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Feb 25, 2019

Hi Friends! Before we get started I wanted to update you on the apple auction.  Super fun to follow, I found myself checking the auction first by the hour and then by the minute. Going to bed at 11:00—I know I am a grandma when it comes to bedtime–I had to wait to find out the final tally in the morning!!

Friend and a super talented designer–Leslie Strauss sent me this picture at 10:00.  At that time the bid for our apple was at $5500! When I woke up the next morning daughter Kirby had texted me that our art piece closed at $7,000. I was floored and so happy that this went to such a great cause!!  A part of me thought…… would the gold butterfly had made a difference? All the apples were beyond gorgeousness– the artisans that were a part of it did so much to further the future of our bright young kids and they all deserve out gratitude!! If you didn’t see last weeks post, revisit it–the artwork was spectacular.

Now for this weeks article!!!

As you all know–I actually love solving people’s design quandaries with creative decorative arts solutions!! Today I am excited to show you some transformations that have done just that. Maybe it will spur on creative solutions for your own home.

I have been posting a lot lately about the transformation that lime wash can bring. This is a job in which Torregrossa Interiors worked with Distinctive Living to change this home’s facade.

The difference was night and day and the new home after landscaping will certainly have the curb appeal the team wanted!! Lime washing stone with just the right translucency will still maintain that natural look and not feel like a painted or slurried surface. Problem solved!

This sweet homeowner liked the shape of her fireplace but there was something about the grout lines that just made her want to  rip it out.

The lines seemed old world to her and she wanted a clean contemporary fresh look so we were called to consult.

The after is just what she was envisioning. Notice how all the carvings on the moldings are gone! We opted to used a two coat plastering system so the plaster could be built up and all of those moldings could be covered up. The brighter tone looks so good with those abstracts peeking though on either side of the mantle! Problem solved!

Sometimes it’s the small changes that make people happy. This sphere, purchased at Target, was exactly the size this homeowner wanted but the stained wood is not the finish she wanted. With our gold leafing and this acrylic base from Mecox, it became her perfect coffee table accessory.  You could think about spray painting objects in a high gloss paint to reinvent the items you have.  Problem solved!

Searching high and low for a contemporary shade in the right tones and colors for a master sitting space, designer Dianna Humphry called us in to create an “art piece” on the shade.

I loved the interest it gave to this comfy corner as well the modern twist to an antique base!!  If left white, the shade would blend right into the drapes.  Problem solved!

This special plaster antique panel was built into a wine room as a feature. The homeowner felt it just didn’t have the impact she wanted so we brainstormed to come up with a plan. I suggested we create the illusion that the entire inset was the antique panel and not just the rectangular inset.

Here is the hand-painted part below the plaster relief.

Here is the top part of the panel. It really looks dimensional and from a distance it is impossible to tell which is painted and which is the panel.

Here it is with sconces in and all cleaned up! Problem solved!!

I also have been experimenting with some problem solving recipes for my waistline. You know how I love chicken salad, so I have been testing new recipes to enjoy my favorite dish in a much more slimming way. I don’t follow recipes so you will need to taste test as you go. Try using a soft avocado instead of mayo. Mix that with a spoonful of Greek yogurt and then just a smidgen of mayo. If you use only Greek yogurt then squeeze a bit of lemon juice into the mix. I like Chobani brand the best.

For the chicken, Kirkland from Costco is my favorite in a can or the already shredded variety from HEB. Add 3 chopped hard boiled eggs, chopped celery, salt and pepper, and a bit of chopped onions if you like. Buying things already chopped really makes life easier!!

I love it on top of apple slices, rolled in lettuce or scooped up with cucumbers, plantain chips or sweet bell peppers! I have not missed the bread one bit!! Give it a try and let me know your favorite versions!!

Exciting news thanks to you!!  Segreto Secrets has grown tremendously since the day I shared my first post back in 2011. From design inspiration, designer spotlights, lifestyle subjects, and Segreto’s newest ventures, I treasure connecting with each of you every week. With your continued support, Segreto Secrets was listed as one of the Top Interior Design Blogs that Rock the Web and recieved the Conseiller En Décor Award.

Check out the other’s listed.  I found some cool new friends!!  I hope you have a wonderful week.

  • Jayne Z
    Posted at 09:52h, 25 February Reply

    Mayonnaise has zero carbs — just eggs and oil. It gets a bad rap when it’s much safer than most yogurts which have added sugar! More often than not, carbs and sugar are the major problem for women after a certain age.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 07:29h, 27 February Reply

      Hi Jayne!! So true!! So many things are a major problem for me at my age. Thanks for the tip!!!

  • Maxine Mueller
    Posted at 13:00h, 25 February Reply

    You are a genius and the most energetic person I know of any age. Love you solutions for the fireplace and the wine cellar. Congratulations on your apple.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 07:28h, 27 February Reply

      Hi Sweet Maxine!! So good to hear from you!!! Feeling a bit tired these days-eek! An apple a day! xo

  • Terri Lacey
    Posted at 08:07h, 27 February Reply

    So excited to hear about another book! When do you estimate it will be ready to purchase? I love your style Leslie.

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 05:25h, 04 March Reply

      Hi Terri! You are so nice to say that!! I will be out by November 1st!!. We will start pre-selling probably in August. I am excited about this one. I am hoping the best yet!! xo Leslie

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