Spotlight Meg Lonergan- Segreto and HGTV Magazine!

Mar 09, 2020

Hi Friends! We are so thrilled to have our work published in the ever so popular HGTV Magazine! It’s an honor to see our work combined with the signature style of Designer Meg Lonergan to create a picturesque room within an even more gorgeous house!

Meg is no stranger to having her work published!!

“Since founding her company in 2009, Meg Lonergan has become one of Houston’s most in-demand designers, known for creating sophisticated interiors that highlight homeowners’ sensibilities and personalities.”- MILLION DOLLAR DECORATOR

Her out of the box creativity is what creates unique looks for each of her clients. The art piece created on top of this antique mirror forms a unique conversation focal wall, perfect for this dining space!

The HGTV feature is all about color, something Meg does so well! She takes the fun-loving personalities of her clients and creates an eclectic home reflective of this family of five.

This photo of the same room shows how the simplicity of the plastered fireplace is architecturally important without competing with the large-scaled art! By mixing different textures of the same tone, interest and warmth are established without closing in a space. Love the stylized simple vases filled with greenery!

What a great family portrait, and a thought-provoking mix of furnishings. Each room has its own unique theme with splashes of color throughout!

Who doesn’t love Lacanche stoves?! Better than jewelry, this turquoise pop of color is surrounded by soft tones and our velvety plastered range hood, allowing this kitchen’s featured element to shine!

A current trend in kitchen designs is using different types of counter surfaces. Meg and I both agree that when counters are changed the cabinets below should also be different. In this home, the island cabinets are painted Comfort Gray from Sherwin Williams, a departure from the perimeter white tone. We love interesting mixes like this! You can check out more of Segreto’s interesting finishing mixes in kitchens and home designs here.

The little girl’s room has a wonderful balance with the warmth of the pastel colored walls and the rug combined with the vibrant colors on the bedposts coverlets, and bright splatters on the curtains. This little princess can definitely grow up with this youthful but timeless look.

Still colorful, the little boy’s room took a more masculine turn. Love the space-saving feature of the built-in bed and shelving allowing more room for playtime. The addition of the dinosaurs is so cute! Rawr!

Finally, you can see how Meg captures the personality of the people using it. The rich color scheme, layered with velvets, provides sophistication in the master, while the feminine mystique of the girls’ bathroom is playful and fun. I adore the geometric symmetry in both rooms! The octagonal mirrors and the angled built-in bookshelf add to the charm of each space.

Thank you, Meg, for trusting Segreto with your projects!! We are grateful for the opportunity to be featured in this piece with HGTV! For more information on HGTV and their decorating and remodeling ideas, you can follow this link and to see some great designs sneak a peek of Meg’s site here! Be sure to go to the three bars on the top right side of her website to click “design”. This leads you to her portfolio!! Till next time! XO Leslie

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