Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!

Jan 22, 2017

Well here is the last in the series!  Thank you for all your wonderful comments!! The house isn’t completely done yet but close! I really wanted to plaster the house but due to my crews heavy schedules and the contractor’s timeline it just didn’t work out!


Segreto Secrets Blog! Colorado Update!

This was my inspiration board for the bedrooms!  What did I use? I loved the fabric behind the bed designed by Susan Blankenship(house is in Segreto Vignettes!) but with my lower ceilings and small room, I decided it wouldn’t look as spectacular as it does here.

Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!

So instead I used my antique alter cloths(shown above) that I had purchased from Joyce Horn Antiques years ago as the rooms inspiration! Seeing that the design of one of the fabrics would be able to fit two complete panels on an oversized headboard, I had Manuel customize a piece for me. Some of the old cloths were hand spun of real gold metal thread. The craftsmanship of  yesteryear is truly remarkable and Manuel did an amazing job!!!!

Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!

I also had two long panels of  a complementary altar cloth which I purchased at the same time.  Wanting to use existing furniture, I stripped and bleached a chair I had, lessening its formality, and applied the antique fabric down the middle with a neutral toned heavy weight linen from Interior Fabrics on either side. I loved the way it turned out- it’s not the same chair at all!

Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!

To see more extreme chair makeovers I have done at my home go here.

Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!


After much searching I ordered the night stands, lamps, mirrors and dresser from Restoration Hardware.  I am typically not a one stop shop kind of gal but with the fabrics on the chair and headboard everything else needed to be similar and simple! If you look closely the finishes on the cabinets are the same but at least the style and hardware of the side tables and dresser are different.  If you are going to purchase more than $300 with them it is absolutely worth it to sign up for the member program which gives you further discounts!  They also have shipping of $199 on each order–which is definitely a savings with heavy furniture!!

Sorry!! We were in such a hurry to leave I didn’t make the bed very well before I took the picture!!  I had the bed skirt custom made, purchased the duvet and shams from Gilt, one of my favorite discount flash sites, and bought the coverlet from Longoria Collection in Houston! The light fixture came in the largest size–oops I didn’t double check this before I placed order, and it was installed with box thrown away when I arrived! The mirrors are hung a bit low but I will make that change on the next trip! The chair and dresser are on the opposite wall.  I would have loved to have done linen drapes but with the radiant heaters on the baseboards, I opted for blackout shades which matched the wall color. Ruggs Benedict in Avon did a great job here.

Hubby John likes the bed made up this way.  He likes sleeping under the fluffy duvet and using the coverlets only for super cold nights. I like it the other way better-surprise!! I put a B-Viz Pillow on the bed from our shop-they look good everywhere!!!

Overall I am happy with the room. The natural fabrics, whites and washed woods really tone down the golds and formality of the antique alter cloths. The mirrors and lamps flanking the bed are clean and simple, lending an updated look. I really like the Euro shams which-shhh-I also used in Sammy’s room.

Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!

I found them on Gilt and they have duvets and several color ways!  The quality was great!

I don’t have much on the walls yet but I did hang this from home! They were so cute when they were young! I even left the carved gold frame!  It works in this room.


My closets don’t look like this but we used California Closets in all of the closets.  It gave us so much more room and really still looked pretty even when open. In the master we chose this aged wood finish.

 A Colorado Update Part 3! Bedroom and Bath! Segreto Secrets Blog!!

Here is the master bath before!!–They did this tile cube that connected to the tub which I felt was so awkward. I also had those same lights when we purchased our home in Houston in 1986!  Notice the scene painted on the window over the tub.

Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!


I purchased all my bath items from Acero Bella in Houston and Restoration Hardware.  The faucets were a new finish by Miramar called English Brass. They are more Champagne in tone.  Although I love to mix and match metal tones, doing this long distance and not having samples made the selections in this room difficult! In hindsight I would have stayed just with brass.

My master bath wasn’t finished when I was there so hubby john took these on his next trip. He is not the fluffer but you can get the gist! I like so much better the shelves and walk space by the tub rather than the big tile tower!

I used Calacatta  Marble on the tub surround and counters and a tile that looks liked gray wood planking on the floors from Home Depot! Keeping the tub skirt simple, the new design was planked in a tongue and groove planking.

Segreto Secrets Blog! Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!

If I don’t eventually plaster the room, I thought it might be pretty to use this wall covering as inspiration and hand-paint a tone on tone mural. I am going to wait till I live with it a while to decide.

In all showers to stay simple I used white subway tile, but in the master shower on the floor I found a really pretty mosaic from Home Depot which had Calacutta in it to go with the counters.  At $9 per square ft. and for such a small space it was perfect. BE SURE to always ask for recessed shelves in your shower.  I tend to specify that they are oversized and as large as can be framed out.  Measure your shampoo and body products so you make sure they are tall enough.  This keeps items off the floors or on those racks you hook over your shower head.  You can see a portion of mine through the glass.  I also don’t like towel bars although when towels are folded properly they look nicer.  It is so easy to hang a towel or robe over a hook!

Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!

My original intentions were to have three guest rooms. But when we brought the kids to visit the home the first time, the girls ran up the stairs and each chose a room! So this one became Kirby’s room. Although small, her room was much larger than Sammy’s and she had a large window and separate closet.

Segreto Secrets Blog! Colorado Update!

She became bedroom one.  Here were my original thoughts. To see where these items are from go to a Colorado Update.

Although this room, isn’t finished yet-needs at– the bed and bedding turned out so cute!  Just as I imagined!

The two side tables purchased from Denny Register-my favorite resale shop for a song.  We painted them white and put a SegretoStone top on them made of blush pink plaster. The lamps on top were from Marshal Home Goods! They have the best prices on lamps if you can find some you like!

Because she was sharing a bathroom with her brother, I wanted to have a vanity and mirror for her to put her makeup on–other wise poor Matthew could be locked out of the bathroom forever!  I purchased this from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.

Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!

With no air-conditioning the upstairs rooms really heat up in the summer. I picked the Minka fan Artemis F803-tl.  I love the acrylic look, we needed a light and it has strong wind power!!!

Colorado Update Part3-Bedrooms and Baths! Segreto Secrets Blog!

All the original bathrooms were very outdated. This shows the tile that was in all of them. The realtor was so excited to show me these walls when he found out what I did for a living and was surprised when I said YIKES!

And the after–Much better!  This Jack and Jill bathroom will be shared by Kirby and Matthew so I wanted a more modern feel which would work for both boy and girl.  The vanity was ordered online and came with the mirror and faucet.  The floors from Home Depot were Corso Italia Selva gray porcelain 3 by 36. (1001-411-260).  At 2.98 per square foot I used them in all bathrooms! I selected #60 “charcoal” grout. The white subway tile also from Home depot was grouted with #381 bright white.

Taking the traditional sliding shower door out and using instead a frameless one that reaches to the top of the tile wall, gives a more spacious feel. The new plumbing fixtures in the shower are from Acera Bella and the train rack (hung too high) is from Restoration Hardware.

Colorado Update Part3-Bedrooms and Baths! Segreto Secrets Blog!

Sammy ran up to this bedroom with its own bath not realizing that the closet was where the homes washer and dryer lived.


Segreto Secrets Blog! Colorado Update!

Here was my original vision for the room. To see where these items are from go to a Colorado Update. After revisiting the house before construction I saw that this super small room couldn’t handle a bed like this! I then turned to building in a bed, but worried about not being there to oversea, I found a queen bed made like a daybed from-guess?- Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.


For a room with no closet the drawer space underneath was great! I also purchased the mattress from them so I knew it would be the right size.


For more storage I purchase the armoire and full length mirror from them as well!  So how did the room turn out?

Colorado Update Part 3-Bedrooms and Baths!

I used the  antique Chinoiserie side tables turned sideways on either side-they just fit! The duvet and shams were from Gilt, the gray coverlet and pillow were from Restoration Hardware, the crewel pillow I had made from fabric from interior fabrics and the eggplant coverlet was one of the gifts I received for winning the Amara Blog award–so fun to use!!!  The Paintings were by Kiah Denson from the Segreto Gallery!

This type of daybed is a bit hard to figure out how to make up.  Here is another version.  Which way  do you like best?

Sammy’s bathroom was almost as bad as Kirby’s before we started! Finding a different prefab vanity, the rest of the surfaces were identical. She was thrilled when she first saw the after of her suite!

Segreto Secrets Blog! Colorado Update!

Matthew-the oldest and the largest seems to always get the room with twin beds!! To see where these items are from go to a Colorado Update. The only pieces of furniture we kept from the previous owners, these beds stayed with the rooms new design!

By turning them and placing them against the wall, the room became spacious!! Originally I was going to re-stain the beds  in a gray weathered finish, but not wanting to work on vacation, I purchased the modern leather chairs from Home Outfitters in the woods existing tone so they would tie into to the rooms color schematic. Not being able to put a ceiling fan in his room, I found these air towers at Bed Bath & Beyond(between the two beds) to keep him cool and comfortable.

A Colorado Update Part 3! Bedrooms and Baths!- Segreto Secrets Blog!

Well If I can keep these three off their cell phones we can enjoy our new place!  I hope you liked joining me for the homes redo!! Although a whirl wind, it was fun to transform this traditional Colorado décor to my version of French mountain modern!



Have a great week!!!

xo, Leslie


If you are interested in hosting an event or carrying the book  please don’t hesitate to reach out! Email for all inquiries! We love to visit new cities!!!


  • Danyel Duff
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    Beautiful! Where is your master ceiling light from?

    • Leslie Sinclair
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      Yes it was!! I am getting use to the size!!!

  • Nancy Calvert
    Posted at 10:26h, 23 January Reply

    Oh behalf of those of us who have followed Colorado real estate since the mid 90″s…whoa, have you ever brought a breath of European French fresh air to the mountains! Bravo!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 14:32h, 23 January Reply

      Hi Nancy!! What I wouldn’t do without my Blog friends!! Thank you! Its always so hard doing your own home!!!

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  • Michele@hellolovely
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    i love this, leslie! so much more luxurious and sumptuous than our simple fixer in Arizona, and so many details to appreciate. i love all the grey and the idea of a mural in your bathroom. that wallcovering you picked is amazing and just what i was thinking for my awful laundry room here at the fixer. i was thinking grisaille and this has so much warmth and interest. the bunks are so Colorado! i’m doing a bunk room at the fixer in Chicago when that room becomes available for me to touch it! such a smart sleeping quarters for a vacation getaway. thanks for sharing all the progress and finds, i will be returning to your post! xox

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      I can’t wait to have a meet and great up there!

  • Joni Webb
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    Love what you have done!!! The “altar” cloth is fabulous! I didn’t know it was misspelled either!!!!! love the bathroom pics your husband took. that is hysterical with the top towel sticking up! At least he took them!! Not sure Ben would do that. He doesn’t even know his Iphone HAS a camera!!

    • Leslie Sinclair
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      Hi Joni! Your comments always make me smile!!!THANKS for that! xo

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    It looks fabulous!

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    Love seeing the before and afters! You proved it can be done long distance – awesome job!

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      Thanks Beth!! I can’t wait to enjoy!!

  • Kim Machado
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    Gorgeous!!! As a new follower of your blog, I love, love your ideas! You’ve given me inspiration for my Western Colorado home. Welcome to beautiful Colorado.

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      Hi Kim!! A new friend in my new place!!! I am so glad I have a new friend to have coffee with once a week! Maybe we will meet there!!!

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