Finding Inspiration this Fall!!

Oct 24, 2022

Hi Friends, although we are not wearing sweaters or sipping hot coco yet in Houston, we have crept into cooler weather just in time for long walks, fall time activities and of course, holiday table décor!!!!

Houston Arboretum, Finding inspiration this fall

With reaching another decade this year, I have vowed to get in better shape so I can live to the fullest. I have started walking with friends and one took me to Houston’s newly transformed Arboretum, which is a shaded and full of animals, different indigenous plants, ponds and beautiful trees. When my brother, anthropologist turned high school biology teacher, came to town I took him there. Living in the jungles of South America, I knew a way to engage conversation while taking my mind off huffing a puffing was to ask him to tell me 5 facts about trees. He shared with me their connectivity as they use their root systems to communicate and help each other. I was touched and thought, I wish humans could be a bit more like trees.

Sunlight coming through Autumn tree, Finding inspiration this fall
Copyright: Satori

It has been proven that just looking at trees can make us feel more creative, less stressed and just generally happier! When humans are exposed to chemicals released by trees known as phytoncides, for example, research has shown results such as reduced blood pressure, reduced anxiety, increased pain threshold, and even increased expression of anti-cancer proteins. Considering that, maybe it’s little wonder trees have been shown to raise our evaluations of real estate. According to the U.S. Forest Service, landscaping with healthy, mature trees adds an average of 10% to a property’s value (some estimates are as high as 20%). Research also shows urban trees are correlated with lower crime rates, including things from graffiti, vandalism, and littering to domestic violence.- Treehugger

The Hidden Life of Trees

I googled the concept of trees having a community so I could properly share my brothers’ points…. as my memory…..well???? I discovered the bestselling book The Hidden Life of Trees by German scientist Peter Wohlleben. Trees are connected to each other through underground fungal networks sharing water and nutrients and yes, communicating. They send distress signals about drought and disease and through their root system transport needed water and enzymes to each other. Wise old mother trees feed their saplings with liquid sugar and warn the neighbors when danger approaches. For young saplings in a deeply shaded part of the forest, the network is literally a lifeline. Lacking the sunlight to photosynthesize, they survive because big trees, including their parents, pump sugar into their roots through the network.” –Peter Wohlleben This has inspired me to nature this season for entertaining themes and my fall tablescapes.

The Centerpiece!

Fall Tablescape, Finding inspiration this fall
Southern Living – Photo by Laurey Glenn

Although I am a traditionalist in bringing a harvest feel to fall tablescapes, I love the ability to use color in linens and dishes to give my table a new twist each year. Centerpieces where fruits and veggies are included like this one shown in Southern Living Fall Table Decor Ideas, captures an earthy harvest and inspires many different colorful combinations!

Fall Tablescape, Finding inspiration this fall
Brit + Co

Follow the link from Brit + Co to see how to create vases from vegetables as centerpieces.. or..

Fall Tablescape

..carve out smaller produce to use on each plate as place card holders!

Pumpkin spread
Finding inspiration this fall
Southern Living: photo by Helen Norman

Making trays out of pumpkins, fruits and vegetables will take your appetizer or desert spread to a whole new level!

Pottery Barn or Vietri Outlet fall
Pottery Barn or Vietri Outlet

Mix them with leaf tid-bit plates from Pottery Barn or Vietri Outlet to complete your spread!


Juliska's Forest Walk collection fall inspiration
Juliska Forest Walk Collection

Dinnerware is another way to personalize your table. Juliska’s Forest Walk collection has caught my eye this year with its beautiful combination of colors framed in woodsy foliage. They remind me of my walks with my friends, connecting with each other and the glorious trees!

Juliska stoneware

I have become a bit obsessed with pewter stoneware and I guess Juliska this season. They are an investment, but I did discover two ways to get more for your dollar. They have a sale section on the top of their website which has some amazing items at greatly reduced prices. I also recently discovered that they have an outlet which features seconds and retired items. For a more budget friendly option look to CB2‘s options in stoneware. With three tones to choose from they lend a more modern flair.

Juliska Forest Walk salad plates
Juliska Outlet

That is where I purchased these Forest Walk salad plates. Such a wonderful way to add an entirely new look to your dinner plates!!

Juliska pumpkin tureens

I purchased Martha Stewart’s mini tureens for soup years ago from Macy’s in white and have loved them, however these pewter ones from Juliska are tempting!!

Pottery barn pumpkin soup bowls Finding inspiration this fall
Pottery Barn

The only white ones I found from you are from Pottery Barn! They are so cute and just the right size!

Glassware- It’s all about the tortoise!

Mix your fall tablescapes Juliska tortoise shell glassware

To further the natural theme, mix your fall tablescapes with tortoise inspired glassware like these from Juliska. They are currently sold out through their site but look at Neiman Marcus or Gracious Style for current selection.

CB2 tortoise glasses
CB2 Franklin Cooler

I ordered these tall ones from CB2! They are on sale now for $8.95 and you know how I do love a bargain! Z Gallerie and Novica also have some great affordable options!

Napkin Rings!

Williams Sonoma pheasant napkin ring charming touch
Williams Sonoma

The pheasant napkin rings are a charming touch. These from Williams Sonoma are the most reasonably priced option I found for the look. (4 for $29.99) Amazon has a large selection of feathers to add to your centerpiece or smaller ones to make your own napkin rings, either with wood or jute bases.

Thankful napkin bars for fall inspiration
Tin Parade

A sweet friend, who I also share walks with gave me these lovely napkin bars. I love how the napkin can lay flat. They will be front and center on my table this year! I used similar napkin rings on my Thanksgiving table last year! Check out that blog here!

Pottery Barn Fall napkin rings Finding inspiration this fall
Pottery Barn


Bamboo and pewter or copper are my picks this season!

Bamboo flatware
Bamboo flatware
Fall flatware

Make it Meaningful!

Meaningful trees
Royal    Live Mini Magnolia    Mini Lemon Tree

I really want my family this season to look around and be inspired by how trees look out and care for each other. So maybe for Christmas this year, a wrapped version of The Hidden Life of Trees paired with one of these mini beauties will be a beautiful reminder all year long! What special traditions will you be enjoying this Fall Season? I would love to hear. Stop and look up at the trees to find inspiration this fall! Till next time! XO Leslie

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