PaperCity Design Awards Houston 2021

Jun 14, 2021

Hi Friends! We are so excited to have been on the Paper Design Awards winners amongst a talented group of designers!! I want to share what project we submitted and show you all the other great designs from Houston’s Creme de la creme design community!!

Best in Wallcovering Design

We were super excited to submit this plaster sculptured art wall in which we collaborated with the oh so talented and super sweet Amy Murchison who heads up Wren Design in this mid-century modern home. Amy is a master of mixing a collective group of furnishings and art to create, one of a kind meaningful spaces. Selected from Segreto’s new pallet deck, in the color Kemwood, her plaster and paint are the perfect marriage of tones. This picture was taken with an iPhone just as Amy Was moving things in. When she is done fluffing we will certainly take some professional pictures! The house is simply AMAZING!

Winning Entry, Best in Wallcovering Design, Single Piece or Collection: Segreto Finishes

Firm: Segreto Finishes Lead Designer: Leslie Sinclair Interior Designer: Amy Murchison, Wren Design Project: Sculptured Plaster Wall in Segreto Palette, Kemwood

Judges’ Remarks:

“Three cheers for three dimensions! This white-on-white wall treatment is the perfect complement to the incredible view. It’s stunning without being distracting.” — Ashley Whittaker

“A clever choice of placement for a strong, sculptural statement.” — Corey Damen Jenkins

Please enjoy the other works of such a gifted group of designers, many of which we are so lucky to collaborate with on thier projects!!

Residential Interior Design Over 3,500 Square Feet

Firm: By Design Interiors Lead Designer: Ayca Stiffel

Judges’ Remarks:

“Bespoke, curated glam at its finest. Love the application of textures.”  — Corey Damen Jenkins

“Wonderful work … clean, updated and handsome ” — Alessandra Branca   

“I admire the varied and well controlled use of materials and textures. I especially love the chandelier. I’d be happy to be invited for dinner!”— Matthew Patrick Smyth

Residential Interior Design Under 3,500 Square Feet (TIE)

Firm: Laura U Design Collective Lead Designers: Laura Umansky, Shannon Smith

Judges’ Remarks: 

“Really, really, well done. Love the use of sculptural lighting and furnishings.” —  Corey Damen Jenkins

“Very updated Mad Men mid-century vibe. Love the play of then and now colors.” — Alessandra Branca

“Just when I think I may have seen enough of  mid-century style an interior like this one pulls me back in. There is a wonderful lightness here and yet it’s fully grounded.” — Matthew Patrick Smyth

Firm:  Meg Lonergan Interiors Lead Designer: Meg Lonergan

Judges’ Remarks:

“Great work! Super clean and fresh … a design exhale! Big living in a relatively small space! Beautifully designed and quality building! LOVE it!”  —  Alessandra Branca

“I like the subtle rush that I get when looking at interiors that rely on things made by hand and are unique. This project does that for me! Nothing screaming out for attention … just a quiet chicness.” —  Matthew Patrick Smyth

Residential Architectural Design Over 3,500 Square Feet

Firm: Creative Tonic Design Lead Designer: Courtnay Tartt Elias Designers: Trisha Thornton, Avery Freeman

Judges’ Remarks: “This house is like a good Cajun crayfish boil – eye-catching color with a lot of spice!” —  Michael Imber

Residential Architectural Design Under 3,500 Square Feet

Firm: Adams Architects Lead Architects: Joe Adams, Gail Adams

Singular Space: Bedroom

Winning Entry, Singular Space- Bedroom : Wills Design Associates

Firm: Wills Design Associates  Lead Designer: Lauren Wills

Judges’ Remarks:

“I’m not one for an accent wall, but in this instance it’s a home run! I love its rustic charm and the stained oak provides an instant sense of history. The fact that it conceals two 21st century rooms is an added bonus!” — Ashley Whittaker

“Nicely done … the jib doors are smart … the details are lovely. Well done!” —  Alessandra Branca

Singular Space: Kitchen

Winning Entry, Singular Space- Kitchen: Lauren Haskett Design

Firm: Lauren Haskett Design Lead Designer: Lauren Haskett Designer: Laura Hoppe

Judges’ Remarks:

“This kitchen’s chic design delights my inner Francophile!” — Corey Damen Jenkins

“Fantastic work … love the material mix … great design … millwork and planning were great! Loved this kitchen!!!!” — Alessandra Branca

“Classic and timeless are the words that pop up. Everything here is so well chosen. The accents in brass are a welcomed choice and add a nice warm and slightly glam dimension.” — Matthew Patrick Smyth

Singular Space: Bath

Winning Entry, Singular Space- Bath: Benjamin Johnston Design

Firm: Benjamin Johnston Design Lead Designer: Benjamin Johnston

Judges’ Remarks: 

A breathtakingly, gorgeous example of visual art. This bath is haute couture interior design at its zenith.” — Corey Damen Jenkins

Singular Space: Children’s Room (TIE)

Winning Entry (TIE), Singular Space- Children’s Room: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Firm: Marie Flanigan Interiors Lead Designer: Marie Flanigan

Judges’ Remarks:

“Is there anything better than a child growing up in the great outdoors? This room lays the groundwork for a love of nature and its surroundings. I always say in children’s’ rooms choose one element and do it really well – in this instance the walls speak for themselves.” — Ashley Whittaker

“Very sweet and calm… love the painted walls … the mix of old and new… urban and country.” — Alessandra Branca

Residential Interior Design or Architectural Design, Singular Space- Children’s Room (TIE): Meg Longeran Interiors

Firm: Meg Lonergan Interiors  Lead Designer: Meg Lonergan

Singular Space: Dining Room

Winning Entry, Singular Space- Dining Room: Nina Magon Studio

Firm: Nina Magon Studio  Lead Designer: Nina Magon

Judges’ Remarks:

“I admire the varied and well controlled use of materials and textures. I especially love the chandelier … I’d would be happy to be invited for dinner!” —  Matthew Patrick Smyth

“The illuminated wall sculpture is a knock-out! I want to have dinner in this room just to see the luminescence at night. The balance of textures between the hand-blown glass Adelman fixture, the rough-hewn walls and the matte plaster wall finish, provides visual interest but in a tonal palate which creates a calming place to dine.” — Ashley Whittaker

Singular Space: Living or Great Room, Entertainment, Recreation, Media Room (TIE)

Winning Entry (TIE), Singular Space- Living or Great Room, Entertainment, Recreation Room: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Firm: Marie Flanigan Interiors  Lead Designer: Marie Flanigan

Judges’ Remarks: 

“Beautifully done … serene and comfortable … great work!” —  Alessandra Branca

Winning Entry (TIE), Singular Space- Living or Great Room, Entertainment, Recreation Room: Laura Dalton Design

Firm: Laura Dalton Design Lead Designer: Laura Dalton

Use of Small Space

Firm: Katie Davis Design Lead Designers: Katie Davis, Mary Kate Carl

Judges’ Remarks: 

“I’m a sucker for a camouflage green wall (maybe I’ve been in Millbrook too long!). You walk through this entry and you know you’re going to have fun. The white starburst mirror, marble and brass lamps and vintage console all lend a sophisticated yet playful air to an otherwise formal space.” — Ashley Whittaker

“Inspired, fresh and vibrant! It takes a certain level of chutzpah to employ lacquer at this level — and in this hue. Well done!” — Corey Damen Jenkins

Hospitality Design: Hotel, Restaurant, or Club

Firm: Rottet Studio Lead Designer: Lauren Rottet Project: Four Seasons Hotel Houston

Judges’ Remarks: 

“Simple luxury. I’d go there just to wear my new jacket.”— Michael Imber

Retail Design: Art Gallery, Boutique, Showroom Space, Salon, Spa

Winning Entry, Retail Interior Design and Architectural Design: Art Gallery, Boutique, Showroom space, Salon, Spa: Gensler

Firm: Gensler Lead Architect: Doug Detiveaux Project: Thorntree Showroom

Commerical Design: Office, Theater, Spiritual or Public Space

Firm: Mirador Group Lead Architect: Todd Blitzer Architects: Jerry Hooker, Krystyn Haecker Lead Designer: Erica Baumgartner Project: Giorgetti Houston Lobby

Judges’ Remarks:

“An incredible mosaic of warmth” — Michael Imber

Historical: Restoration/Preservation, Residential

Firm: Jackson Warren Interiors Lead Designers: Aileen Warren, Kiley Jackson Project: Broadacres Historic Renovation

Historical: Restoration/Preservation Commercial

Firm: Rottet Studio Lead Designer: Lauren Rottet Project:  La Colombe d’Or Hotel

Judges’ Remarks: “Hip History” — Michael Imber

Residential Landscape Design

Firm: Creative Tonic Design Lead Designer: Courtnay Tartt Elias Architect: Michael Landrum

Judges’ Remarks:

“I’d love to see how the living spaces are arranged under this 52 x 58 terrace! It looks to be a great way to capture another view of the bayou.” — Tom Scheerer

Best Furniture Design

Winning Entry, Best in Furniture Design, Single Piece or Collection: Hallie Henley Design

Firm: Hallie Henley Design Lead Designer: Hallie Henley Sims Project:  Floating Lucite Ottoman

Best in Product Design

Winning Entry, Best in Product Design, Single Piece or Collection: Maison Maison Design

Firm: Maison Maison Design Lead Designer:  Suzanne Duin Project:  Woven Collection

Judges’ Remarks: “Love these!” —  Alessandra Branca

Best Textile Design

Winning Entry, Best in Textile Design, Single Piece or Collection: Matt Cameron Rugs

Firm: Matt Camron Rugs Lead Designer: Sarah Tringhese Project: Between the Lines

Judges’ Remarks: 

“The textural quality of these handmade carpets would instantly create warmth in today’s modern interiors. The braided tassel fringe is another element which showcases its handmade quality.” — Ashley Whittaker

I hope you were inspired by so many beautiful rooms as I certainly was!! I wish I could have brought you all with me to the event!! Till next week! Xo Leslie

  • Amy Cunningham
    Posted at 11:02h, 14 June Reply

    So much to admire here! Congratulations on a well-deserved win Leslie!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 05:47h, 18 June Reply

      HI Amy! thank you so much as always- this project was so fun! xo

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