Pick a Theme for the New Year!

Dec 30, 2019

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some time off with family and friends!! I have made so many resolutions over the years and most, I must admit, I have not achieved!

So this year when perusing the web, I found an article from Mom Webs that really resonated with me. In talking with a friend who shared she felt guilt year after year because she never achieved her long lists of resolutions, Renee shared her approach. Instead of resolutions, she picks a theme for each year! “A theme is all about embracing joy and being more intentional with each year of your life.” –Renee I love that!!

The Year of Creativity

Ok, to get us started I am copying word for word Rebeccas story!!

Rebecca had a good job that she enjoyed. But she wasn’t feeling fulfilled and she didn’t know why. She was thinking of switching careers when she went to stay with one of her girlfriends for a weekend. While there, she helped her girlfriend, a single mom, with some quick and creative renovations.

That’s when she realized her life had been missing creativity. It wasn’t that she wanted a different job—she just wanted more imagination in her life. Each month, she picked a hobby that allowed her the space to create.

So how do you pick just one thing to focus on. I think we all have a long list! I know I do. By thinking of one word you would like to have in your life-the one word that is missing you then can create activities and thought that will incorporate that one word back into your life!

For me, I think it’s spending more time with friends and family and being totally present when I am there-no cell phones or thoughts of to do lists I need to cross off, places I need to be or work projects I want to complete. Living each moment without thought of the next, or in one phrase, what I am missing is- “quality time”.

What is that one word or thought you are missing? Let’s make a resolution to incorporate it back into our lives, so we can have our best life possible!

For more inspiration or help in finding what word you will embrace to give you joy this year visit Mom’s Web and Elizabeth Rider. They have caused me to look at the New year in a totally different way. Let me know what you will fully embrace this year!! Love you all! Till next week! Leslie

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