How Can Floral Design Elements Evoke Happiness?

Feb 17, 2020

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I am ready for a bit of springtime- fresh starts and flowers! I love seeing them, being surrounded by them and making them! And then I began to wonder, why?!

My daughter in the lavender fields near Paris.

Rutgers University conducted a 10-month behavioral study that concluded flowers improve emotional health by triggering our happy emotions by connecting us with nature!! At that moment, the fast-pace of our lives melts away and a sense of peace and calm ensues. Imagine how floral design elements can evoke the same feeling!

Hand molded florals made of clay and then molded are applied to this dramatic ceiling to create this raised plaster relief.

It has been proven that flowers, one of God’s many wonderful gifts, stimulate trust and relay our intentions to care for our relationships!

Hand-painted mural in the vestibule to a guest room. The completed room is shown in Segreto Impressions.

It is not only their beauty that positively affects our mood but their colors also elicit positive and calming emotions. Look for pinks, peaches and warm tones to nurture, reds and oranges for sensuality, blues and purples to relax, and bright, contrasting colors to inspire celebration. These colors can be incorporated into floral design elements in your home to give you whatever mood you wish to arouse.

Hand-painted cherry blossom mural over plaster in a formal dining room for designer Sarah Eilers, as seen in Traditional Home.

Flowers can be considered one of the fastest brands of medicine. I know when I receive flowers I am instantaneously happy! Maybe that is why I never changed the floral treatment in my mudroom hallway. Passing through that space multiple times a day really does brighten my day.

Hand-trowled gesso flowers applied on plaster.

The positive moods of those who enjoy flowers are long term. They will be less anxious, depressed, restless and experience more enjoyment, which leads to a happier life!

Hand-painted florals as an accent wall behind a bed for Ashley Goforth as seen in LUXE.

It’s a fact that flowers inspire social behavior, leading to increased contact with others, especially friends and family.

Girls room with a hand-painted floral behind the bed for designer Ashley Goforth as seen in Southern Home.

Flowers create a positive, welcoming atmosphere, whether placed in a vase or painted on the wall. There are no two ways about it: flowers elicit positive emotions and inspire happiness. Surround yourself and those you love with nature’s own happy pill by using floral design elements in your home! To see some examples of how to inspire flower power with a mural on your walls you can go here: I am off to Trader Joes to select a bundle and put a little extra joy in my life! Here is sharing that bundle with you! Till next week! XO Leslie

  • Gina Diamond
    Posted at 07:29h, 17 February Reply

    We agree that flowers have big time power! Having the opportunity to work with them everyday is a true blessing. Being able to share in celebrations of our clients is something we treasure..

    All of your work is beyond outstanding! I have followed you for years and never thought about how many projects you and your team create with flowers as the theme. Beautiful!

    On another note, I just received your new book and have enjoyed pouring through each page. I thank you for the inspiration that is derived from each page.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 06:47h, 20 February Reply

      Hi Gina!! You arrange the most beautiful floral arrangements! It must be the most wonderful place to work. Making people happy every day!!

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