California Dreaming and the Most Beautiful Succulents!

Aug 14, 2017

Hi Friends!  I hope you all have had a great week! Well for me, it was California beach house dreaming when we got back from a vacation to see John’s family. John grew up in Torrance, and lived in Marina Del Ray before he moved to Houston at the ripe old age of 35.

When we visit his family we stay in Hermosa beach at The Beach House, which is the only hotel located right on the beach in the Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo beach area. Growing up close by, these beaches are where he lived during his teenage years. Because the hotel is located right on the strand we are able to walk all three beaches and if really energized, bike to Marina Del Ray.

We also love the room layout, when the kids were young our entire family of 5 could stay in this one room and the hotel allowed it. Now that they are mid 20’s, it might be a bit tight. We have gone to California at least once a year, since we have been married which is over 30 years ago. Each time our walks restart that beach house- Colorado home -second home talk we always have. Well as you know we opted for the Colorado home-see herehere and here, but I still like California dreaming and wanted to share these beautiful homes on the beach with you.

Hermosa Beach is a beachfront city with about 20,000 residents.  I was surprised to read it was that big, larger than the county I grew up in in Georgia. This is one of the older homes, but like in Houston, many of them have been torn down to make way for larger, fancier places.

They have every architecture represented, and for me it is so fun to see them all!

This one was one of John’s favorites, built on a double lot with all the front windows, their views are amazing!

Although all of the newer homes build corner to corner, many of the older homes, use half of their property for a yard.

In Houston where the climate is wet, we are reserved to using succulents on the inside.  In California, where it doesn’t rain much these plants are used for exterior landscaping. A general definition of succulents is that they are drought resistant plants in which the leaves, stem or roots have become more than usually fleshy by the development of water-storing tissue.

I was amazed at all the different colors and varieties there were!

Look how beautiful these are!  The middle one looks like coral to me.

Here is another beautiful home with an infinity pool–yes the water pools over into the trough below– and a Zen garden, landscaped with low maintenance succulents.

A better view of the water feature.

I see this on Pinterest a lot, typically space saving ways to grow herbs on your patio, but this succulent version in So Cal is stunning!

Ok so back to the dreaming part, we starting googling lots on the strand in Hermosa beach, thinking our best bet on a low price. If their was an old bungalow(tear down) on the property that would be perfect.  We would of course keep it and renovate.


We found this one built in 1948.  With a 2382 lot and 2547 of interior square footage it is priced at $2905.38 per square ft. or @$7,4000,000……… Not quiet low enough for us!


This one built in 1913 is 1716 Square ft.  On a 2398 lot it is selling for $4428 per square ft or $7,598,444…

So it looks like the land- whether is has a tear down home on it or not is selling for over 7 million. Wish John had bought back in the 70’s!


This is one of the ones they are building now-an expensive spec house for sure! With 3600 Sq ft. of home situated on a 2402 lot, it is selling at $3027 per Square ft or @$10,897,000.


It was fun to see that some of the ones we walked by were for sale! This one is at the edge of Hermosa beach right before you go up the strand to  the more pricey part of the strand-Manhattan Beach.  Definitely prime real estate, it was built in 1915 is on a 4204 lot with a 2868 sq ft. house and is selling for $5753 per square ft. or @$16,499,000.

Here is a another one we walk by which is built on a double lot and is for sale. Constructed in 2011, it is situated on a 5324 sq. ft. lot with 7900 sq ft living space. On the market for over a year it is priced at $3164 per sq ft or @$25,000,000! It’s kinda fun to see the interiors of this one so click the link–they are definitely huge Dodger fans!

So it looks like it is California dreaming only for us!  We will just enjoy looking at all the different architecture…………..

California Dreaming! Segreto Secrets Blog!

the beautiful flowers……………….

………..and our rooms view from the Beach House! I hope you all enjoyed our little walk together down the strand of Hermosa Beach and that you all have a wonderful week. What do you dream about???

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  • Mary Anne Doms
    Posted at 10:24h, 14 August Reply

    It’s so much fun to see my friend’s home on my favorite blog!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 11:38h, 14 August Reply

      You are so sweet!! I am so glad you spied it! xo

  • michele
    Posted at 11:05h, 14 August Reply

    Thanks for taking us with you to Cali, Leslie! I have always dreamed of a beach house, but I also know you have to relinquish a measure of privacy which is important to me so I’m okay just visiting the beach and having a cottage in the desert. I’m at our Arizona place for just a few more hours, and I love all the succulents and cacti in my yard–and watching them grow since I only get here every few months! One of our trees bit the dust so I’ll be picking out palms when I get back here…exciting! Have a great week, friend. xox

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 11:38h, 14 August Reply

      I bet the succulents do grow well there!!! I haven’t been there in a while. My husband used to have business htere so we had fun getting away there!! Cheers to you!!

  • Nancy Piland Walker
    Posted at 11:13h, 14 August Reply

    Leslie, I so enjoyed my time away in California with you. Lovely pictures. I always enjoy your
    blog. Hugs, Nancy

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 11:37h, 14 August Reply

      Wish it could be in person!!!

  • Olive Reed
    Posted at 13:54h, 15 August Reply

    Hi Leslie,
    It was so much fun to see this Blog. I recognized the hotel in Hermosa so as I continued to read with interest…..

    When I came to the USA to live from the UK we started in Galveston and visited Houston often. I loved to drive around the neighborhoods and see the old large homes. Then we moved to California. I live about a 15 minute drive from Hermosa and Manhatten. My brother and his family live in Redondo Beach. My nephews play in the volley ball tournamnents in Manhatten.
    Now I get to walk along and see the homes you posted. I had often wondered what the inside of the hotel ws like. Now I know. Love your Blog.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 16:40h, 15 August Reply

      Hi Olive!! I love your comments! My husband did the reverse–grew up in Hermosa and now he visits Galveston! You get to take that beautiful walk down the strand as much as you like!! You are so sweet to follow along–thank you!

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