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Oct 02, 2023

Hi friends, I hope you are having a great week! I am sorry I haven’t posted more; this summer has been full combining our Houston installations with ones across the country!! From Florida, to Colorado, to Virginia to Mississippi to California, our crews have been honored to spread some beauty across our great land!! I even got to experience an item on my bucket list- going to Italy and taking my kids and significant others with John and me. It was magical!! I want to share a bit of what we have been up to and some new techniques to spur your imagination!! PS, I hope you join me in Dallas at Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings Thursday, October 5th from 4pm-6pm for cocktails. I will have our paint line, samples of SegretoStone and am happy to personalize a design book for you. Come and enjoy an evening full of color and design with me!!

Christy Lynn Boutique

We were so honored to be a part of Ashton Taylor Interiors‘ design of Christy Lynn’s new store in the Memorial Villages and so excited for her to give us a shout out on her site!! The Christy Lynn boutique is a space for us to showcase our inspiration and full range of our creations. Each detail is meaningful to the essence of our brand, including a Segreto flower print plasterwork inspired by a signature Christy Lynn print, stunning paintings by artists & friends, and items from Christy’s travels. Located in Village Towers 9655 Katy Freeway Suite 180, this is a must shop place!

Large scale floral raised gesso

I love that we were able to create a large-scale floral based on her fabric designs- such a meaningful personal touch!

Hand painted floral on silk

The pressure was on our muralist as he hand-painted an original design over a silk wallcovering as you cannot make a mistake!! I love the outcome soft, organic and natural in feel!! I also like that unlike most wallcoverings, with hand-painting, no one will have this exact design- transforming their space into an art installation!!

Mural on bedroom wall

A perfect place for an accent wall, this dreamy mural we applied behind the bed, creates a softness and romance to the space. I love how the accent blends with the adjacent walls and pulls tones from the nightstands and drapery fabric in the room!

Gold leaf embossed design

We are continually experimenting with new wall finishes which will create an impact in a timeless elevated way. Starting with a sketch this gold leaf embossed design is applied over a plaster. What a beautiful application for a powder or dining space!

SegretoStone Sink

We loved working with Dallas design firm Talia Corrine Interiors in creating this Zen peaceful primary retreat. With natural SegretoLime Plaster on the walls and SegretoStone countertops with an integrated sink a feeling of calm engulfs you. Her mix of natural woods and stone are perfect compliments.

SegretoStone Fireplace

We were so excited to be able to work with design Icon Studio McGee! The project definitely was a combined dream team with Stetzer Builders and Regan & Andre Architecture!! We coated all the walls in a soft sheen plaster and incorporated special touches like the fluted SegretoStone fireplace and hearth! The project turned out beautifully and the team we worked with were creative, down to earth and so much fun!

Arched Vestibule with raked detail

The raked finish in the arched vestibule enhanced the lovely architecture and created a dramatic passageway. There were so many details to this small space with hidden doors and depth of base. Stetzer Builders really was on their A game ensuring perfection in constructing the space. We are only as good as those we follow! Thanks Erin!

SegretoStone Fireplace

If you haven’t been to our new production facility, we would love to give you a tour. We are blending innovative machinery with timeless design and are able to produce so much more!! We now have the capabilities to bring back the sculpted designs of the past with an updated interpretation! This fireplace will be coated in white plaster creating a sculpted, carved feel to the piece.

Mold form

We first, hand sculpt a piece using clay and plaster. Then we use our new elaborate scanning equipment to create a cad file from which our 3D cutting equipment creates a mold from. These are used to create the concrete table substrates as our base. Just the molds could be art!

cocktail tables

Then they are plastered, limewashed and some we even experimented with hand painting. This is one of the first of our signature collections-curated, ready to purchase pieces. They are in our showroom and also will be in Round Top at Susan’s Horns new place with a Segreto signature collection of art! If you’re in the area, sneak a peek!

SegretoStone Console Table

These beautiful consoles are also in our collection. I love the mixture of glass and our SegretoStone. These would look great in an entry hall, as bedside tables or flanking a fireplace niche! We love our custom work but are so excited to be able to offer off the floor pieces you can take home that day!!

The Pink Swirl

It doesn’t stop with furnishings; we have reopened our art gallery with such a diversity of art! From pastures, to clouds, to sculptural pieces- we are working to become a great resource to finding that unique, original art piece for your project or home. This Pink Swirl, in progress, is soft but powerful, creating an impact that only the right art can bring.

Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings Book Signing

Please join me in Dallas at Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings this Thursday, October 5th from 4pm-6pm. Hope to see you there for a evening full of design, color and cocktails!

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