A Week With Segreto!

Mar 12, 2018

Hi Friends!!  I hope you all have had a wonderful week!  I feel like we are Santa’s elves around here even though the holidays are so far away!!  I wanted to share some job starts, some furniture redo’s, some pretty samples and some SegretoStone counters and sinks we are working on!!

Metallic is Trending!!

The right is a sample we put up for designer Leslie Strauss. Sometimes just a little is enough! The aged gold leaf detail on the top edge makes a strong impact on this built in cabinetry under her bar. Using the the cool hardware as color inspiration, this cabinet style was easy to embellish!!

From gold to silver, the powder in the same home, also got a bit of bling!! Starting with silver paint (right) Jerry is adding silver leafing in a worn fashion (left).  Then he will add some brushed black to match the sample on the floor below!! Mixing the worn silver with a high gloss cabinet really ties the tile in and softens the basin’s sleek design.  If you see Jerry out and about tell him congratulations!!  He has been promoted to head finisher and will run the furniture refinishing side at our new warehouse!!

Furniture Transformations:

These chairs (left) were handed down from mother to daughter and freshly painted (right). Matching the lacquered green to a tone in the newly slated fabric, we reapplied the aged gold in a less orange tone.  These will look amazing in her new dining space!

Segreto Secrets Blog!

This armoire transformation truly shows the powder of paint!! From worn mahogany to aged blue, this will now blend perfectly in our clients master suite!

It’s Sample Time!


Loving to try new things we created this sample for a dining room using Dominque Architectural finishes new mineral paint. Double coating it and applying it with a heavy hand we were able to create a slight grass cloth texture! Super matt in sheen, it would lend drama to any space.

Many times we are given wall covering as inspiration either because of the cost of the paper or the difficulty in installing it due to a rooms angles. We are slated to start our rendition of  this paper soon in a powder bath.

We love working with different kinds of woods and often we are asked to make the new feel reclaimed or to alter the tone of  a clients the current wood to read more weathered or gray.  Here are a few of our samples–you can see the original tone of the wood on top of the beam or created on the boards where we used tape to separate the samples!!

This is a fun project for Designer Richard Coleman! He applied the grass cloth wall covering to an inset niche in an entryway.  Starting with the fabrics he wanted to emulate the design of the velvet onto the grass cloth wallcovering using the blues of the patterned fabric.  Starting with the lighter tones on the right is was decide to use our painted blue sample on the left.

There are two of these!!   Alex loves implementing detailed renderings!  What a creative impact this adds to the space!!


How can we post what we do each week without sharing some SegretoStone!  This home is absolutely stunning!  Working with Ashley Radack, owner of the chic antique importer Renouveau , designer James Mol and  Kristal Construction, how could it turn our anything but beautiful!  I was super excited that they chose Segretostone for this modern French style kitchen!! 

They also selected SegretoStone in the master bath!  It will be even prettier with the gold hardware installed!!

Integrating the sink gives a seamless look! This is a house that I want to show you in its entirety!  It is beyond beautiful!!  Roundtop is coming up so look for Ashley in her booth there at Marburger, or visit her in Houston–she really has the most amazing things!

There are so many uses for our new product!! This column when from blaaa to super cool!!

I hope to show you this home in its entirety!  Working with Goodchild Builders we did SegretoStone waterfall counters throughout the house!!  In this shot we also finished the cabinetry and the ceiling! I honestly would like to just move in! Enjoy your week my friends.

  • michele@hellolovely
    Posted at 12:52h, 13 March Reply

    Leslie! The new site design looks amazing, and I am loving these projects you are spotlighting! The Segreto stone is so classic and sleek – I can imagine building a house around it as it appeals to my more minimal sensibilities. Catching up here on your blog and lovin every minute. Hope you are well. Man oh man I would love to meet you at Round Top this year. We shall see…I have been traveling a little too much as of late. 🙂

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 17:03h, 13 March Reply

      I am not sure I am going because i as well have been traveling so much. I feel like its constant catch up!!! Let me know if you are coming!

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