DIY-Create Your Own Framed Art Pieces!

Nov 11, 2019

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a great week! I loved seeing so many of you last week att he book signings!! Quickly approaching is the gift-giving season so here is a DIY if you need some gift ideas! I had a fun mother and daughter crafting day with Kirby and thought I would share with you how we created new art pieces for her apartment.

Kirby, who just moved in about 6 months ago because her roommate is getting married is now moving out. Although I will really miss her, it has been fun hearing her ideas on how she wants to decorate her new pad! Remember when she designed my son Matthew’s place in Dallas?! She definitely has a nack. Above are items picked for her living room. Super cool don’t you think and…….all on a budget!

For our art project, this grouping of paintings was her starting inspiration! She loved the concept of small art pieces with large matting, combined on a wall, reading as one statement piece. Her vision was to hang six art pieces over her sofa.

She shopped online and found these frames at Michael’s with the double matt. They were 40% off so she got all 6 for $169.00–not bad!!

Of course, I have lots of art supplies just ready to create. I used garbage bags as a covering to protect my table!! A must! I wish I had a plastic disposable table cloth on hand, next time for sure. Any paper will work for painting your own artwork. If you will be using a lot of water or paint to create, thicker paper works best.

Kirby pulled the colors she wanted that were in her fabrics and we both just started painting. This is something you can also do with your kids. If you are specific about your color palette, make sure to only have available colors you would like them to use!

The fun part is there is no right or wrong way, and you can always layer with more paint. Sometimes our “mistakes” turned into our best pieces.

White having our painting days, I got two texts from different blogger friends that they Loved Segreto Impressions and were going to post about it. The first was from Hello Lovely . I love how she styled it!! Her blog has won too many awards to count! Go check it out!

After we completed a few, we put them in the frames to see how they would look.

She decided these were too busy- actually, Kirby said: “Mom these stress me out, I want a more soothing combination of colors.”

So we layered a metallic pearl paint on top. All gals love a bit of shimmer!

Happy with the outcome, we chose our favorites and put them in the frames using tape to adhere them to the matte.

If you need to take a break and look at some inspiration, Tina with The Enchanted Home posted Segreto Impressions as her seven Sunday favorites. She started blogging about when I did and not only posts about wonderful things but also has the most amazing shop!! This week she also shows a wedding to die for!!

We had so much fun together, it was a true collaboration. She was so excited about the outcome and I loved seeing that big smile on her face.

Look how the pieces added to her vision boards for the space. I think they are going to look beautiful over her sofa!

We had some art pieces left over, so back to Michael’s! Kirby went and purchased these smaller frames to put on her shelves. What a great gift these would make. She is now deciding to give them all to her friends for Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our crafting day! This would be a fun idea to do with friends, kids, and even your Mom! I hope to see you at the Kinkaid Bookfair if you have kids that go there or at Marrone Market in Friendswood this Saturday!! Till next week! xo Leslie

  • Christine Hilton
    Posted at 07:18h, 11 November Reply

    I love love love your blog.As a retired designer and paint player you almost make me wish l was still in the game. I stock up on dollar store fleece backed table clothes for paint projects.They are a about $3 but last forever.
    I have another idea for you for cheap art.l keep my eyes open for very poorly done oil paintings. Of course thrift stores are heaven for me! Taking my matte l then “roam” over the canvas until l find a few fabulous abstract pieces.Set into the large mattes they look very high end.
    Thanks for the Monday morning inspiration.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 05:36h, 13 November Reply

      Hi Christine! I love that idea. Send me some pictures!! I would love to see!! I am going to look for the fleece ones. I use to see them all the time–this one was a bit thin!!

  • susan
    Posted at 12:13h, 11 November Reply

    Thanks Leslie for the inspiration, My daughter is looking to do just this for her newly remodeled home.
    I love that Kirby was so emotionally thoughtful in the process.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 05:34h, 13 November Reply

      Hi Susan! You should have a mother-daughter day of your own!! It was fun. she moved in over the weekend and ended up using them in her bedroom rather than over her couch. they look great though!

  • michele@hellolovelystudio
    Posted at 19:59h, 12 November Reply

    Bravo, Kirby! Her friends are going to love receiving that lovely art for Christmas. Always a pleasure to be a cheerleader for Segreto, Leslie–thanks for the mention and love! xox

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 05:31h, 13 November Reply

      Hi Michele! Would love to see your artwork in action. With such a creative soul it can only be beautiful! xo

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