House Tour: Stone House


Gasp and sigh!


 Have you ever, ever seen anything as lovely as this stone house?


 All of those neutral paint colors and fabulous textures…


 The wood and the sisal, the calming fabrics, the organized bookshelves…


 This is one of those places where we really think we could move right in and feel perfectly, totally at home.


 The stone in this living room is almost as stunning as all the glass.


 From the kitchen on over, every, single space in this stone home feels comfortable and relaxing.


 When we look at photos like this, we always wonder: Do these people actually live like this?


 Is this dining area always this pristine and clean? Something to aspire to, I guess! (I’d like to blame my toddler for the messes in our house, but he is a stickler for having everything back in its place… Maybe it will rub off on me!)


We never would have thought of leaving those glass jars empty, but it’s a great look. It’s clean and sparse and almost feels like waiting for a surprise to come fill them up!


 What a luscious bedroom! It’s so cozy and feels just glamorous enough. That Swedish nightstand is fabulous!


 A master with a sitting room is such a luxury — especially with furnishings like these. The detail on those chairs adds so much flair.


 Simple and beautiful. We love a dash of antique wood to ground a very neutral space.


 Everything about this bathroom is amazing. That ottoman is fabulous!


 Beautiful details everywhere you look!


If you thought the inside was perfection, no worries. The gardens don’t disappoint!


 These patios and porches are the perfect place for entertaining — or just unwinding after a long day. Wherever you are today, we hope you get a moment to unwind as well!

Source: Traditional Home

Emily Followill Photography

Pursley and Dixon Architects

Phoebe Howard Interior Design


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  1. Stunning! The exposed stone walls and pale floors inside are a heavenly combination. Also the pool house and outdoor rooms are perfection!
    Have a good one,

  2. All I have to say is when do I move in!! That is gorgeous and detailed in such a timeless way..just stunning!

  3. I just called the movers!

  4. Beautiful house! I love all of the classic details.

  5. I’m with you, I could move in today and feel right at home – especially if i left all my clutter behind. Love that pretty, peaceful bedroom! Happy Wednesday! XO

  6. Wow! That has to be one of the best homes I’ve seen. The moulding alone,,,,,

  7. I love the stone wall. Every room is beautiful.
    You always show us the best homes!

  8. Oh my…the staircase and the mill work…amazing! Hope you both are having a wonderful week! xoxo

  9. I love each and everything in this house. I’m with you, ready to move in. Love, love.

  10. Love everything. I would have no problem living there.

  11. I loved absolutely everything in this home. And, I want to move in right away. Just beautiful.

  12. Absolutely stunning, pure luxury in the mix. The stone wall adds alluring texture and substance and the stairway I find magnificent. Every room, every detail is gorgeous beyond belief.

  13. I lapped up every detail of this house last weekend at the lake. With pics by Emily Followill what could be better!!

  14. Wow! Wow! love the openess light airy feel of this traditional home what a winning combo.

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