A Week with Segreto-It’s All About The Pattern!!

Apr 30, 2018

Hi Friends!!   I had a great week last week- hope you did too!  I went to Virginia to look at a job and got to see some beautiful country side and meet some incredible homeowners! Deciding what to wear is always challenging for me.  Looking at all the new patterns coming out in fabrics and in clothes, I thought is would be fun  for you to see some new  designs we are doing on walls and floors!!

Classic checkerboard never seems to go out of style. To incorporate a bit of whimsy in this mudroom we did a white distressed wash over the existing brown stain for Designer Lisa Neblett!

This hand applied stencil really complements the counter tone and modern elements of the room in this powder for designer Sarah Eilers.

Modern seems to be all the rage even when mixing with a country French interior.  By taking our inspiration from the natural fabrics and surfaces by Memorial Custom Homes the contemporary mix to the room works!

Designer Ellie Bale chooses a classic stencil  to complement the French commode, mirror and sconces. Insetting a design in panels is a perfect way to apply a pattern in a room which has angled or unusual ceiling lines as many do like this powder located under the stairs.  Notice on the Fleur-de-lis’s we have hand embellished them in a gold paint to ad more interest to the design.

Designer Kristen Johnson did such a great job creating a game room bath which is a continuation of the tones of the room it boarders. Choosing a contemporary two-color stencil applied over plaster, the design works well with the lamps and the curves of the horn sconces.  And yes, the SegretoStone table is a perfect furniture piece that sits right out the baths door!

Designer Leslie Strauss always instills a bit of Hollywood glam to her interiors.  I love how the metallic silver of the stencil over plaster pulls the metal tone of that gorgeous sink!

Taking modern to the extreme, Segreto’s artists Michele and Daniel are creating a black and white graphic on the walls. Notice how the bordering  kitchen is also black and white.

I love how bold this room turned out.  If you look closely you can see that a few of the lines are metallic gold. This will be one I go back and photograph with all the furnishings!!   LOVE!

Pulling this concept in a softer direction, the design in this powder was created on top of a blush plaster! Segreto’s artist Alex is applying a sample to insure the homeowner is happy with the thickness of the lines!!

I love the flexibility of painted finishes in that no two rooms we complete are ever the same!

Adding interest to an entry space certainly makes an impression when being welcomed into a home! By plastering the walls in the same tones and applying a pearl stencil on top, we created a dramatic element which still fits with the minimalistic clean interiors which the homeowner loves!! Don’t forget about the wonderful New Spring Art Auctions on May 4th!  Segreto Finishes are proud sponsors of this event! Purchase some great art at very reasonable prices and help some talented kids at the same time!!  Till next week!  xo Leslie

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