What’s Segreto Up To and Segreto Impressions is Making a Splash!

Dec 02, 2019

Hi Friends! I hope you are having fun with all the holiday events and enjoying the season with family and friends!! Amongst my book signings, holiday shopping, and wedding planning, our team at Segreto has been busy creating beautiful homes for our clients we love! This is our busiest move in season of the year! I call it our Holiday push!

These walls, which were white before, were coated in a luxurious teal plaster and hand-painted chinoiserie style. I am excited to see this table set!

Wanting the room to have a contemporary feel in keeping with the art and fabrics in the rest of the home, designer Chay Taylor had us paint the florals over-scaled and in all shades of pink!

This Segretostone custom-made table is leaving our warehouse and traveling to Austin for a client of Marie Flanigan. I love our warehouse, for me it’s a place to CREATE. Look behind the table and you will spy…..

………a custom leader board made for a client of Kara Childress for a golf simulator room. With a jingle jingle deadline, this beauty will be picked up soon.

Photographs Courtesy of Curbed

Who wouldn’t adore this aesthetic. This was Calvin Klein’s beach house which sold for $13M. I am not sure when I saved this image, but it has been on my desktop for years. It inspired me to continue the journey to find durable options for plaster counters, floors and showers. Thus, my obsession with natural plasters continued!!

As you may know we have tested a floor plaster we imported at our warehouse with great success. This is the first test at a client’s home for designer Rachael Miclette. After receiving a bid to demo and replace the brick which goes all throughout this homeowner’s first floor, it was decided to test them in a bathroom with two options. The first option was our new plaster, the second chalk paint.

The plaster made quite a change!! The homeowners are going to test out both treatments over the holidays in this high traffic area. I will let you all know the outcome!! This could be a game-changer for so many who would love to change their floors. Stay tuned!

We also have improved our technology for plastering showers. This shower is not complete. WE still need to detail, seal and wax it…but the continuous look is incredible!

This shower is further along. Once the ceiling is done it is ready to use. In all plaster products, dark colors model more than lighter tones. I have had my plaster shower for six years and love the look and the way it darkens and lightens as the water and steam hit the surfaces. My shower ceiling, also done, feels like clouds moving across the sky to me!!

Sometimes a small change from the outside in can make an impactful welcoming statement for your guests. It was decided, rather than just restain this front door, to make a change.

Coated in a blue gray, the curb appeal definitely has more charm!! Sanding and going over an existing finish is possible without stripping the original finish.

Amongst all the rain in Houston, we have been busy transforming exteriors before those Christmas lights go up! Take a look at the before and after, what a difference a lime wash makes!!

With traditional red brick before, this home has now taken on a whole new perspective after our coat of lime wash!! Easy to maintain and reversible, I have loved having a lime washed exterior at my own home!

I did take a little break from work and went to a wonderful Friendsgiving hosted by Kara Childress for our Mom’s. Her tablescape was to die for so I just had to share it with you!! She is such a talent!

Natural and free-flowing, I love the mix of antlers for the centerpiece. So many creative focal elements can be formed with things you already have at home!!

Segreto Impressions is making a splash!!

I was so excited to get in the mail some preview copies of Southern Home’s Jan/Feb Issue. One of my favorite magazines, I was honored to read such a lovely article about Segreto Impressions!!

What they loved about the book is the wide range of beautiful designs. It’s because I am so lucky to work with so many talents!! Thank you Southern Home.

What an exciting week for Segreto Impressions. Talented Houston Chronicle writer, Diane Cowen posted about the book’s release. Thanks so much for all of your super nice emails from those who read the post! They made my week!! If you missed it you can read it here! She did a wonderful article both on their online and print versions.

Can’t believe it’s December! I was so surprised when driving to a client’s house listening to the radio when a jingle from Bering’s Hardware came on the air about Segreto Impressions and the book signing there. I almost had to pull over, I was so excited. We have four wonderful opportunities left this year to personalize a copy!! I hope to wish you happy holidays at one of them! Paisley House, HCC and Berings all this week!!

And here it is!  CdT’s Christmas List for 2019!! And Segreto Impressions made the list!!

Joni Webb with Cote De Texas listed Segreto Impressions on her best Holiday gifts of the year list!! Her list is an amazing place for gift-giving inspiration. There is still time to order and let us ship!! Till next week, XO Leslie.

  • Cathy Zimmermann
    Posted at 06:49h, 02 December Reply

    The plaster in the showers is beautiful Leslie! Do you also plaster fireplaces?

    I also love the idea of painting the front door, instead of staining it. The color
    you choose is lovely!

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 03:00h, 11 December Reply

      Hi Cathy! Yes, we have a whole line of plaster fireplaces now. so much fun to create!!

  • Elizabeth Larabee
    Posted at 09:36h, 04 December Reply

    I will building a new home next year in Virginia. Does your team travel that far to work can other trades people be taught the techniques you use?

    • Leslie Sinclair
      Posted at 02:59h, 11 December Reply

      Hi Elizabeth!! Congratulations! What fun building a home of your own! We do travel, in fact, we did a job in Virginia last year. Let me know what you are thinking. There are lots of talented trades our there, we at this time do not teach classes. My email is Look forward to hearing from you!

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