7. Well, you just made my day! Thanks a million ~


  8. Kristy and Beth, thank you so very much for including me with this stellar group of artists, some of which I am proud to call my friends!!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. What a beautiful start to the day. These ladies are so talented! Merci beaucoup!

  10. Hi Kristy and Beth! Wow! What a thrill to be included with all of these amazingly talented artists. I am honored and humbled to be in such good company. And inspired by all the beautiful work I see here – some by people who I know and love and some I’ve yet to discover.

    Thanks so much for the delightful art walk this morning and for asking me to be part of it.

    Have a beautiful Thursday, ladies! XOXO

  11. Hello Kristy and Beth,
    I am so honored to be included in a mighty fine bunch or talent and incredible gifts of sharing art. This really made my day as it’s been a hard week having lost my Father.
    I certainly hope that we can meet in person one day after reading your blog -over the years, I feel we know each other already, like old friends.
    Happy August,
    Patricia (pve design)

  12. This is a Post that I will look at and study over and over! The works of these artists are beautiful !
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love this post! We have so many of those in our new Studio 202 Art Gallery too! Would love to have them all. Anyone else want to join Studio 202 come on!

  14. Hi Kristy and Beth,

    I’m so flattered to be included in this bunch of amazing talent!! There are a couple of artists here that are new to me, and I’m excited to go check them out. What an incredible post you’ve created — I couldn’t be more thrilled to be included — THANK YOU!!


  15. Thanks for including me! You have some of my favorite artists (and friends) included and a few that I did not know. I can’t wait to get to know their work better.

  16. Stunning + some I knew + some I didn’t know + thanks for the introduction.

  17. Thank you so much for including me amongst so many talented artists! I’m excited to go check out a few new to me artists you mentioned above! xo

  18. Kristy and Beth,
    Thank you for the ‘shout out’. Love the post and your work! Look forward to staying in touch! Xo Liza

  19. debra @ 5th and state says:

    this was fun kristy and beth!
    am familiar with karena, jeanne, and patricia’s work. BTW, had a chance to meet patricia, what a lovely woman and major talent! but i see i need to carve out a bit of time to meet the other women

  20. Wonderful summary of your faves ladies, thanks for sharing! Kerry is a fave of mine but have to still check out on the others :-)

  21. Love this post of such wonderful and talented artists…great to see Leslie and Karena here…I love their work and blogs…they are truly 2 fabulous ladies!!!


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