Creating Beauty Makes My Day!! What Makes Yours?

Jul 15, 2019

Hi Friends!! I think we all have to decide what gives us joy and try to incorporate that into our daily lives whether at work, play or giving back to our community, family and friends. I have always loved to create beautiful things. I adore the look on my client’s faces when we have reinvented a part of their home, their sanctuary really. I do feel that beautiful surroundings inspire happiness and contentment in our daily lives.

When I see something beautiful I can’t help but smile. It is my gage if the techniques for our clients are perfect? What is your tell sign when something strikes you as beautiful?

I found so many articles online which share the thought that surrounding ourselves with beauty makes us happier. Beauty comes in so many amazing forms and I want to share a few with you today. The dogwoods above are part of a project we are working on for the talented design group Marie Flanigan Interiors. First, hand formed from clay, molds were then made and hundreds of florals poured to create enough materials for an entire wall.

We used the tape to map out the flow of the design as we did not want to mark on our freshly plastered walls. Here is a snippet of the beginning of the design. I will let Marie’s group post the finished installation once the room is cleaned and fluffed!! Beautiful? I think so.

Knowing I love butterflies a favorite client of mine sent me a picture from her gardens in Vermont!! I am working on her Houston house while she is away. It makes sense that beauty in all forms makes us happy. After all, God created the most magical things of all. Beautiful? Yes Please!!

This room makes me happy just looking at it. The blush tones, dishware, warm woods and exceptional styling all work together to create something so appealing. Photographed by Julie Soefer, built by Elron Construction and designed by Dodson Interiors, this home will be in Segreto Impressions due to be released this fall. Beautiful? You tell me!

Beauty can start or be anywhere. It could be about the loveliness of a city, a feeling you get from a picnic in the countryside, a starlight night, artwork, food, breathtaking architecture or even in achieving knowledge. So you have to think to yourself… what is beautiful to me? Then surround yourself with a bit more of it!

The above image was a mural in a dome we did for designer Wendy Sharp in Waco. To read more about the house go here.

This amazing floral art wall needs a blog post of its own. Segreto’s consultant Andrea Condara made this massive piece of art from paper florals. Beautiful? To die for! I certainly smiled when I saw it. YOU?

“But just because beauty can begin with the appreciation of colors, cuisine, and colonnades does not make it a superficial pursuit. As the 18th-century French writer, Stendhal wrote, Beauty is the promise of happiness.” – The Atlantic

Love is also beautiful. When I am around people I love, I am definitely happier. Looks like my daughter Sammy feels that way too!!!

The homeowners of this lovely house in Houston didn’t feel like its exterior gave them that feeling that “this is home” when they pulled in every day. Wanting a change, they called us to slurry its exterior.

We began to transform its appearance a lime plaster and what a difference! A totally new home. Loving the softer feel the slurry created, they decided to tone the brick lighter.

You can see our plaster manager Frank loves his job and is artistically lime washing each brick. The before and after is stunning and the effect it adds to the house is quite dramatic. Beautiful? What do you think Frank would say?

I always enjoy crafting–its relaxing to me!! I am starting early this year for holiday time and am making wrapping paper. Super easy to do, kids would also enjoy it. Imagine even simple things like their handprints! For this design, I purchased brown floor paper ( home depot, or any paint store) and stenciled over it with a foam roller in a champaign metallic paint. Easy breezy and beautiful? Feel free to email me directly for more detailed instructions.

I love all that I do and feel so grateful to be busy with so many things which make me happy. But.. honestly, over the last month, I have felt overwhelmed. I have been sick, finalizing the book, training new people, and behind in serving my clients, leaving me feeling ineffective and disorganized. Months ago, I promised a friend, that I would visit Community Family Centers, where she is the director of development. I wanted to postpone to take care of so many undone items but decided to go ahead and go.

When I arrived there were people wrapped around the block with coolers, baskets, boxes, and umbrellas. It was a scorcher here last Friday and the wait can be over 2 hours to get through the line. There was no complaining just smiling volunteers and grateful people who were all happy to be there. Some were disabled, some worked two to three jobs at min. wages to support their families, others were raising their grandchildren on a set income. People were laughing, helping each other and were truly appreciative to be able to both give and receive. The Community Family Center’s mission is to equip families with the tools they need to become self-sufficient members of the community. They provide food, education, training programs and so much more.

For me, that was the most beautiful thing I saw all week and put life in perspective for me. Be grateful for what you have, surround yourself with all forms of beauty and touch the lives of others.

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” 
― Anne Frank

More News!! I can’t believe it’s that time again!! The Amara Interior Blog Awards are open and taking nominations! Let’s see if once again, we together,  can make the shortlist of the best of design blog 4 years running! Nominate here. I always am so appreciative of your support–always!! Here is our URL to use Thanks again and have a wonderful week.

Till next week! xo Leslie

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