I Want You to be a Part of It- A New Book is on the Horizon!!

Jan 07, 2019

Hi Friends! Welcome to the first full week of the new year!! 2019-so hard to believe! I am so excited to be in full swing on one of my goals, to get a new design book to y’all by October of this year!! I would love you be a part of the process! What inspires you the most? What would you like to see? What helps you in your own homes or projects?

Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors walked you though 31 full homes, where you could see the flow of how the finishes, surfaces and furnishings impact the over all allure of a home.



I wrote it from my perspective to educate readers on how the right color palette and choice of finishes can create a warm, inviting feel.

It has a small section on kitchens and baths and…


…sections describing the different types of finishes that use inspiring rooms as examples.

Every book has an extensive source section. Everyone loves that!!

Segreto Style was a tour of 39 homes start to finish.

It had a similar flow to the first book but I had all of the photos color corrected to insure you were seeing the rooms as they appeared in person! I learned though publishing the first book that photos have to be calibrated depending on printing press and paper used!! Who knew?

There were no sections on types of rooms or techniques but it did include before and afters photos of many projects and more specific color information.

Thanks to all of you, the first two books have sold out!

Segreto Vignettes, the latest in the Segreto Book trilogy, is divided in categories of types of finishes using beautiful rooms as examples. It speaks to what you can do to transform existing surfaces as an alternative to ripping out and starting anew.

There are large chapters divided by your favorite types of rooms; IE: kitchens, bedrooms and baths.

It also has sections on your favorite treatments, such as painted floors, beams, metallic and furniture finishes. It is the most educational and includes more perspectives from the designers, architects, builders and tradespeople who I collaborated with, and ends with articles about how to choose paint colors, pick a designer, builder and architect.

 A penny for your thoughts!

What do you like and what do you feel would be a good addition?

What would you leave out or change?

How would you like the books to be organized?

Do you like larger pictures and less of them, or do you like to see as many examples of each room and close up shots of the finishes?

Is $85 worth having more pages to a book (over 300 pages), or would you rather have a smaller book with less photography for $65 with 220 pages?

Do you read the text? You won’t hurt my feelings, or do you prefer mainly photography?

Do you like before and afters shots?

What would you like to know or learn?

New Topic Ideas:

How to update and keep your home current with minimal tweaks–I could go back to some of the homes from the first book to see if they have updated and how?

How to build in reclaimed elements. Re-purposing items and reusing them in creative ways is always so interesting to me.

The collaboration process with designers, architects and trades people.

My passion is to create beauty, peace and tranquility in peoples lives by affecting their most personal spaces-their homes. If we feel safe, calm and see beauty at home, we will more easily be able to share those feelings with others during our day to day. I want this book to inspire beauty.   Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or email me directly at I really appreciate your insight and value your suggestions!  xo Leslie

  • Gina Diamond
    Posted at 10:22h, 14 January Reply

    Oh Leslie, this is so exciting. I love each and every book! It is absolutely worth $85 for more pages, bigger photos, more info etc. I personally use your books for inspiration in my own home. Small touches here and there go a long way. I love the text…it helps tell the story…please leave the text. The before and afters are fabulous but I like the new builds as well. The larger the photos the better. I love not only seeing the rooms but the decor as well. As far as any changes, it would be fun to see more of each house..Outisde, inside and several of the rooms. Your outside renovations were fabulous to see. Honestly, anything you decide, I am on board. So very happy for your continued success. Can’t wait until October!

  • Cindy Rivet
    Posted at 18:08h, 30 November Reply

    I just found this site (and Segretto finishes). I am so excited – I could bust. This look…is so me. Thank you for all the info and your blog (and pics). And yes, I look at pics and read texts. I love to learn.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 07:59h, 01 December Reply

      Hi Cindy!! So glad you found us–I love to have you follow!!! You are now part of the Segreto Family!

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