Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for All Types of Moms

Apr 25, 2016

Mother’s Day is right around the corner!!!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

This quote is so true! And the older I get with grown children, the more I appreciate my sweet mom. She’s my biggest supporter and best fan, and she has always offered the most amazing encouragement for all my crazy ideas!! Though I’m not much of an advanced planner, I decided to post my top gift-giving ideas early so you’ll have plenty of inspiration when it’s time to treat your mom, mother-in-law or grandmother to something special!

1. For The Mom Who Loves to Reminisce

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

Photo books make such sweet gifts for moms – personalized and full of pictures and notes she’ll never forget! My favorite site for this is My Publisher. It offers top-notch quality and thick paper, plus it’s so easy to use! They have an option where you upload the pictures you want to use and then they put the book together for you in minutes. You can go back and rearrange and add text. I recently made one of these for my son and five of his friends who went to Thailand together. The entire process took me about three hours (I did a lot of customization), and we got the books in a couple of days! I chose the option above to package it in this wonderful gift box for a nominal charge.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

If your mom has old slides, photos, film reels or VCR tapes, you could use LegacyBox to transfer all of them to a disk! I recently heard about this service, and from what I could tell, you order a LegacyBox that they ship to you. You place all the items you want digitalized inside and ship it back. I received bags of tapes and slides from my husband’s grandmother years ago. Now, I’m going to find where I stashed them and have them transformed into a digital format so we can enjoy them.

2. For The Mom Who Loves Staying Fit

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

There are so many fitbit-type apparatases out there! I love this one becase it’s the prettiest brand I’ve seen, and it would mix beautifully with watches or jewelry. Not only does this gift encourage Mom to stay fit with more steps, but it gives so much information on sleeping, heart rate, alarms, and more. I found this great article on how to choose the best fitness tracker.

3. For The Mom Who Loves Being Out and About

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets
Segreto Boutique - Latest Obsessions - Leather Handbags

Because she’ll use it every day and you can never have too many, a purse is a great gift for that mom who may not purchase one for herself. I adore all of our large hobos and totes from the Boutique, but my current favorites are these crossbody bags we carry – I fell in love the moment they came in! Made from premium Brazilian leather, they have the most amazing textural quality to them, a mix of cowhide, supple leather and beautiful shagreen!!!

4. For The Mom Who Loves to Keep Track of Her Things

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

Are your mom’s keys always disappearing? Tiny Bluetooth tracking devices can make wonderful gifts for those moms who seem to constantly lose stuff. Tile is perhaps the best known, but there are tons of other options too (here are some reviews of the top ones). You basically attach it to or place it inside an everyday item and then you can see where it is using a phone app. If it’s totally lost, you can touch a button in the app, and the little tracker will start beeping!! Of course, your mom will need to be at least a little bit tech-savvy to be able to use this.

5. For The Mom Who Loves Feeling Pampered

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

Here are some of my favorite scents that would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts!! I love this line from the Scents of Sicily. The fragrances are to die for, they have a slight feminine flair, and the packaging goes with any decor! We carry the lotions, soaps, room sprays and candles in coordinating scents so you can provide Mom with everything she needs to pamper herself in the bath. The marble candle boxes with brass handles from Novel are gorgeous as well! Filled with 10 candles, they last a lifetime as you can just leave them out once the candles are gone for a stunning home accessory!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

The candles would pair so well with personalized bath accessories to make it a complete gift! These pics aren’t the best, but the Lucite boxes are just beautiful in person (we carry them in the store). And you can add a monogram to make it unique to your mom! To order your mom’s monogram, email Kirby here.

6. For The Mom Who Loves Her Wine

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

These dish towels from Uncommon Goods are too cute! They’re red wine and white wine guides that tell you what food pairs well with different varietals. Each one features 68 popular wines and 56 different foods and ranks the pairings from “excellent” to “best avoided.” Presentation is everything – I would use one to wrap my mom’s favorite bottle of wine and the other to wrap around a bouquet of flowers!!!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

The towels would also go well with the monogrammed stemware and wine coolers we carry at the Segreto Boutique! To order your mom’s monogram, email Kirby here.

7. For The Mom Who Loves to Cook

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

Made of polished marble strips and natural mango wood, this paddle serving board from Terrain is for moms with great taste! They have small, medium, and large versions, and they’re all beautiful. The board is food-safe so it’s just as great for cheese and crackers as it is on display.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

If she already has lots of chopping blocks and serving boards, try a more innovative kitchen tool like this spiralizer from Paderno. A great alternative to pasta noodles, it comes with a bunch of different blade options, which makes it great for people like me who don’t want to spend forever cutting veggies!

8. For The Mom Who Loves to Be Comfortable in Style

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

I’ve previously mentioned how much I love PJ Harlow pajama sets! They’re super soft, pretty and comfortable… I would wear these all day if I could. They’re my absolute favorite thing – Kids, add this to my Mother’s Day list!

9. For The Mom Who Loves Movies

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

This would be so cute wrapped up with some yummy popcorn, a blanket and the PJs above! A $60 card will last her six months so she’ll get plenty of use out of it, and you could schedule some movie nights together!!

10. For The Mom Who Loves Sentimental Messages

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

Some may think it’s cheesy, but for the right type of mom, it’s perfect! You can write any message you want, and they’ll engrave it into this Lucite heart so it will last forever. The hard part for me would be figuring out the right words to say!!

11. For The Mom Who Loves A Little Bling–And What Mom Doesn’t?

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets
Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

Jewelry is always a wonderful, personalized gift! Everybody has different tastes and styles, so choosing a piece just for her is so special! My daughter, Kirby, has a great eye for jewelry, so we’ve got a beautiful selection at the Boutique right now. These are some of my favorites!! Kirby, add these to my Mother’s Day list!!!

Still looking for that perfect gift for mom?

You’re Invited to Our Mother’s Day & Graduation Shopping Extravaganza!!!

Mother's Day Shopping Extravaganza - Segreto Secrets

Join us for our Shopping Extravaganza this Thursday (for happy hour!) & Friday at the Segreto Boutique!! We’ll have all of our favorite jewelry, handbags, monogrammed accessories and more available, plus get a lotion or candle for 50% off with any purchase!! Hope to see you there!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Segreto Secrets

For more gift ideas, head on over to this Mother’s Day guide I did a few years back. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and enjoy the best in life – your family and friends! Till next week!!

xo, Leslie

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    Posted at 10:43h, 26 April Reply

    I have a dozen or more of old film reels that I would love to convert! I loved my mom, and of course I miss her, but, I am so glad to learn of Legacy Box then I could share more of her memories with my son. I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day Leslie, xx Rié

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