The Perfect Hostess Gift!

Dec 07, 2014

Such a fun time of year with so many wonderful holiday parties and get-togethers!! What do you get that sweet hostess who has planned and prepared to insure that you have a perfect evening?


A simple and adorable DIY, this serving platter is one part functional and two parts cool. Simply purchase a white ceramic serving tray, and a small container of chalk board paint available at most craft suppliers. Paint the flat surface of the tray and let dry overnight. Viola! Gift with a cute package of chalk and your hostess will be sure to enjoy it for many events to come!


These herbed olive oils are as delicious as they are pretty! The trick is to start with high quality ingredients. A good extra virgin olive oil is paramount and, typically when choosing, the darker the bottle the better. Fresh herbs from your local farmers market or garden would be ideal, just be sure to give them a good wash and glass containers can be found at the local dollar store or Target.


Fill the bottles half way with oil, place whole herb inside container, then fill further to desired level. Store in a cool, dark place. When using fresh herbs, the gift has a shelf life for a month, whereas the use of dried herbs will last longer. Adding a sweet ‘thank you’ tag personalizes the gift and adds that ‘made from the heart’ touch.

Pampering the hostess the morning after by giving the family breakfast goodies may just allow her to sleep in!! The above ensemble is by Martha Stewart, but just be creative! Fill a basket with a pretty tea towel or two and include your favorite fresh bakery items, fruit, ground coffee and jam.


A classic hostess gift is the tried and true bottle of wine. Making the gift a bit more special is all in the wrapping!  This petite herb wreath, constructed from twisted thyme stalks and ribbon, dresses up the bottle and gives it that handmade touch! Try wrapping it in a tea towel and tying it with a raffia bound herb sprig; presentation is the key!

How about the ultimate flower arrangement for your hostess with the mostest? Courtesy of Design Sponge, this bouquet is made special by wrapping it in a kitchen towel and tying it with a wooden spoon. Completed for under $20!! How cute is that?!

Consider giving your hostess the gift of pampering with this DIY vanilla brown sugar scrub. Aside from smelling heavenly, this recipe is the perfect exfoliate for your heels, knees and elbows! Simply follow the recipe here by Stephanie Lynn and place the mixture in a small, air tight jar found anywhere canning supplies are sold. I thought she painted the monogram but they are vinyl decals (quick and easy) she found at Joanne fabrics, with scoops found at Walmart in the kitchen utensil section, $2.00 for a set of three!!!


I also love the way blogger Julie Blanner wrapped and labeled her handmade scrub with burlap and a tag found at any office supply store. Bonus – this gift can easily be made in bulk!


Small counter top herb gardens are a popular and sweet gift to give anyone who likes to entertain!  These are simple and would look great on anyone’s kitchen counter!


But, if you are feeling very ambitious this stunning wreath, with fresh herbs from rosemary and lavender to sage and thyme, would be quite the gift! As the directions advise, avoiding herbs that wilt quickly, such as mint, parsley, and basil, will result in an herb wreath that can be enjoyed for much longer!


These concrete tea light holders are unique and simple to make! Take out of molds and wrap in bundles of three.  We made these once out of leftover plaster from various jobs and I use mine all of the time -love!!


Inscription aside, what a cute thank you!! Take a plain mug and, using a Sharpie, write a thank you note. Then simply bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Finally, fill your mug with goodies, wrap in burlap or a kitchen towel and in just a bit of time you have created a thank you that will be enjoyed for years to come!


Remember is all in the wrapping. This is a wonderful website which sells burlap, ribbons and all sorts of other decorative things to make gifts special and at super reasonable prices!!!

No time for DIY’s….? Here are some fun ideas that any hostess would enjoy. Just personalize the wrapping and your done!!!


Guest soaps by Lafco which come in a trendy ombre assortment.


I love this marble and glass cheese dome! The best part? The set is only $32.00!

If you are drawn to old, I spied some beautiful ones at Backrow Antiques, stunning!

I love these vintage papers disposable placemats.  We sell them at our store but lots of people carry them as well! With 25 sheets to a package, they sell for 29.50!!!

Candles always make the perfect gift.  Also sold at our store the Cashmere scent is our best seller! (Belgian Linen is the runner up) Made from natural soy, they are packaged in recycled materials with a cute box of matches inside the lid. Just $32 for the large, 9oz!

All wrapped and ready to be gifted, Segreto Style makes a beautiful present for the hostess with an eye for design. With over 300  pages of full home tours and a complete resource guide, this design reference is as useful as it is beautiful!! To order your own, click here!!

Stop in and shop with us! Available in store, here are some items we think would be great for gifting!! From left to right: PurseN: This jewelry weekenderis is ideal for safely toting your most precious baubles and making sure they remain un-tangled (Lg. $64, Sm. $54), Swing Design: These candy colored, lacquered jewelry boxes are ideal for displaying your treasures! Lined in plush velvet, you can purchase coordinating ones that look so cute stacked ($49- $250), Benton Art & Design tea towels are local to Austin, these hand made designs take gifting to the next level ($34.50ea)! Tizo: Perfect for display and travel, these exceptional time pieces feature hand polished silver and black lacquer casing (Lg. $65, Sm. $62.50)

What should I bring this sweet friend who is hosting us for dinner?! Just look at her table! Stunning!! In the spirit of the season, hop on over to The Enchanted Home where Tina has interviewed her pick of bloggers—(me included!!!) to get us all in the holiday spirit!! I hope to see you all at the Houston Design Center’s 7th annual Deck the Tables where I will be doing a book signing at Charlotte Nail Antiques—see below!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday party season! Drive safe and have fun!

So exicting! Join me this week for a book signing on December 9th at the Deck the Tables Holiday Tabletop Event from 11:00am to 1:45pm. Hosted by Charlotte Nail Antiques, get your copy of Segreto Style signed while exploring the beautiful variety of antique treasures!!

Such a lovely gift to receive, I can’t thank my sweet friend, Rie of Portobello Design Blog, enough for her kind review of Segreto Style! Be sure to check it and her other fun blog posts out here!


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