Let’s Get Organized!

Jan 13, 2020

Hi Friends!  I hope your 2020 is off to a great start! Many of the themes you picked for the new year had to do with decluttering and organization.

I have seen firsthand how creating a beautiful aesthetic at home helps you feel like you are entering a refuge away from the stresses of the outside world.  What I didn’t realize is that studies show that an organized home can do the same thing for your inner peace. But how do you get started?

Since many of us have closets that could use a little attention, I asked Amy, attorney- turned stay-at-home Mom- turned organizer- to walk us through a recent master closet makeover. She started Organized Design a couple of years ago with her friend Cristina. I know Amy is super organized because she is a long-time client of Segreto and I have seen how her pantry, closets and even junk drawers were beautifully organized with everything in its place. So I asked them both to share with us how to tackle organizing a closet since organizing is not my strength! Gals Take it away!!


Our client, Gail, recently moved to Houston from New York City.  She is seriously stylish, loves to shop and has lots of fabulous clothes!  Her chief complaint was one we hear often – the closet was just too small.  We assured Gail that while the footprint may be on the small side by Texas standards, with thoughtful editing and rearranging, we could give her closet some much-needed breathing room.  Our goal was to maximize her space and create a boutique-like feel so she could “shop” her closet and easily access her unique pieces.

We always start by taking everything out – yes, everything! Removing it all allows us to really see the space and figure out the most functional arrangement. Next, we sorted items by type (pants, tops, dresses, shoes, etc.) and had Gail look through each pile.  Anything she didn’t want and no longer wore was placed in the “donate” pile.

Gail has two adorable toddlers and she’s always on the go. With only a few built-in drawers and limited hanging space, we knew we needed to create more room for her impressive athleisure collection.  These acrylic drawers from Container Store were a great solution and fit nicely under her shoe shelves.  We sorted by type (leggings, tops, etc.) and labeled each drawer for easy access.

Our tip for shoes: toss the shoeboxes!  This is a tough one because often the boxes are as pretty as the shoes inside.  But seeing your footwear makes getting dressed quicker and easier – no fiddling with boxes and trying to remember what’s inside!

To make use of vertical space, we added these pretty covered boxes on the top shelf for seasonal items and keepsakes. Mirrors are not only practical, but they help to visually expand the space. We hung this inexpensive one on the back wall.

Matching hangers are a small investment that has a huge impact on the look and function of a closet. We prefer acrylic hangers like these for shirts and dresses, these for pants and these for skirts. Once all the hangers were switched out, we started hanging Gail’s clothes by category and color, keeping in mind what she reaches for most often. 

Next up was our favorite – handbags!  We placed evening clutches in these divided acrylic holders and gave them a home above her fancier dresses. When space allows, we prefer to hang tote bags with bag hooks like these.

Gail’s built-in dresser drawers were the perfect spot for socks, pajamas and intimates.  We styled the open shelves with some of her prettiest bags and used acrylic trays to corral jewelry and accessories. 

Changing out your lighting is an easy way to give the space an update.  We love to add a little glam, so we replaced Gail’s existing fluorescent light with this budget-friendly chandelier.

Thanks, Amy and Christina with Organized Design!! What amazing transformation and such great tips to inspire us in our own homes!! I love how Gail’s closet came together!! “We always tell clients that staying organized is akin to regular exercise – you need to do a little maintenance each day to stay in shape!”-Amy and Christina

Look up their website or follow them on Instagram for more organizing inspiration! I love their stuff! Til next week. Xo Leslie

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