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Oct 24, 2017

Hi Friends! It’s always fun for us to see Segreto’s work in a magazine, but it’s even more fun to share it with you! The first is one that has been in our archives, but we still found classic! The second was from our super fun trip to Waco Texas!!  We love these projects and felt you might too.

I know We just looked at a spotlight of Designer Sarah Eilers–this beautiful homes interiors were done by the other half of Lucus Eilers-Sandy Lucus.

Warm and inviting, this gives a true examples of  timeless and classic!

This beautiful study is one of our contributions to the project!  Taking the tones from the rug we glazed the paneling, giving it depth and Patina. Glazing paneling seems to be a good compromise between husband and wife.  It’s is lighter and more calming that a stained room but still has depth like stained wood.

The kitchen got special finishes as well. These two rooms open up to each other and I love the way Sandy incorporated different finishes to make the kitchen read like a furnished room.  After all when you are purchasing pieces for your den, bedroom and living areas you don’t match all the finishes.

I love the masterful layout and furnishings of this bedroom, bath!!  Building designer Robert Dame really incorporates interesting shapes, ceiling details and ample room to relax and enjoy into his plans. The furnishings? Dreamy-a five start hotel!



Falling in Love with Waco when we worked on a home there with talented designer Wendy Sharp, I was thrilled to see this beautiful home on the front cover of Wacoan!  Home of Baylor and Joanna and Chip Gains, (see more about the post I did on them here!), Waco also offers beautiful landscapes, lovely people and wonderful homes.








I hope you have a great week!

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