A Great Shopping Day in LA

Apr 22, 2013

When I was in California visiting my husband’s family, I got the chance to check out two amazing stores – Gianetti Home and Kier Design – with my sister-in-law, Heather! We broke away one day and had so much fun seeing some of LA’s leading interior design shops. First stop, a visit to Brooke Gianetti’s store, Gianetti Home, in hopes of meeting her! Brooke writes one of my favorite blogs, Velvet & Linen.

I was expecting the store front to look like her home – full of character and brilliant landscaping, as you can see on her site. Not sure what I was thinking though… this is a store front in LA (11980 San Vicente)! But you’ll notice all of Brooke’s signature warm touches and creative architectural accessories can be found inside.

Here I am – so excited to go in!!! Unfortunately, I never made it that far. The door was locked, and THEY WERE CLOSED ON SATURDAY!  Just my luck…  Oh well, we still got some great inspiration peeking into the windows.

The shop is so pretty and has a definite liveliness to it as it’s also a working design and architecture studio for Brooke and her husband, Steve, who work side by side. Brooke offers interior design, and Steve does architecture and building design. I learned on my visit that the two also do landscapes and have a great little selection of pots on display. How wonderful!

Even though I wasn’t able to go inside, I was amazed with how much I was able to take in through the windows. The store’s full of French chairs, linen slipcovers, candles, big baskets and other great furnishings and accessories. There’s a lovely soft color palette throughout, and I adore the way Brooke and her team have grouped pieces together so that it feels more like someone’s home than a store.

What a wonderful collection of antique mirrors mixed in with some industrial pieces! Brooke has a great eye, pairing primarily French and Belgian antiques with outdoor and industrial elements. I had a great time getting a glimpse into their store and hopefully I’ll be able to go back soon.

Fortunately Heather and I had better luck at our next stop – Kier Design in Pacific Palisades. It is so charming and has some amazing, unique pieces. If you’re ever in LA, it is absolutely worth the trip!!!

Interior designer and owner, Heidi Kier certainly has her plate full, running not just this wonderful shop but also a very successful design business! But she does both so graciously and displays an incredible array of accessories, lighting and furniture.

Kier Design has such a unique mix of items that Heidi has purchased from around the States and across the globe—it’s like a big treasure chest!  I love how her presentation and display really provides some great ideas for accessorizing tables and filling in little nooks and crannies.  The nice neutral color palette accented with aqua and turquoise is so pretty!

She has a huge collection of vintage, old Hollywood-type pieces. This beautiful 1950s martini set is absolutely delightful! You just can’t help but love the color.

I always enjoy seeing lamps made from repurposed objects. These were made from old balustrades and have a beautiful aged, original finish!  I actually have a bunch of antique balustrades from old historic buildings in Houston and Galveston just sitting at my workshop… I need to do the same with them.  Believe it or not, they’re 200 years old – It’s hard to find things that old in Texas!

Heidi collects an amazing variety of fossils and shells! And I was pleasantly surprised that they had such reasonable prices in her upscale location. I love these sand dollar fossils – amazing! Sand dollars were my favorite thing to collect and search for when walking the beach as a child.

I wish I had bought these to accessorize the shelves in my new den – I’ve never been able to find any as big. Their color tones are so wonderful and have a great bit of sheen.

This is such a great combination – a framed piece of antique seaweed and the varying heights of these French and Italian candlesticks!  I love how both Kier Design and Gianetti Home bring the outside in by incorporating some natural elements into their designs. I would take this whole collection!

Heidi has a few of these amazing statues, made for her by the artist. They are truly a stunning way to bring a hint of the beach into European design!

She is very proud of her vintage assortment of Murano lamps… as she should be.  I have never seen quite a collection!  They are a wonderful way to tie in a contemporary style with a bit of the past, and they’re definitely one of a kind with different shapes and colors to choose from.

These heart-shaped, stone vases were so cool and unusual that I had to buy several for gifts. At thirty dollars each, I couldn’t go wrong! Notice also the beautiful white coral placed all around – so beautiful!

Heather was excited about her steal of the day – Aidan Gray candlesticks at half off!!!  Kier Design is a great place to go to find unique pieces in a wide range of price points! And there were so many pieces too – I think it would take days to really see everything in the store!

Heidi loves doing her own custom designs and refurbishes many of the items she finds.  She was so sweet to show us her secret stash in the back workroom!!!  I can’t thank you enough, Heidi, for being so kind and giving us a tour around your beautiful store! Kier Design sells many of its pieces online and ships them to you…I should know, I bought several things there.  Perfect for those of us who don’t live in California!

Be sure to check out the Brooke’s blog, Velvet & Linen, and swing by Kier Design and Gianetti Home next time you’re in LA.  Hope you all have a great week!


  • Greet
    Posted at 12:21h, 23 April Reply

    Oh my friend, I am so sorry for you both that Brooke's shop was closed!!! But you have taken some beautiful pictures! I do hope that I will ever be able to visit the Giannetti shop too!
    Loved the Aidan Gray candle sticks at Kier Design!!
    Have a nice rest of the week!

  • Victoria Athens
    Posted at 12:32h, 23 April Reply

    I would be so upset if I finally was able to visit Brooke's store and it was closed. Too bad you couldn't go back another day. Kier Design has some lovely items, especially the Murano lamps, but I could not find her online site. Thanks for the virtual too though.
    XO, Victoria

  • cindy hattersley design
    Posted at 14:26h, 23 April Reply

    I was not familiar with Kier. I can't wait to stop in next time I am down that way. Thanks for the introduction! She has lovely things!

  • Delores
    Posted at 16:37h, 25 April Reply

    Oh, I wish I could have joined you two lovely Sinclair ladies! Heather must be in seventh heaven over her Aiden Gray candlesticks. They're fantastic! Too bad about Brooke's store being closed. That happened to another friend of mine when she visited. Hope all is well with you and yours Leslie!

  • Sharon @ Roses and Rust
    Posted at 05:04h, 26 April Reply

    Such a pity Brooke's store was closed. It is my dream to visit there one day – I'd better make sure it isn't on a Saturday! Have a great weekend. x Sharon

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