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Jun 24, 2024

Houston’s PaperCity Magazine Annual Design Awards were announced on May 28th in the Grande Ballroom of The Houstonian Hotel, and the Segreto team is still celebrating our city’s vibrant design scene and feeling grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside some of this year’s top winners. Every year, PaperCity provides a very special platform that allows designers, architects, and various trades to showcase their innovative and inspiring projects, products and work.  Out of hundreds of submissions, the PaperCity judges award 22 winning projects for overall excellence in different categories. The below are a few we were honored to be a part of.

Benjamin Johnston Design, Marc Anderson, Moss Landscaping; Erin Stetzer Homes, Julie Soefer Photography; styling Jessica Holtam

Ben Johnston won the award for Best Residential Architectural Design for over 3,500 square feet with Lead Architect Marc Anderson for their work on a Houston area home that beautifully integrates modern design with 1950’s regency glamour. In the image above, Segreto meticulously hand-painted the pedestal base of the kitchen island to blend seamlessly with the marble slab installed above it, creating a breathtaking centerpiece for the room. Can you see the electrical outlets we hand-painted on the backsplash? This was another element hand-painted by Segreto to match the marble. Everything blends and our team excels in this technique.

“We love our collaborations with Benjamin Johnston Interiors – the talent of him and his team, along with their attention to detail make such an impact in every project we work on together,” says Kirby Sinclar, Segreto Project Manager.

PaperCity Judges’ Remarks

“A bold homage to 1950s Regency glamour. This is really well done — each room seems carefully considered and decidedly theatrical, and it all works. The kitchen is a real stunner, with the wonderful gold millwork and stage-like presentation. The fluted columns to each side almost feel like they are curtains drawn open for a performance.” — Erik Evens

“A timeless gem with a dash of whimsy, this house offers many moments of playfulness wrapped in a tight box of refined expectations. The exterior is a tasteful interpretation attending to every detail with a reverence for the whole. Once inside, however, past the regal fluted foyer, any reverence starts to give way. Gilded kitchen cabinets mimic suspended gold ingots, while razzle-dazzle tilework in the primary bath reflects off a mirror-plated tub. The effect is beguiling but also entertaining, making this house the life of the party.” — Tyler Velten

“This house represents a cohesive architectural experience, from the exterior to the interior, within the Regency style. There’s a great amount of intention and detail that gives the house a sense of soul and a story that is authentic and timeless.” — Stan Dixon

Benjamin Johnston Design, Marc Anderson, Moss Landscaping; Erin Stetzer Homes, Julie Soefer Photography; styling Jessica Holtam

The Segreto team also hand painted the door jambs and electrical outlets throughout this beautiful primary suite to blend seamlessly with the fabulous marble wall installation throughout. Ben’s attention to detail, in requesting hand-painted elements, truly elevates the room.

PaperCity Judges’ Remarks

“Period perfect. The use of graphic geometry in the architecture and finishes is spot on.” — Daniel Kahan

“The attention to detail is perfection. Just wonderful!” — Jonathan Savage

Benjamin Johnston Design

Ben received another award for Best Singular Space in the Dining Room category. The Segreto team painted a full scenic landscape mural for this project, providing a dramatic background for the space. Hand-painted murals are a great way to customize a space for our clients, creating something special and one-of-a-kind for their home. They allow us to customize the color palette, scale, density, and subject matter of the space so that each work of art is truly unique to each project. This one was so much fun to create, Ben and the homeowner gave us inspiration photos and styles, to come up with a Bespoke backdrop to Ben’s elevated furnishings and lighting.

PaperCity Judge’s Remark

“You had me at the mirrored niche — what an effective, clever, and skillful tweaking of the interior architecture. You created elegant drama where there was none. The room is beautiful and inviting. Well done.” — Jeffry Weisman

“Cheers and congratulations to Benjamin Johnston Interiors on these awards, and for allowing the Segreto team to participate in these winning projects!” The Segreto Team

Kara Childress; Goodchild Builders, Photo by Julie Soefer

Kara Childress is a long-time client of Segreto. Kara received Best Singular Space for Living Room or Great Room, Entertainment, Recreation or Media Room.  We plastered the walls and ceilings, and the trim was painted to blend in the same plaster hue which creates the most elegant and rich backdrop.  Kara’s blend of contemporary art and old-world elements infuse a sense of sophistication elevating this lovely room and the entire home. This project, in its entirety will be featured in Beauty that Endures, Segreto’s 5th book in our Designer book series, due to be released in early November.

PaperCity Judges’ Remarks

“Earthy and timeless … a generational design.” — Drew Davis

“Gorgeous use of natural materials and textures. This is a space I want to be in for a long while.” — Stan Dixon

Thank you, Kara, for your inspiring work, and for allowing us to be a part of your well-deserved winning project. – Segreto Team

Owen Group Interiors, Honorable Mention

The Owen Group received honorable mention for Best Singular Space Children’s Room. This sweet, pink girl’s room is fit for a princess. The Segreto Plaster Flowers and Butterflies add a playful whimsical element to this feature wall. Now that I have a little grandbaby on the way, creating these special places is even more of an honor. Thank you, Owen Group, for letting us be a small part in this little one’s life!!

-Segreto Team

Segreto is truly honored to be a part of these Winning Projects of 2024.  We are thrilled to have our work alongside these truly amazing professionals.  Our collaboration with award-winning designers and architects has allowed us to showcase our expertise in creating exquisite finishes that elevate the overall design of these remarkable projects.  We want to congratulate the numerous other designers with whom we work and who have collaborated with Segreto on so many projects throughout the last year. There are so many other beautiful projects displayed in the Paper City article. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and enjoy!! See the full PaperCity Article here.

Till next time! XO Leslie

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