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Aug 13, 2018

Hi Friends!!  I was going to do a post, as promised, about the project we did for Lam Bespoke after the store was open!  I even had a professional photographer go and take pictures!!   Well I loved the one that sweet Marie Flanigan did so much I am going to share hers.  She is such a talented visionary and it was fun to hear from her perspective why she made what decisions with her commercial design!! –I have added a few tidbits along the way!!  So here is her post!!!  And since……… Marie made an appearance on Houston Life using samples of our finishes to discuss trends in paint.  Segreto’s own Johnny, did a demonstration on how to lime wash brick.  A very exciting week for sure!

Luxury Boutique Design – Lam Bespoke

Have you ever walked into a shop, a hotel, or even a car dealership and thought to yourself, “When can I move in?!” Well, that’s exactly the reaction our team was aiming for when we designed the new Lam Bespoke showroom at Memorial Green!

From Leslie: This has got to be one of my favorite creations to date.  Implementing their vision of having a large wall with their logo “carved from stone-Segretostone” was both challenging and rewarding.  The case wrap finish  equally fun to do had a paint applied and then an activator added to feel like layers had be peeled away over time. The sleek with the aged-loved the mix!

The majority of our projects are focused in the residential realm, so it’s always a welcome challenge to bring a commercial space to life, especially when the request comes from one of our very favorite neighbors. Lam Bespoke’s flagship storefront is just around the corner from our office, and we’ve been sourcing items for our clients there since our doors first opened! From custom tailored upholstery to antique bookends and yummy candles, we can always count on owners, Cathy and Patrick Lam, to curate the most exquisite collection of furnishings and decor. When they asked if we’d be interested in collaborating on their expansion into the new Memorial Green “urban village,” we couldn’t say yes fast enough!
Here’s how we translated our go-to residential design elements into Lam Bespoke’s inviting new showroom:

The electrical plan is essential to every space we design. You can dream up the most gorgeous rooms in the world, but if you don’t illuminate them properly, they are guaranteed to fall flat. As we do at the beginning of every project, we sought to create a strong lighting plan through the use of task, ambient, and decorative lighting. Tracks and spots form the utilitarian foundation, overhead pendants and chandeliers exhibit an array of dazzling merchandise styles, and finally, floor and table lamps evoke coziness and a sense of cohesion. And let’s not forget the natural light that floods in through those large scale steel windows and arched entry doors!

When starting with such an expansive and relatively empty building, selecting texture-rich materials was key. Matte-finish plaster forms the logo wall, cash wrap counters, and bathroom vanities. Wide plank European oak flooring adds a rustic touch, while steel windows and partitions bring in sleek, almost industrial drama. Romantic sheer drapery panels lend a subtle softness around the perimeter of the showroom, while metal merchandise shelves intersect the floorplan and create “walls” that separate furniture vignettes. Though the overall palette is understated and neutral, when layered together, these materials and finishes convey patina and tactile interest.

Dark and Light: We never tire of classic color combinations, and black x white is a definite firm fave! The steel windows were painted Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black, and we opted for Benjamin Moore Cloud White on the walls. It’s a look that whispers clean and sophisticated – the perfect backdrop for Lam Bespoke’s timeless merchandise.

Masculine and Feminine: The men’s and women’s powder bathrooms illustrate how the exact same ingredients (a mirror, sconces, and floating sink) can have a dramatically different end result! Do you prefer dark and moody, or light and bright?

From Leslie: We were so honored and so excited that they chose our SegretoStone integrated sinks and counters for their his and hers powders!!! 

Old World and New Age: At the front of the showroom, modern schoolhouse pendants hang above a distressed cashier island and plaster relief logo. Meanwhile, at the rear of the showroom, a more traditional landscape mural wall is flanked by brassy merchandise shelves and angular steel doors. This masterful mix of contemporary and vintage styles contributes to the sensation that these spaces were lovingly collected over time.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention the incredible artisans and craftsmen who brought our design visions to fruition! Houston is home to some seriously amazing talent, and we love that you never have to travel far to find masters of countless trades. Here are a few that made this project shine:

Segreto Finishes – The Segreto team finished the cash register island, executed the embossed plaster logo wall, and built the beautiful floating integrated sinks in the bathrooms.

Doro Rojas of Doro’s Unique Flooring – Doro hand-crafted the cash register island and the drop-dead gorgeous custom doors that conceal both restrooms.

Gracie Studio – Though not local, our Gracie Studio Texas rep facilitated the creation of the custom mural wall, including an adorable surprise within the scenery. Lam Bespoke owner, Cathy, surprised her co-owner hubby by requesting that a family of four sheep be included in the hand-painted wallpaper panels as an ode to the couple and their two beautiful daughters.

From CultureMap to Houston Chronicle, this home shopper’s paradise has already garnered lots of local love! We hope you’ll also keep an eye out for the upcoming issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Texas, which will feature this gorgeous showroom in good old-fashioned print!

Finally, if you live in Houston or are planning a visit, be sure to experience the beauty firsthand and drop by in person:
Lam Bespoke – Memorial Green-12525 Memorial Drive, Suite 160-77024
713.485.4120-Open Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

From Leslie: Please go and visit the store!-Patrick and Cathy are masters of purchasing affordable beautiful pieces and accessories.  You feel like you could just purchase the whole display and put it into your home!! –it is quite amazing!!!!! And ……….The Flanagan team did such a wonderful job building the bones of the space. No wonder so many magazines are picking it up!!  If you didn’t know–she writes a wonderful blog that I follow–beautiful and practical she provides not only beautiful pictures but useful tips!! 

 I think Marie and Johnny could both do HGTV!  Both naturals and I has so much fun watching the show!!  Have a great  week!!  xo  Leslie

  • Design Chic
    Posted at 06:32h, 13 August Reply

    Wow…what a gorgeous project and I love seeing your vision come to life!! The powder rooms are stunning and I don’t think I could choose a favorite. Happy Monday, sweet friend!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 08:01h, 16 August Reply

      You are always so sweet!! I can’t wait for our visit!! It is coming up!! xo

  • Cathy Lam
    Posted at 09:50h, 13 August Reply

    Leslie, this was our most meaningful project yet, and we feel so honored that your exceptional artistry is featured in MFI’s beautifully designed space. Thank you for sharing and for being part of our journey!!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 07:59h, 16 August Reply

      Thank you sweet friend!! I loved being a part of it all and I wish the the best in success!! xo Leslie

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